June 4th, 2012

From"Decoded" The arrival


We see detailed close ups of points chauds Workings, on Arabia Mountain GA Saturday, June 2, 2012. 


In addition to points Work, we also did our powerful healing circle, and Tau Isha gave a meditation with all of us sitting together on Consecration Rock.

This will be an imaginary journey, some of the imagery I describe won't necessarily fit your personal history. Don't worry about that, just go with the flow and try to take on and feel the situations I describe.

We begin at a place that happened a long time ago; before you were born. It's the day your parents either first meet or first go out on a date; it's the beginning of their attraction for one another.

They did feel very attracted to each other and they are excited about it. They get together for this date that they have been looking forward to. They both enjoy themselves very much and they decide to go out again. In fact they decide to continue seeing each other, and their relationship deepens. As time passes they get to know each other very well and they realize just how much they have in common. They become very emotionally close. They share similar life goals and views. Not exactly alike, but this just makes their relationship more interesting. They are both open minded people. They grow deeply in Love. Months pass into a year, and then two years, and they talk it over and decide to get married. Their vision of the future takes shape as they talk of plans for their life together. They talk about the possibility of children and they agree that they want to bring 1 or 2 new beings into the world as a manifestation of there Love for one another. But they want to do it right so they will wait until they both finish college.

Time passes and they eventually get married and start a life together. They are very happy. They have become very comfortable in their relationship. It's not like everything is perfect, but they are people who know how to communicate well, and they know how to compromise for the sake of their Love. And in doing so they each grow in character and their bond strengthens. The plans they started out with didn't manifest exactly as they had foreseen but they are wise for their age and they know that things change and they are good at rolling with the changes and re-evaluating when necessary.

But their lives are shaping up good, things are falling into place with some effort. They eventually decide that it's time to manifest the new life that their Love evokes. They buy some books about pregnancy preparations. Your mother makes sure she is eating right and she starts taking her basal temperature to time her menstrual cycles to know exactly when she is ovulating. Your father decides to eat right also, not only so that his sperm will be healthy but also to be right there with your mother and both of them experience this together. After a few months the moment comes and they make Love with the conscious intention of making a baby. They make Love morning and night for a few days while the timing is right, and they Love every minute of it, they are so very in Love they can't get enough of each other. And then they prayed for it to have worked. They both were so excited about making a baby, this has become something they really want.

When your mother didn't start bleeding after 2 and a half weeks they got really excited. And then at some point later it was confirmed, they were pregnant; and they were happy as can be. They talked and talked about all the plans and concerns with the pregnancy and birth and raising a child. They bought more books, this time about birthing techniques, pregnancy exercises and diet. They shopped around for a mid-wife. They really wanted to do all this right because you are so very important to them. They decided to have an at home birth. They also decided that they wanted to hold you first before they know your sex. They want to bond with you as a person before they know if you are a boy or a girl.

As your mothers belly grows, they talk to you and rub you through her tummy. They already Love you so much, for you are an expression of their Love for each other. They talk about names for their child, they talk about hopes and dreams for their future as a family. And they anticipate your entry into this world. As time passes they want so much to hold you in their arms.

Finally the day arrives and your mother goes into labor. Everything is all set, they have done all the planning and everything is ready. The mid-wife arrives as your mother is pacing the floor with her labor pains and your father is walking around with her and holding her for support. They choose this mid-wife because she is someone that they like and work well with. This mid-wife also views childbirth as a sacred process. All three of them have the same ideas about how child birth should be done, and that is with as little interference as possible. They want this to be all natural, they trust in natures way. The labor progresses in a normal manner.

Your mother works hard at birthing you and she excels at it. When you emerge into the world, the mid-wife swaddles you and your parents hold you without knowing if you are a boy or a girl. They Love you as their child either way, it really doesn't matter to them. The only thing that matters is that you are healthy.

The labor and birth went great and all is well.

At this point I want you to place your consciousness into this child that your parents are holding and welcoming into the world. Feel their unconditional Love for you. They made a conscious choice to bring you into the world, and they are very happy to finally have you in their arms. Feel their Love for you and know that you will be the center of their life for a long time to come. You feel safe because you know that they will do everything they can to provide you with the things and the environment you need as you go through childhood, so that you will be able to grow into a healthy, confident, successful adult and some day begin a life of your own.

As time passes and your parents watch you grow they fall more and more in Love with you. They are encouraging and helpful in all you do. Your first steps are video taped with much joy. Your first words are written into the baby book. They watch with delight as you grow and mature. As you get a little older they know not to over-shadow you with too much constant concern. They realize that letting you make your own small mistakes is part of growing up and truly learning. But of course they make sure you are safe.

Your parents are both there for your cute little graduation from Kindergarden, with big smiles on their faces. And they have made sure to find a good, safe school for you to attend. They encourage you in making friends and give you a great social education. And as you grow and mature they both help you with your homework as you go through school. They encourage you in all your pursuits and hobbies, and they listen to your complaints with a fair, discerning ear. As you get older, there are of course many times you argue with them, even though they listen to you fairly, they still lay down the law of the household, for they are older and have more experience in life, so there are times when, even though you don't understand why, you are expected to obey them. But you know that they Love you unconditionally and they have what's in your best interest at heart.

As you continue to grow and mature they allow you more freedoms but also require more responsibility from you. They try to show you that the two things go hand in hand. And as you have achievements and accomplishments, they cheer you on. And when you make mistakes, they discuss with you why what happened happened and what you may have done wrong, and they require you to make it right, if at all possible. They do this in order to make a learning experience from your mistakes. They aren't very judgmental, they are much more concerned with your well being and education than about punishing you.

The years go by…, and as you grow up into an adult you begin to understand more of why your parents did some of the things that you may have thought were unfair at the time. And knowing this, your heart grows with Love for them; for you understand just how much they have sacrificed of themselves for your well-being. As you come into your own adulthood and have more understanding, you communicate to them how appreciative you are of them and thank them for being such wonderful and loving parents.

And finally here we are at this point in time with you as grown as you are today. You look upon these wonderful parents as such a blessing in your life because you know that they Love you more than anything and you are the gift of their Love for one another.

Feel this blessing. Feel in your heart the Love these beautiful people that are your parents have for you. Know that you are so very dear to them. That you shine with the beauty that their Love for one another produced. Know that you are wanted; Know that you are Loved.


And now I want you to come back, just a little bit, to your life as it really is. Keep your eyes closed. I want you to think about the parents you really have. Know that whoever your parents are in reality, they have this Love for you. It may shine through openly, or it may be buried underneath their own pain and hurt. But know in your heart that at the core, your parents wish the best for you. I want you to see your real parents now, whether they are still living or not. You may have only had one parent in your life, if so visualize that parent now. See your real parents or parent, see them looking upon you with Love and approval, with encouragement and with blessings. For this is what they wanted to give you. They may have had unconscious programs running that they didn't have control of that prevented them from always acting in your best interest. It's time to forgive them for this now.

See them shine their Love on you now, the way you know they really wanted to. The way that in a perfect world would always be the case. And let them know that you Love them too. Forgive them for not always knowing what was best. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and as a result people suffer. It is my understanding that forgiveness for this is the best way to heal it.


Now I want you to slowly take a deep breath. Begin to feel yourself come back to the here and now. Take another deep breath. Remember the Love you felt, try to bring that back with you as you come back to this moment in space/time.

Whenever you are ready open your eyes. You may wish to talk about and share your experiences, or you may wish to keep them to yourself and be silent, the choice is yours.

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