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As stated in the previous entry, in this Part Two, I have decided  to publish,

with minor edits, three typical recent years of activity reports from myself,

acting as SGIG, to Sabazius, the U.S. Grand Master.  They are typical of my

ten years of service in this role – such reports were not required from a Sovereign

inspector, and, in fact, Sabazius remarked that very few SGIGs sent them.

They are included here for the specific reason that I want it to be unambiguous

that, while I made clear (mostly on internal lists and in person) on appropriate

occasions, my strong and deep convictions re the mismanagement of OTO, I

did the Work until I felt I could, in good conscience, no longer be a team

player on such a corrupted team. I expressed to the US Grand Master many

significant concerns… for example, on the eve of taking my VII* in his own

living room, I told him I though William Breeze unfit for the job he holds.

I gave Mr. Scriven the opportunity to decline to initiate me with this

knowledge, along with the first copy of my comprehensive report on the nature

of sexual magick as I saw it.  He did initiate me, with his spouse, Soror Helena,

assisting and co-consecrating.  It was the first VII* initiation performed in U.S.

Grand Lodge.  There are those who think Keith418 seduced Crow away from

OTO management, and Crow seduced me from the “path”.  These reports should

make clear that we each have our own reasons, and come from our individual

places, and it is insulting to think otherwise, let alone say it, absent strong

evidence to the contrary. These letters contain the customary courtesies of OTO

official mail, and I have not edited in any of the changes of mind and heart I have had since.






“ …I don’t fully agree with my good friend Allen Greenfield on the IX° - episcopate equation; though I think I understand why he made that linkage (Sov. Sanc. of the Gnosis = Gnostic Catholic Church)… Greenfield has no need to be desperate, he has his own apostolic succession from Bertiaux…”  David Scriven (a/k/a Sabazius) to Herr Peter Koenig, in better days.


