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L, Tau Sir Hasirim, back l-r Ellie, Bishop L., Bishop K;

Front L-R Bishop H., Bishop P, Bishop David, Bishop R.

 Several years ago I began to revise my somewhat dated list of the points chauds (“hot points”) variation of Patriarch Michael Bertiaux 97o ‘s system of empowerments.  In my earlier experiments, conducted in the main while I was in residence at the QBLH Lodge Babalon House in the mid 1990s, there were enough bad effects with those who have received the complete set of empowerments, that I felt compelled to consult with Docteur Bertiaux on my methodlogy.  He said, in the enigmatic way characteristic of most truly advanced initiates, “You are working correctly with the empowerments.”  It continued to be a puzzle, so I recorded the long series of experiments on my web site in detail, including ‘failures and catastrophes’ and stopped doing the empowerments for some years, doing original research.

What I eventually realized was that I had received the empowerments from Bertiaux as part of the act of consecration into the episcopate Gnostic and Apostolic, and that those so consecrated tolerated the energy work with points chauds well.  I therefore concluded that consecration was a prerequisite to empowerments of this sort, and a good number of things fell into place for me; Bertiaux’s comment, aimed at me, but not at my unconsecrated associates; the correspondence of ritual initiation and consecration as taught in the Memphis-Misraim system passing from Jean-Maine to Bertiaux to others including myself; the need to find additional correspondences between the points chauds on the human body, M-M degrees, terrestrial locations, Enochian keys, etc.  An obvious area that *might* correspond was acupuncture, working with similar energies in a healing context. It was synchronous that I “ran into” David Z., a clinical acupuncturist in Sarasota, Florida, and began working on the correspondences, if any, between acupuncture meridians and the points chauds. D. Z. proved to be a most wise associate in the work, and, in the process of developing the system for the existing 97 points (i.e. Memphis Degrees) I began to realize fully that the basic 90 points of the Misraim (Egyptian) system was a fraction of what was probably originally and in very archaic times a much more comprehensive system “sexigismally-based” system of 360 degrees.  The archaic sexigismal math of Sumer and Babylon led me to additional discoveries, still being unfolded, but it was during this period that I began to consecrate advanced adepts of various magical stripes, and work with both them and others similarly consecrated in communicating the 97 points I knew, and, as things unfolded, some that I did not know at the time and which a number of my associates are exploring in the present period. 

  Last year,  I offered Brother David, who had played so large a role in extending the system of correspondences of the points chauds into his area of professional expertise, consecration on Arabia Mountain, during the many primary Workings being done there by the Synod we have designated here (e.g. archived at , http://tausirhasirim.livejournal.com/25469.html, http://tausirhasirim.livejournal.com/38561.html, http://tausirhasirim.livejournal.com/35144.html and, for those really thirsty for knowledge, on our web site at http://www.mindspring.com/~hellfire/bishop/ and still ongoing. Circumstance intervened, as they have a way of doing, and it was only this past weekend, in specific on March 3, 2007 that David, Ellie, and Kyle from Sarasota came up to Atlanta from Sarasota to do the consecration.  As “the Invisible Assembly of Adepts that informs us” (Tau Michael’s phrase, personal communication) would have it, many of the adepti of this Work expressed an interest in Brother David’s visit, and we hastily worked out coordinating plans to gather in his honor and do related Work during David’s brief stay.  Bishop L., my only consecration prior to becoming an initiate of the now-diminished OTO some twenty years ago, offered her very magical home environment for events, the powerful healer Max G. indicated an interest as well, as did Bishop. our de facto archivist of these Workings from out-of-state, and, by the time David, Ellie, Kyle and I got to Bishop L’s, our fellow Bishops from Athens, having attained the freedom of the City of Woodstock, the ally of Acworth were also present, and the Synods we have referred to in these pages as “Synods “A” “B” & “C” in the Great Arabia Working and points chauds Work in general in this region) were represented.

As fate or hasty organizing would have it, the general sentiment was to do the consecration 
during the impending Eclipse of the Full Moon in one of the Yurts on Bishop L.’s land, built
and designed by Bishop R.E., who had recently been consecrated by our Athenian allies, and,
as it happens, the same Yurt where the magnificent Adept Bishop A.N. had been consecrated
by me over a year ago.  My only deep concern was for A.N. and G.H. Brother Max, who were
already at
Arabia, but contact was made with them and all was – if not smooth, at least destined
 for Harmonious Working.  While we waited to generate the koan “consecrated during the
Dark of the Full Moon”  we had all been curious about the points chauds that had
spontaneously showed up in our earlier Workings on Arabia and elsewhere that went beyond
the 97* Memphis-Misraim I was familiar with, and assumed to be (as a working theory) part of
the most ancient system of initiation-consecration in a sexigismal system
(as http://www.tlianza.com/Resources/MathPage.html; see also
http://www.mindspring.com/~hellfire/bishop/points1.htm) assumed to be of
Sumerian-Akadian-Babylonian origin, but not yet “named” by us as a working confederation.
Since the acupuncture ‘points’ are suspiciously similar but more elaborate, a connection
between the existing system of points chauds and the acupuncture meridians
(http://www.acumedico.com/acupoints.htm) was a subject of much discussion within
the synods. Bishop Peristera had noticed, on Arabia, certain most unusual effects on metal
objects during and after points chauds Workings, and wanted to see how acupuncture
(with metal sterile needles) would interact.

