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October 27th, 2016


My situation is such that I am serious when I say 'anything helps' - a dollar or ten or more.  But don't do anything that cuts into your lifestyle.  I hate even asking, but I find myself a man of limited means approaching 70 next week. I am hoping that instead of birthday greetings and cards or gifts, this birthday help me realize my dream return to the Holy Land in February.  Anything helps, literally a dollar or a hundred. Here is my "backstory" on this:
In 1963 and 1964 as a boy of sixteen I felt the urgent need to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  It took me over a year of meetings with organizations, individuals and services - to say nothing of convincing my parents -  but I finally found a sponsor, boarded a 5000 ton converted ship and a week or so later arrived in Haifa. I then went on by bus to Jerusalem, staying a few days with my sponsors.  Their son, about to enter the IDF showed me around the city, but the closest I could get in those days to the Western Wall was to look at it through a telescope under an Israeli machine gun nest on Mount Zion - no Jews allowed in those days in the Old City.  A few days later I was off to a six month study-work program at Kibbutz Maabaroth.  The next year, after returning to Jerusalem and pledging to return to Mr Zion, I came back to America. Time passed, a half century really, and I have yet to return. I am, at 69, still in generally good health, living essentially on Social Security and this and that.  I have yet to return to the Holy Land, and am aware that - sooner or later - time will catch up with me.  While I can, I would like to  spend  some time in Israel both to redeem my youthful pledge and to see much more than I was able to in 1963-1964.
I have been getting small contributions on this appeal for about two years now.  In the Spring of 2016 a very very generous friend was kind enough to donate a round-trip ticked for Feburary 2017, allowing me to substantially lower my goal for this campaign.  Not being exactly a spring chiucken anymore, although I have friends in the Holy Land, I am no longer of an age to "crash" on people's sofas.  I need to raise about an additional thousand dollars for housing, transportation, food and misc. expenses.  I am asking - as I turn 70 in November- for anyone who would be so kind to dig deep and help me reach that goal.  I have almost no funds of my own, and am dependent on your generosity. Please help me make my dream a reality, and help me visit the Holy Land in February.


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