October 9th, 2013

From"Decoded" The arrival


Please believe me that this is a letter I never wanted to post.  It is, - well – humiliating. I am asking for a relatively modest amount of money (prefer by PayPal – my PayPal address being the same as my email address – bishop171@gmail.com) and you are more than entitled to an explanation.  I live and try to amuse, amaze and do the great work on my Social Security and SSI.  I occasionally get a small royalty check, and an even more occasional contribution.  I do radio, TV and podcasts like everything else I do spiritually at no charge requested on principle. But once in a while a program offers to pay for my time and thoughts, and I welcome it.  Being over 65 I have Medicare and being of very modest means also get a few other benefits.  But, essentially, I live on SS and SSI.  Until about four years ago, I had a large library of used books and a few mint copies of my own books from the publisher that I sold off down to the small selection that are my essential personal favorites.  At that point, or shortly thereafter, my youngest son left junior college and entered an online private college in his field of interest.  About that time – he being the only one of my family still at home - we agreed to a kind of ‘roommate’ situation, where I’d pay rent and a few minor bills (all of my SS/SSI) and he’d pay household out of the stipend that his school provided for living expenses.  This worked out to about $600 a month for utilities, household necessities, phone, internet (essential for his school) and medicines and such.
With no margin for unexpected expenses (once or twice I went to friends or relatives for this sort of thing) this worked.  My son’s business is his, but because of bureaucratic paperwork issues neither expected nor really his fault, we found out last month abruptly that he was ineligible for the current semester (in his senior year) and that meant the stipend for living expenses was gone for at least 6 months.  I suddenly had no way to pay October bills.  Fortunately, a very generous friend came through with enough cash to get me through this month, and as my son had quickly found a job through a friend in walking distance of our apartment (we have no car), to begin late September.  Minimum wage though it was, it would cover the expenses the stipend had been covering, starting in November.
But to date they have yet to call him into work, and  you’re seeing this means we are getting close to a crisis where our utilities, basic expenses, and, obviously the internet including this page and the web site I have maintained since 1995 will be down indefinitely.  So, it directly impacts anyone who thinks my on line Work is of some value.
What I am urgently appealing for – and I know times are hard – is for anyone who reads this to consider sending me something to help keep us going until my son secures that or another job.  I am thinking outside that would be two months, so I am trying to raise $1200 as soon as possible.  That would cover November and December.  Let me say that anything - $5 or $50 helps us get there.  If it comes up short, it still helps keep essential services turned on. If it happens to exceed the total I am requesting, it’ll certainly fold into the Great Work to which my life is devoted, and take some of the pressure on my son.
Thank you for considering this.  Anything helps.  Help or not, if you’ve read this far, I appreciate it.  I hope that my asking for financial help just this once in my public-access forum will not cause you to think less of the dedicated Work and news and amusement I present here.  If you send something through PayPal, again, my address there is the same as my email –
If you don’t have PayPal access (you don’t have to be a PayPal member to use it – they accept any major debit or credit card) you can write me at that that same email address.
Thanks folks
z-1 wolf (3)