December 10th, 2011

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Report on Illumination Expo 2011

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Posted on 5 December 2011 by +Dositheos
Report on Illumination Expo 2011

With comments about its origin
By +Dositheos


The seed ideas for Illumination Expo date back to discussions that
were held between members of Ormus Lodge and the Constellation of
Abraxas three years ago (2008). At that time Tau Lamed, Tau Aron and
myself began to formulate our initial thoughts about hosting a local
event that would combine presentations of esoteric subjects with the
arts (music, art, dance, writing, film, etc). This was to be a combined
event hosted by various local Free Illuminist nodes here in Atlanta and
include special guests traveling from out of town. The kindling was
gathered, but the fire remained yet unlit. Then, in 2009, I was
independently approached by Tau Saga who was, at that time, a
facilitator of Templi de Niger Sol. Tau Saga told me she planned on
bringing Thomas Karlsson of Dragon Rouge to Atlanta in 2010, that she
wanted to have a series of events take place and asked if I wanted to be
involved. I enthusiastically agreed. 2010 saw the first manifestation
of this idea with great success.

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The above mentioned discussions in 2008 and 2009 – along with the

subsequent events of 2010 – were the direct precursors to what has now
become Illumination Expo. Some of the original organizers have gone on
to different projects while others have confirmed their ongoing
participation and we have a few new folks who have joined the organizers
team this year as well. The kindling that was gathered has been lit,
the initial sparks of light have grown into a full blown fire and now we
shall continue to tend the flame so that its light and heat may heal
and enlighten the worlds. Or at the very least, we’ll have a fun time of
it. :)

2011 was the first year Illumination Expo was held under this name. Iam personally committed to making this an annual event to celebratecreativity and gnosis in its varied forms. I want to thank the team oflocal organizers who helped make this a reality by graciously giving ofyour time, effort and resources, all of you who have sent donations andother expressions of encouragement and support, all of you who came outto the events and to each of the individual participants – those who are local and those who traveled from afar – I offer sincere expressions ofdeep gratitude. You have each in your own ways given concrete substanceto what was once merely an abstract idea in the minds of a few humble illuminists sitting around a coffee table asking ourselves, “Wouldn’t itbe cool if…?”. We couldn’t have done it without you. Special mention goes to Amodali and Mike Crowley. The Atlanta community loves you both very much. And to Max Grimm, for the care and skill with which yougracefully executed the complex task of coordinating the presentation ofall the art.


Illumination Expo 2011 launched on Wednesday, September 14th, with a
truly magical performance by Amodali. The venue was Spring4th Center,
Annex Location. The setting allowed for a very intimate experience.
Amodali featured tracks from her new project – Liber Incarnadine. I was
familiar with her musical work already, but this was the first time I
had the privilege of attending a live performance. I was amazed,
mesmerized and enraptured. The rhythms pulsated, the voice of some
ancient and intoxicating goddess sang out to us, sang out to the world,
sang out to the universe. I could do nothing but dance in honor of this
moment and join in communion with the others who were present and with
the music itself. We lifted up our hearts in unison, sending out rays of
healing and illumination. I note that several days later I continued to
experience a noticeable energetic shift in my subtle body which I
attribute to being present at this performance. And further, inner
transformations have occurred that are with me to this day,  a couple of
months later and still ongoing. A perfect way to initiate the Expo!

On Saturday, September 17th, Ormus Lodge hosted a Ganapati Puja. Manythanks to Tau Ishaviva and Tau Salix Alba for performing the openingcleansing and empowerment.

On Thursday, September 22nd, Tau Aron hosted a social in West
Atlanta. It was a wonderful evening of tea, nourishing snacks and
engaging conversation. Many thanks to Aron and Kara for opening your
home to us and for inviting a great mix of guests. New connections were
made and old connections were celebrated. May your generosity be
reciprocated a thousandfold.

On Friday and Saturday, September 23rd and 24th, we gathered for
esoteric presentations, art, poetry readings and music. The venue was
Atlanta Freethought Hall.

Expo 2011 Crew

Some of the crew of Illumination Expo 2011 (Photo courtesy Pixie Bruner)

What follows is a listing of the main events:

A Discussion about HealingT Allen Greenfield.

Secret Drugs of BuddhismMike Crowley.

Clockwork City of Alexandria - Pixie Bruner.

Pwen Cho as Physical ObjectsTau Naamah.

A Panel on Art and Magick - Caleb Storms, Tau Osania and Darian Parker (moderated by Bill Zenn).

The Road to Great Cthulhu - Howard Pendragon Phillips.

Poetry and Selected Readings Alice Renard and T Allen Greenfield.

Art and PhotographyMax Grimm, Caleb Storms, Darian Parker, Tau Roger, J.M. VonKotterhausen and Tau Osania. [Tau Osania also brought a rare piece of art for display that was painted by the late William Wallace Webb - Frater Damon, QBLH].

MusicDJ Carma, Andrew Van Baümer and DJ DutchStijl.

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Amodali at an earlier event

       Left to Right Tau Aron, Mike Crowley and organizer Tau Dositheos at an earlier event