U.S. National Grand Master General
Sabazius X°
POB 32
Riverside CA 92502-0032
Most Holy, Most Illuminated and Most Worshipful Father, and Dear Brother David,
A Petition to His Most Sacred Majesty the Supreme and Holy King ruling in the United States 
of America that is in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
This is my annual activity report for 2002 e.v.  I wish to make mention of the mail I process as part of 
my responsibilities to the OTO Prison Ministry and my prime responsibility as Assistant Secretary
for Correspondence.  Appropriately, I shall refer to it twice, at the beginning and end of this report,
 because these are ongoing processes. For reasons I can only speculate upon, the mail directed to me
from the general public that can be classed as “initial intake mail” declined sharply this past year. 
Notably absent were letters forwarded to me via Austin from U.S. Games Systems.  On the other 
hand, and in sharp contrast, was a continued increase in the mail processed from inmates interested
in Thelema or OTO or both.  All told, as coordinator of the prison ministry I received and responded
to nearly four hundred pieces of mail, including both one-time questioners and incarcerated persons who
correspond on an ongoing basis.  I also wrote or spoke on the phone with several DOC officials on behalf
of prisoners.  While only a very few OTO members have volunteered to do ministry work, and all of my
 local letter-writers have gone on to other things, several very capable members around the country have
volunteered to correspond with or otherwise interact with “our” prisoners, and, after giving them a crash
course in handling prison mail on behalf of the Order, farmed out a meaningful number of initial intake prison
letters and a few of our regular letter writers—all told, perhaps 35 prisoners to volunteers.
Once again I “ate” all costs involved from my work on these projects.  For the first time, I tried to assess 
whether there is a cost-benefit for OTO in this.  Since International Grand Lodge in the person of Brother
 Heidrick processes Associate applications, and all new prisoners writing the OTO Prison Ministry are offered
this option by me, I have assumed in the past that some that I never hear again from do, in fact, become Associates.
Prisoners are often taken on an ADV basis, but not always, and I note from the demographic annual break-down
that, since I took on both the secretarial and prison ministry duties, there has been a considerable increase in ADV
 members and a rather dramatic increase in (paid) Associates.  Since applications do not separately identify who
(if anyone) encouraged an individual to apply, I doubt if even Brother Heidrick could tell you how many of these
 people were “sent” by me, but I like to think quite a few.  From 1992-98 Associates were more or less level—between
 200-300. From 1999 to 2001 it increased to over 700.  (ADV membership also increased from 88 to 200 in the same period.)
At the beginning of 2002 I was in the process of relocating back to the far outskirts of the Atlanta area.  The previous 
year had been personally devastating to me, and, in fact, I had for the better part of the year done all of my hardcopy mail
and email from public and college libraries.  However, I am happy to say, all of it stayed very up to date, with my characteristic
 rapid turn-around time only slightly slower than usual.  Once established in my present digs, while I have had to keep my travel
to a most uncharacteristic minimum, my work on behalf of the Order has been undiminished. 
The calendar year started with my attending the monthly business meeting of Dove and Serpent Oasis.  I had resolved to attend 
the first few business meetings of the Oasis even while living in
South Carolina, to give such input as I could, and did so.  Considering
the past turmoil in the Atlanta OTO and the novel “merger of camps” that brought this Oasis into being, it appeared off to a fine start.
In February, having worked details out with Sister Lisa in OKC, I began daily rehearsal for the upcoming V*s in Oklahoma City. 
By mutual agreement, the far flung membership of Hagia Sophia Chapter held roughly coinciding semiformal meetings in OKC
Atlanta later that month, with Lisa C. presiding in OKC, while I presided here.  All Chapter members in the SE attended, and we
 had a preliminary discussion of the logistics of establishing separate “daughter” chapters, with your permission, centered in
Oklahoma City. There was general approval of the idea.
In March I participated in an intense “Ritual of the Equinox of the Gods” on the 21st.  The following month, discovering that there 
appeared to be no existing charter with either the HPs or myself, I petitioned you for a new charter for Hagia Sophia Chapter, the
charter under which we currently operate.  Dove and Serpent held a major and well-attended Holy Days celebration.  I read the IIIrd
Chapter for the assembled, as has long been my custom (dating back to Eulis Lodge in the late ‘80s).
May proved to be an extremely busy period. Having long had it accepted for publication, I contacted Sister C. about the piece I had 
written on Peter Davidson, and was told it would appear in Agape during the Summer. (Apparently, it has yet to be published.)  At
your request I researched and prepared an essay on Emma Britten, which was delivered unto you shortly thereafter. Following upon
various suggestions, I composed and published a letter on the OTO Prison Ministry, aimed at active qualified members, which appeared
on the Local Body Masters email group, as well as the III* group. I posted follow-up comments as required.  This was a much slower
year for the official OTO email groups, so this took up a lot less time for me, though I continued throughout the year to monitor and
comment as seemed appropriate. 
I traveled to Oklahoma City by car, barely missing a bridge disaster on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border (or somewhere—I got real lost), 
for the formal gathering/meeting/initiations at Hagia Sophia Chapter R+C, hosted by Sister L. and Brother S.  We performed five V*
initiations, bringing the Chapter total to sixteen, according to the Chapter Secretary.  S. and L., having just taken their VII*s, assisted
me in initiating Brother M. S. K.R.E. and swearing him into the E.C.  Everything went wonderfully; it was an exhilarating experience,
perhaps the highlight of the year for me.
