March 15th, 2013

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Peter Davidson materials – American HB of L, Martinism, Philosophie Cosmique

Peter Davidson was the American representative of the HB of L, the Philosophie Cosmique, and the Martinist Order, among other interesting projects. He established a very interesting colony or commune in Loudsville, Georgia. Brother T. Allen Greenfield and related Artisans within the Free Communion of Congregational Illuminists are the heirs to the Davidson lineage of these Organizations and continue to engage in Theurgic and Healing activities in the same region of Georgia today. We are proud to be associated with the Congregational Illuminist movement and in the Spirit of Comradeship provide these most wonderful and interesting materials to you.

This initial batch of materials comes from Asariah’s research into the archives of Harry Houdini. The Occult magazine The Morning Star was published by Davidson from Loudsville, Ga., USA and these first materials represent a wonderfully clear copy of all 12 editions of the first volume from 1893. There were still ads for The Morning Star running in papers from the Koreshan Unity, as well as the Temple of the People up until at least 1911. I am sure Brother T. Allen Greenfield could provide specifics… or better yet… purchase his books.

I hope to have more American HB of L and Philosophie Cosmique materials up in the future. But this is a pretty good start… I honestly believe that with the notoriety of Thomas Burgoyne the other members of the HB of L, such as Davidson and the Theons have been given a rather unfair critique. For this reason I joyfully provide the following editions of Volume One of The Morning Star. Enjoy!













added 08/03/2011 (note: although these are labeled 15_1 and 15_2 they are actually Volume 16, issues 1 and 2… my bad! If you have read Brother T. Allen Greenfield’s book Hermetic Brotherhood of Light; parts of these two issues of the Morning Star are included in that book. Because the issues were serial, the Philosphy Cosmique explanatory materials in these two volumes can be read in their complete form in Brother T. Allen Greenfield’s text):

Davidson_Morning Star15_1


Published on Mar 14, 2013

Masonic historians attempt to locate the grave of an influential, yet obscure occultist in the Mountains of Georgia. Along the way they stop at Alabama's Ave Maria Grotto and the Georgia Guidestones. Peter Davidson, the Provincial Grand Master of the Northern and Eastern Sections of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, was a violin maker and distiller from the highlands of Scotland. Local tradition holds that he originally intended to become a priest, but changed his vocation after meeting a woman on the train to Rome. Davidson was in touch with many of the major occultists of London at the time, including members of SRIA, the Theosophical Society, and various Martinist, Masonic, and Fringe Masonic Orders of the time. He was a correspondent of both Hargrave Jennings and Capt. F.G. Irwin. A visionary, Davidson reported to be subject to angelic visitations in his home to which his wife and children were witness. Davidson's own initiation, he claimed, came at the hands of a mysterious Oriental Adept who resided in Tibet, but appeared to Davidson in astral form. It was later revealed this Adept was in fact Max Theon, the Grand Master of the H.B. of L.

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