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I make no claims regarding the "orb" phenomena I have either examined or

manifested.  The only thing I can say not mentioned in previous posts here, or

in the "101" piece below is that (A) I have been involved in both magical and

paranormal Work for many years, during which visual, auditory and photographic

anomolies never explained, even under expert investigation, have manifested, in

some instances with numerous witnesses. (B) Such Manifestations have been most

common in locations associated with previous magical events and during or

immediately after magical ceremonial which I was conducting. (C) Most recently,

these formations have tended to move from 'ectoplasmic' forms and 'strings' to

orbs, with notable exceptions. 

   In our preceeding entry, involving points chauds and consecration of a new

bishop, orb phenomena manifested in several of the photographs.  In this entry I have

isolated and enhanced a few of these phenomena, while cautioning that the

dignity and the gravity of our consecratory and points chauds Working was the

primary focus, and should remain such. I claim ex cathedra the validity of the

.  I raise the enhanced imagery and comparison to other such as a

matter of interest only.Preliminary photographic analysis is that the orbs here

are neither reflections nor dust, the most common 'natural' explanation for this


"dust" orb DUST ORB


On Sofa, Far Right, New Bishop David, with Bishops Allen,
James, Alex, Richard, Lacy, Kyle, and Empowered Acolyte


By Paul Hughes    

Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
A word about our views...

There has been much discussion in the ghost hunting community with regard to

orbs and whether they are real or not.
You probably have seen orbs on ghost photo sites on the web. Some sites have

nothing but orbs as their evidence for giving a place "haunted" status. But just

because an orb is in a picture, does that mean they are a real paranormal


When discussing orbs as paranormal phenomenon, we have to look at what the

definition of an orb is. This can be a very hard task to accomplish depending on

the source at which you look. Some ghost hunters declare they are spirits in a

small form. Others say they are just particles that happen before or after a

ghost takes form. Another recent discussion I found on the web describes orbs as

being crap, residual energy left behind from a ghost. For our purpose let’s

first look at what an orb really is.

What are ORBS?

I would speculate that in 95% of orb photographs, the orbs are nothing more than

dust. The other 5% of photographs, the orbs are paranormal energies. From a

psychic/energetic standpoint, orbs seem to not be conscious life forms. This

rules out the "ghost in small form" theory. They are not a smaller part of a

bigger entity that forms into a full ghost.

I feel they are just the stuff left behind from a ghost’s presence. With that

said, it kind of takes away from the, "Oh my God I captured a real bona fide

ghost image!" response most beginning investigators have when the get their

first orb image.

Remember what I said earlier about orbs being 95% dust or airborne particles?

That is a very important point when we discuss orbs and whether or not you have

real orb phenomenon or just a dirty location.

How to find out if your orbs are real or false:

When I look at pictures that have orbs in them I try to figure out first if

there is a rational explanation for the orbs. For example if the photograph is

of a dirt road or dusty house false orbs can be very prevalent.

Pictures that have dozens of orbs in them are less likely to be real orbs, more

likely to be airborne particles, dust or even mold.

Real orbs often have a slight trail or tail on them. They will most often be

bright in color or even different colors. Faded or transparent orbs are less

likely to be real.

Here are two examples of orbs (one is dust and the other is considered a

paranormal orb):

The above examples were taken with the same camera. One was of an attic and the

other was taken on the third floor of a location PGHA investigated.

Some ghost hunters will look for a nucleus inside the orb. It will look as if

there is a shape inside the orb. I however have seen photographs in which false

orbs have a nucleus in them when captured. To me a nucleus is not a clear sign

of a real orb.

Another reason for some false orbs is the use of a digital camera. The way these

cameras capture light can turn up false orbs in your photos. I am more likely to

believe that an orb taken with a 35mm camera is more real than a digital one. In

such cases you have hard physical proof with the 35mm negative that the picture

was not doctored and is real.

But my house isn't dirty!