David Works on Bishop J.B.

We were getting close to Consecration Time as David worked on them, so I began to draw
inward into consecratory mode, summoning the spirits, orbs and transtemporal communion
of adepti, which, perhaps, a close examination of our photographs will confirm.

 I was looking at the Work being done with Peristera in “the second and third attention”-
terms borrowed from
Castenada’s system or sorcery (as http://www.castaneda.com/) -- that had first
taken future bishops L, myself, the late Bishop Orion,
the future Dr. Hili and others to the unspoiled unpoliced darkness
of Arabia Mountain at Midnight in the early 1980s, and
I began to see her familiar points chauds energy flow patterns
her hands (terra ingonita in our system), but points that
I have been moved to empower anyway, producing stunning visionary
experiences), with an alternating counter flow down through
the needles in her palms (most pronounced on the right side – she is
 right-handed, as I discovered on asking), seeming to be
at odds with her own energy flow, then alternating and flowing in
 a cone shaped spread out into the universe as a kind of
translucent vapor, into the universe, back and fourth.  When she
 started to experiment with touching the needles in both hands,
 I jumped back, seeing this blood-red vivid flow between, but
 David assured her there was no harm in this.  After the needles
were removed, I noted that her palms (I am not a believer in
palmistry) appeared entirely smooth, a tabula rasa as it were,
except for deep life lines, for some time thereafter.  The
 conversation turned to the trivial way I had learned to “see”
the second and third attention as a boy (using something very similar
 to classical ‘black mirrrors’ bought from the venerable
Venture Book Shop in Illinois, circa 1962.  This needs more study
(not my second attention, but the phenomena observed).

Time for the consecration, and bishops and acolytes by the
Dark of the Moon walked single file to the Yurt/ Temple, and,
after a long session of “singing bowls” and harmonizing, David,
sword in hand, was duly consecrated with the ritual reprinted
here. It was a moving and energetic ceremony, and I was moved to
think of the consecration of the great adept Soror A.N. in
the same location about a year previous. After this kind of energy
 exchange, I often feel drunken or sapped or just plain
weird for awhile. In this case, the bowls were singing again, I was
 pouring sweat on a cold night, and, I was moved to do
certain points chauds on most of those there, bishops and acolytes
alike. I said something to Bishop R.E. about ‘hope’ but
whatever it was, he would know better than I. Then I said to, and
 I haven’t the foggiest idea what that was about.The image
 was of spring water.Then I sat down, my vision blurred and my head
reeling. The bowls, I think, fell silent, and someone
suggested that, while many of us had the same Episcopal lineages,
 it was a good opportunity to cross-consecrate, and the
bishops present all did so, which (IMO) advanced the egregore. A
very, very, successful Working. Max, Bishop A.N. and
Bishop karma_navit, who called in just prior, were sorely missed,
but we will doubtless make up for that in due time.
The Work continues….

[The Consecration uses the text of "The Thunder, Perfect Mind" and "Proverbs" Chapter 8,
 plus the consecratory formula.]



( 14 comments — Leave a comment )
Mar. 6th, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
*Really* sorry I missed it. Thanks for keeping up the archiving!
Mar. 6th, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
I'm sure....
...there will be many more things to experience and archive, and I look forward to your - quite essential - participation.

I missed your presence a lot; glad you called in. It was quite a weekend!
Mar. 6th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm sure....
there will be many more things to experience and archive

Anything that's within the understanding of simple country witchdoctors like me? :(

Mar. 7th, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
Re: I'm sure....
Room for all who are sincere and dedicated. Contact me off list.
Mar. 6th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
I am very happy to read this. While I was called away on my duties to my trance event I was there with you in spirit.

It was wonderful to celebrate with everyone who attended our party that evening after the ceremony. I feel all enjoyed and we were glad to welcome them into our community and family.

hope to see you soon.
much love
604/93/23 skidoo!

ps someone stole the alienmouse off the trance altar! gues s/he was ready to travel I am sad and will make a new relic for the mouse energy in my home
Mar. 6th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
In the continuum
Our friends from Sarasota were apparently highly impressed by your ceremony. It is, after all, part of a Greater Whole, so, in that sense, you were there.
Mar. 6th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
I think you left out some very relevant chunks there but I will try to fill them in when I post my account. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Can you email me all the pics taken at Lacy's (pre-cropping)?
Mar. 6th, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)
I think you left out some very relevant chunks there but I will try to fill them in when I post my account. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

It is an effort to give an overview - not an effort to be comprehensive. I look forward to your comments.