Having been asked by the NOTOCON organizers to chair the speaker selection committee, during the Summer I went into high gear
 on this, in order to meet the deadline set for me to offer a tentative list of speakers by Fall 2002.  I composed and ran an announcement
 about the speaker selection process, which was somewhat novel, and early response was a bit lackluster, which I duly reported to the
convention organizers.  By the Summer Solstice celebration at Dove and Serpent, which I attended, I was getting concerned about the
speaker deadline, and talked back and forth with members of the selection committee.
In July I ordained Brother John Nance an EGC Priest, after conducting a well-attended extended workshop on the Collects in the Gnostic
 Mass at one of the new locations the local Oasis had been meeting at, in an effort to find a suitable nonresidential space.  I also attended
 a refresher course for area chartered initiators, hosted by Brother Nance.
As there are several pending V* nominees and “probable nominees” in the Southeast, in August the members of Hagia Sophia Chapter living 
in the region again attended a semiformal meeting to discuss the logistics of performing V* initiations in the area.  It is currently anticipated
that such will occur in February or March of this year, probably in
Alabama (with your permission), at a location being arranged by Sister S. D.
  This will mark the first time V* initiations have ever been held in the Southeast. I have discussed these plans with the High Priestess, who
has shipped various Chapter paraphernalia to us via Brother Crow.
In August, things suddenly started getting very busy with incoming questions and offers directed to the NOTOCON Speaker Selection 
Committee.  By the Labor Day Weekend I had gone carefully through what proved to be a much more challenging process than I had
anticipated, and was able to issue a lengthy report with recommendations for speakers to the balance of the Speaker Selection Committee.
Within days I had to issue a supplemental report, but the upshot is that the Committee was able to meet its deadline and the gathering
should have an interesting and rather uncharacteristic program to offer. Not to overstate the point, but chairing this committee, which I
thought would be a cakewalk, proved to be one of the most challenging assignments I have ever taken on for the OTO.
This brings us well into September, when my duties to NOTOCON had, essentially, been discharged.  On September 21st I performed 
Minerval initiations at Dove and Serpent Oasis.  About this same time, Brother Crow, who had been knocking himself out running a
suburban model camp for several years before taking on the Dove-Serpent project, told me that he was exhausted with body mastering,
and I began, at his request, to work with him towards an orderly transition.
In October after Brother Crow began circulating word, I began, upon request, talking with various of the local brethren to assure a smooth
 transition.  I was asked to attend the Oasis Mass to act as sponsor for a Baptism, and to my complete surprise I was honored by the
 membership at large with the presentation of a plaque and a hand-forged ceremonial sword, citing my work for the Order in
Atlanta over
the years.  This was the first time I had been so honored, and I was most appreciative.
Brother Crow had designated a young man who, although still relatively “green” was an enthusiastic and conscientious member with good 
promise as his nominee for successor.  At the request of both, I met with Brother  Rick P. several times.  Unexpectedly, he had to withdraw
himself from consideration (personal financial issues), and I suggested Brother Crow call an informal community open meeting to explain the
situation and seek the advice of the sisters and brothers and even unaffiliated friends of the Oasis. From this meeting Brother John Nance
was clearly the preference of a majority of the persons present.  Brother Crow and I began working with him, and I understand at this writing
his name has been put before the E.C.  I might add two points. (1) Brother Nance’s former camp, Solve Coagula,  is the only one of the
 former local bodies in good standing during the “camp” period that did not emerge from the shadow of Eulis or Syntaxiss Lodge. It arose
on its own, and had an independent vision, untainted by the ups and downs of the
Atlanta bodies. (2) I performed Brother Nance’s IV/PI
and, by your permission,
KEW, and consider him an excellent candidate for V* in the fullness of time.  He also currently lives in the middle
Atlanta, which is the historical ”home” of the OTO, and doesn’t suffer many of the disadvantages of access that the suburban camps have. 
He is recently married and is expecting a child.
In December I attended Mass at an excellent location, the “Owl Attic” which has some prospects as a nonresidential body space, assuming
 privacy and insurance issues can be worked out. I continued to work with Brothers Crow and Nance on the transition, while working with
 Sister D. towards V* initiations early in the New Year.
As promised, one more thought about the ongoing influx of prison mail.  While several new volunteers emerged during the year, and 
while I am quite able to handle the mail at its present volume, we should be mindful that at some point there will be more mail than I can
 handle with speed, even if I farm some of it out.  I have attempted to deal, this past year, with what I consider the inflated expectations
of some as to what a small, volunteer ministry can realistically be expected to do, with what success I’m not sure. To conclude, it is my
conviction that this ministry, while limited, is both cost-effective and of service both to the prisoners who reach out to us and to the Order.
I’m quite willing to continue to do this work, as long as you also feel it serves a good purpose.
Love is the law, love under will.
Allen Greenfield

continued in part 2.2, next entry


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Dec. 21st, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
My God! Was Rick really a consideration to take over from Crow? Man, talk about going from bad to worse. I'm glad they dodged that bullet.
Dec. 21st, 2006 09:24 am (UTC)
Yep. He wound up a Camp Master in Florida. The community meeting was my best idea at that time. It wasn't binding, of course, but Crow said he would recommend whoever was voted for. It was overwhelmingly for J. Nance.

I still believe in participatory democracy.
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