Some people say that it is impossible that their orb image is dust when their

house is not dirty. Everyone's house has dust in it. Unless you a very expensive

air filtration system found in some hospitals, you have dust. Not the mention

false orbs can be caused by airborne particles, snow, rain mold, hairspray,

dander, pollen and more. Dust does not have the be the only reason for a false


One thing I recommend for anyone who doesn't think their house is dusty is to

have them watch for a beam of sunlight to come through a window. When a beam of

light comes into the house (usually in the morning hours) you usually can see

hundreds of floating particles in the air. Not all of these particles are big

enough to cause a false orb, but sure enough there are larger orbs in the air

that can appear as an orb on a digital camera.

If you know anyone with allergies to pollen you know that even though you can't

physically see the particles in the air, they can still suffer because the

pollen is there.
Steps For Taking Real Orb Photos:

Below I have some key steps you can take to properly capture real orbs and help

eliminate the possibility of false orbs appearing.
1) Make sure your camera lens is clean.

2) Always ask yourself, "Where are my hair, camera strap and fingers?" Make sure

that nothing is in front of the camera before you snap the picture. I have

experimented with my digital camera’s flash and the position of the camera

strap, my fingers and hair. It is very interesting to see how these items can

look like a real anomaly when photographed.

3) In dusty settings try your best to not kick up excessive dirt or dust.

4) Be sure any dust particles have had a chance to settle down. Take pictures

after standing in the same spot for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow for any

dust to settle back down onto the ground. It is not a guarantee, though.

A different take on ORBS ~ Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form

of balls of light. More...

FALSE ORBS ~ Although many photos can and will display authentic orbs, there are

others that are false positive more...

Trouble With Orbs ~ Recent research shows that many so-called "orbs" may not be

paranormal at all! More...

5) Take pictures of places in front of you, never behind. If you are working in

an extremely dusty place, pictures behind you will be littered with dust orbs.

Also make sure that the person in front of the group is the photographer.

6) To eliminate false orbs from water drops clearly mark down the conditions at

the time of shooting.

7) When using a flashlight make sure you know where the beam of light is at the

time of taking pictures (again document if there is a chance of it being in the


8) Make sure you are aware of any reflective material that is in the line of

site of the photo. If a flash from the camera reflects off of a piece of metal

or mirror it will appear as a false orb.

9) Be aware of conditions like moisture, snow, rain, pollen, and more. Each has

the strong potential of affecting the final picture.

Good luck in capturing your orbs on film.


   In other news

   * One of my acquaintances,  a person I have really only gotten to know (like many who read this journal) since the beginning of the Inquisition this past Summer, was so moved by my  "Statement on the O.T.O." that he decided to use some of the space previously generously loaned by him to a local OTO body of note,  to my statement and one of his own along the same lines.  He owns the space, and never represented either my statement nor his as a statement by OTO management, the local body or anything of the kind.  According to my information, he has been summarily placed on Order Wide Bad Report for the 'crime' of being so moved.  Free speech? Liber Oz? Bill of Rights?  Ha!
   *  Our friend nebet_het, who worked with me commendably when I was coordinator of the OTO Prison Ministry, and is the only person I know of ever to perform a Thelemic Wedding behind prison walls, has come out with a moving statement on OTO of her own.  I highly recommend reading it at as I commend her for her courage and sense of honor.
   *   Our friend and co-worker on New Aeon English Qabala and other cutting edge magical work, Sifu Sharif Bey, has a new video out on      
the martial arts. Sharif is a master in his own field, a very advanced student of both the occult and of Moorish Science, and a long-time friend and brother.
   *   Our brother theba ( in Split, Croatia has been comparing dates on events in his own life and the life of his OTO body with the events of the inquisition in U.S. Grand Lodge, and he has noticed a remarkable coincidence of dates.  This will probably be the subject of a later entry here, but it is a clear indication of an order-wide purge of dissenters, not confined to U.S. Grand Lodge, but coming from the tragic figure of the OHO himself. 

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