Can you email me all the pics taken at Lacy's (pre-cropping)?

Of course.
Mar. 6th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)
it is great to watch your groups continued magickal workings and efforts.

There are so few that post anything about the actual practice of magick anymore.


Looking forward to meeting people in June when I come out to Georgia!
Mar. 7th, 2007 12:12 am (UTC)
it is great to watch your groups continued magickal workings and efforts.
There are so few that post anything about the actual practice of magick anymore.

Thanks. When we started these Workings, as with others I have been involved with going back to the '80s, I think and have always thought that it isn't good magick, let alone responsible Scientific Illuminism, not to record experiments and experiences, and make them available to others in the Great Work. I leave the cloak of secrecy to others. When we fail, it is recorded. When we have predicted results, it is recorded, when we have unexpected results, it is recorded...all along with how we got from 'there' to 'here'. The current Workings owe much to Bishops James, Alex, Alyssa and especially Karma in recording and analysing what we have done.

Looking forward to meeting people in June when I come out to Georgia!

You are very welcome!
Mar. 8th, 2007 11:40 am (UTC)
I wish I have jetplane
It is extremely interesting subject for me. Although we here working for years we haven't possibilities to work developing works like that about empowerment's about what you are writing.

Although we working Gnostic Masses and other works for years, real detailed work with real expert - real adept is out of reach for us. I wish I have jetplane, and travel few times a month to Mt. Arabia. Only available adepts here are those of Brandy schooled, or Beer developed, (take now this joint, now you will see reality...)

Is it possible to have some work like that on a distance or on some other way? South Carolina - Adriatic Sea line? Still Hopes-Firule Bay astral railway?
Mar. 8th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
Re: I wish I have jetplane
t is extremely interesting subject for me. Although we here working for years we haven't possibilities to work developing works like that about empowerment's about what you are writing.

This Work can be done just about anywhere. The 'power spots' appear to exist all over the world, at the convergence of so-called 'ley lines' discovered many years ago in Britain, and elaborated on in a number of Works. You can "feel them" when you are there, but there are usually old or ancient structures - often temples, monastaries, ruins, churches on such spots or very near them. For example, when I first started going to Arabia and for many years thereafter, it was far out in the country, and the only things nearby were the Roman Catholic Monastary and a few houses. In the 1980s, one house nearby became a monthly pilgrimage for people looking for the apparition of the "Virgin Mary" (this a few hundred meters from where the rumors of 'Satanic Rites' filled the mind of rustic locals--that was up building bonfires on Arabia in the 1980s--we searched for the Satanists for a year or two, before we realized we were looking for ourselves....we were Winnie the Pooh chasing the Whoozil round the 100 acre wood).

Compare -"1987 Conyers, GA Nancy Fowler Marian apparitions, solar phenomena, healings"


the "Gospa" beginning in 1982: "Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina: Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje - According to six visionaries, as well as millions of believers, the Virgin Mary began appearing in the tiny Balkan village of Medjugorje (med-you-gor-yeh) on June 24th, 1981. As of today, the Medjugorje visionaries have experienced around eight thousand days of apparitions. Her messages, intended for all humanity, ask people to place God first in their lives."

Now, I'm not a believer in the Virgin Mary, but I believe the location is a power-spot, and one that produces visionary experiences at the convergence of ley-lines. There is probably one or more *in Split*! Look to the Diocletian Ruins as a first guess.

For information on power spots try http://witcombe.sbc.edu/earthmysteries/EMLeyLines.html or many other similar sites.

Is it possible to have some work like that on a distance or on some other way? South Carolina - Adriatic Sea line? Still Hopes-Firule Bay astral railway?

Absolutely...I know from experience. But best you find a more local spot that you can take people to for this kind of Work. They often have local names that reflect their nature, like the one in Maryland that was pointed out to me as "the vortex" right in the middle of a city.

If you don't find one, the Work *can* be done anywhere that 'feels right'.
Mar. 14th, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
One of the leading authorities in Vedic or Egyptian Acupuncture is Debra Arko. She trained with a Hindu swami since she was in her teens and has over 30 years in natural health care including holding a degree in Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy. Her company Accent On Health, LLC is based in Littleton Colorado where she still practices alternative health care.http://www.acudocdeb.com/Acupuncture.htm (http://www.acudocdeb.com/Acupuncture.htm)
Mar. 15th, 2007 05:44 am (UTC)
Re: acupuncture
Thank you for the information.
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