September 27th, 2013

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Free Illuminist Autumnal Equinox Gathering 2013


You can come, do a coinciding local event, tell your friends, or just support the cause of free illuminism! Upcoming event Sunday, October 27th – Arabia Mountain Gathering – 3 pm.

Free Illuminists local to Atlanta, Georgia USA gathered together on Sunday (22 September 2013) on the sacred power spot of Mount Arabia to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, consecrate a new bishop, facilitate points chauds empowerments and perform a healing circle. In attendance were bishops T Allen Greenfield, +Dositheos, Tau Vescha Sur, Tau Brooke, Tau Karen, Tau Salix Alba, Tau Roger, Tau Kimberly Lynn, Tau Abraxas, brothers Cory, Collin and Kozma, as well as a few additional honored guests. Ormus Lodge,Assembly of the Knowledge and Wisdom of Solomon, Coptic Gnostic Church, Ezili Rootsand Templi de Niger Sol were all represented.

Group Photo Vernal Equinox 2013

Some of those present for Vernal Equinox gathering

The exact time of the Equinox was 4:44 pm EDT when several of us were already gathered on top of the mountain for fellowship. Shortly thereafter we began our esoteric Work for the day. First on the agenda was the consecration of a new bishop, Tau Abraxas.

Consecration of Tau Abraxas

Consecration of Tau Abraxas

The primary consecrator was T Allen Greenfield, assisted by co-consecrators +Dositheos and Tau Brooke, with Tau Roger serving as deacon (since we did not have a deacon present. Tau Roger is a duly consecrated bishop). Tau Abraxas has recently returned to Atlanta afterliving in Colorado for some time. Earlier in the year Tau Abraxas received points chauds empowerments from Tau AHA, and then again from myself (+Dositheos). She is an active member of Templi de Niger Sol where she continues to pursue initiation and has taken on additional responsibilities as a contact point for that temple. The Atlanta-based Free Illuminist community welcomes you, stands in support of your episcopacy, and is excited that you are contributing to the greater movement in your own unique ways. May your labors continue to bear fruit, and may your burdens be light.

Consecration of Tau Abraxas

Consecration of Tau Abraxas

Following the consecration we opened the floor to anyone that wanted to receive points chauds empowerments. I administered empowerments for Tau Abraxas, Tau Karen, Tau Kimberly Lynn, and +Salix Alba, all of whom I have previously worked with in this regard. If I receive reports and/or comments from any of them I will share those as well. In addition, I believe others may have received points empowerments that day from different facilitators, and if I receive reports and/or comments regarding this I will add them here.

After a short break we converged on Consecration Rock to perform a healing circle. Many petitions and requests for healing, strength, and light were brought to our attention. As has become typical for our healing circles, we joined hands and intoned a mantra (see below) while visualizing purple light swirling in a clock-wise fashion, continuing the mantra as the energy is raised to a peak, and then releasing it out into the aethers, directed with focused intent towards each of the situations that we received petitions for.

The specific mantra used for the healing circle was: OM HUM TRAM HRI AH.

[Photos courtesy T Allen Greenfield]

Upcoming events:

Mid October (date and time to be announced) – Ormus Lodge will be hosting the next in our series of Points Chauds Veve workings. Location is +Salix Alba’s temple.

Sunday, October 27th – Arabia Mountain Gathering – 3 pm.

Saturday, December 7th – Ormus Lodge Anniversary celebration (time, location and further details to be announced)



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