November 16th, 2014

From"Decoded" The arrival

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From"Decoded" The arrival


Azoth Temple was delighted to host Bishop T Allen Greenfield for a series
of events in Portland, Oregon over the weekend of October 24-26 2014. The
first was a talk entitled “Illumination is Free,” held at Be Space, a
contemporary arts and movement studio in Portland’s Buckman neighborhood.
The audience included many Azoth Temple regulars but an even larger number
of new faces. Allen spoke in depth on the subject of Free Illuminism,
providing an introduction to the topic for many of those attending. Weaving
together philosophy, history, personal anecdotes, and dialog with audience
members, for more than two hours Allen kept everyone spellbound as he
communicated a path of personal discovery without external authorities or
imposed structures, a way of wisdom especially well suited for today.
Saturday afternoon, the action moved to Azoth Temple itself, in the Ladd’s

Addition neighborhood. The house was filled with those eager to receive
Portland’s first Points Chauds empowerments, most of whom had attended the
talk the previous night. The proceedings began with Allen’s consecration of
Bishop T Chris Lloyd Poor (assisted by T Michael Sanborn) in a concise but
moving ceremony. Following that, Points Chauds empowerments were provided
by Allen and Michael to twenty or so eager Illuminists.
That evening, Allen returned to the Buckman area to give a talk on “The
Magical Movement Out of Dreams of Secret Egypt,” at the Opening To Life
studio. Coming on the heels of the afternoon’s many energetic openings,
this was a magical occasion indeed. Allen threaded through a great many
interconnected themes—Egypt, Sumer, the Dogon tribe, numerology, UFOs, the
Rite of Memphis-Misraim—in a way that was in equal measure illuminating,
entertaining, lucid, and mysterious. Everyone attending was duly infused
with a sense of wonder and possibility. The fun continued after the
official event with drinks and conversation at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
on Hawthorne Avenue.

That was the final public appearance of the weekend, but Allen returned to
Azoth Temple on Sunday afternoon to be interviewed by Mark Welch of the
Cascadian Illuminati (which co-sponsored the weekend’s events) for a future
podcast. The following morning saw him safely on his flight back to
Georgia, with many of us in Portland looking hopefully forward to his
eventual return.

By T  Michael Sanborn

zzzzzbe_space_outside zzzzzopening_to_life_inside zzzzzChris_Poor zzzzzMark_Welch
Above, T Michael Sanborn - Middle L-R Spaces for Workshops. Lower row L-R new Bishop T Chris Lloyd Poor, Mark Welch

Friday Oct 24th Illumination is Free 7pm at Be Space 211 SE 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97214
An evening with author and Gnostic bishop Allen Greenfield* on the topic of the investigation and realization of one’s true nature. The responsibility for the fulfillment of one’s spiritual quest cannot be relegated to some external organization or authority, but neither can it be ignored. Group participation is encouraged.
Saturday Oct 25th Points Chaud Illumination
2pm on (as scheduled by appointment:
Azoth Temple is pleased to announce that Allen Greenfield* has agreed to perform Points Chauds empowerments during his visit to Portland. These will occur starting at 2pm Saturday October 25 at Azoth Temple in southeast Portland. Contact Michael for appointment time and venue information. Unbleached cotton clothes, such as yoga wear, are recommended. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!
Opening to Life 407 NE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97232
An evening with author and Gnostic bishop Allen Greenfield on the topic of trends since the late 1700s of mythic and semi-mythic fascination with the secrets of ancient Egypt, with a focus on the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.