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Illumination Expo 2011

Illumination Expo 2011

Posted on 3 September 2011 by +Dositheos

– Announcing Illumination Expo 2011 —

Illumination Expo 2011

Art by J. M. VonKotterhausen

Illumination Expo 2011 is a series of events being hosted by local Free Illuminists to celebrate art, music and illumination.

To begin we are hosting a musical performance by Amodali featuring
tracks from her new project Liber Incarnadine. Amodali is traveling from
the UK. Previous projects include Six Comm/Mother Destruction. This new
project brings together many threads of Amodali’s work and research
into the relationships between sonics/language/sexuality and magick.

Event: Amodali – Liber Incarnadine

Date: Wednesday, September 14th

Time: 8 pm to 9 pm

Location: Spring4th Center, Annex Location

Entry Fee: $10 (this event only)


The address for Spring4th Center, Annex Location is:

728 Spring Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30308

For more info about Spring4th Center, visit


Amodali’s website:

Liber Incarnadine on Facebook

YouTube video of the track Kalamaya from the album Hagazussa (performed by Mother Destruction, 1998):

Illumination Expo 2011 continues on September 23rd and 24th with two days of art, music, presentations and workshops.

Event: Arts, Music and Illumination

Date: Friday and Saturday, September 23rd and 24th.

Time: 6 pm to 1 am on Fri., September 23rd. 3 pm to 1 am on Sat., September 24th

Location: Atlanta Freethought Hall

Entry Fee: $15  (for a two day pass)


The Address for Atlanta Freethought Hall is:

4775 N. Church Lane SE,

Smyrna, GA 30080

For more info about Atlanta Freethought Hall, visit:


There are three ticket options with associated pricing as follows:

1) $20 – the discounted price for an All Events Pass. Includes entry to all events (September 14th, 23rd and 24th).

2) $15 – includes entry to Arts, Music and Illumination only (September 23rd and 24th).

3) $10 – includes entry to Liber Incarnadine only (September 14th).

 To purchase tickets, click here.

For questions, concerns or comments: Contact Illumination Expo Staff


Art and Photography by:

Tau Roger

Caleb Storms

Darian Parker

Max Grimm

J.M. VonKotterhausen

Tau Osania

Presentations by:

Pixie Bruner

Caleb Storms

T Allen Greenfield

Tau Naamah

Michael Crowley

Howard Pendragon Phillips

Bill Zenn

Spoken Word, Poetry and Selected Readings by:

Max Grimm

Alice Renard

Pixie Bruner

Michael Crowley

T Allen Greenfield

Bill Zenn

Music by:

DJ Light

Sid Reflux

DJ Carma

Andrew Van Baümer

Tau Roger – Photographer

Tau Roger is a photographer working with conventional “analog”
methods using film and traditional darkroom materials. All of the works
in this show are silver gelatin prints made optically from film
negatives using a traditional enlarger.  A network engineer by
profession,  such photography and darkroom work represent a welcome
change from over-immersion in the digital world.  He works primarily in
medium and large format film producing 2.25″x2.25″ and 4″x5″ negatives.
For landscapes and more formal portraits the 4×5 view camera is his
preferred tool, partly for the greatly increased print quality of large
negatives but also because the deliberate style required by this type of
camera encourages looking carefully and thoughtfully at each image. For
casual portraits and fast changing subjects he often uses a medium
format camera producing 2.25″x2.25″ negatives. This camera can be easily
hand held and is much faster in use than the 4×5 while still providing
much higher image quality than 35mm.

Caleb Storms – Photographer

The photography of Caleb Storms shows the full range of human
experience. Like a true visionary with his camera he dares to show us
the darkest parts of ourselves, the human experience raw, open and
exposed. With the gentleness of a great teacher, his photographs allow
us a glimpse into the beauty of everyday life, the beauty of awareness,
understanding and compassion. Described as “raw” and “uninhibited, he
doesn’t edit what he shoots, and he shoots what he sees. Nothing is
posed or staged, and it really is a window into his eclectic life.
Unedited, unabashed, and unapologetic. The Urban Zen photographer Caleb
Storms captures more than just visual images – he captures experiences –
experiences that draw you to a place of deep self reflection and
awareness. With a fearless eye for capturing the philosophical…he leaves
you not seeking the right answers, but rather challenges you to
consider are you asking the right questions?

Visit Caleb’s current project – The Photo Monk

Darian Parker – Artist

Darian Parker is featured in Concrete Wave Magazine, Vans Warped
tour, and the Urban Art Awards. Darian Parker slowly dominates the
unconscious with archetypes that absorbs information from all
imagination. Thank you mom and all my friends and family who support me
and gave me the ability to PAWN other artists. You’re neat-o. Title of
series being shown is: THE HORA

Darian Parker on Facebook

Max Grimm – Artist

When I paint I am able to return to my childhood. I am reminded of my
first set of watercolors. My mother was fascinated by watching me
experiment with colors as they ran into each other on the paper. It is a
memory of innocence and creativity. This is something I try to
replicate each time squeeze out some acrylics and pick up a brush.

I am still amazed at the myriad of colors that can be created by
mixing the primaries. It is an alchemical gift for the eyes. I try to
hold no preconceived ideas as I begin the creative process. During the
nurturing of the work, there comes a point when the paint, ink and panel
become more than the sum of their parts and take on a life of their
own. As I am growing older and hopefully wiser, I am able to see my
personal evolution through the history of my love of creating art. From
my childhood doodlings up to the present mixed media works on wood
panel, I have been able to discover new parts of my heart and avenues of
the psyche. I am given the privilege of ability to create images that
transcend language. For this, I am most humbled and eternally grateful.

As must all living things, I believe that my art must grow through
discovery and expansion into new realms using new mediums. I am very
excited at the possibilities of digital photography, assemblage, collage
and the combination of mediums and technologies both old and new. I
have found it impossible to be unexcited and not in love with this gift
of art.

The Art of Max Grimm

J.M. VonKotterhausen – Artist

J.M. VonKotterhausen is a digital medium artist who is devoted to
exploring his medium as a tool for shamanic trance and initiatic states
of ecstasy, unearthing deeply ancestrally rooted cosmic encounters with
archetypal principles at work in the primitive and ancient mind. By the
processes involved with the mediumship, the artist is able to expand on
universal communion bearing the connectedness between all sentient and
creative beings. In doing so, the intent is to cultivate an environment
of appreciation for higher quality relations with oneself and the world,
at the level of dimensions visible and supposed, to direct harmoniously
these threads ever creatively intersecting to one heartbeat in unison
manifesting reality. The eye in use is compliment to the awareness of
one’s role in structuring the visionary body of Nature in Temperance of

A selection of Kotter’s art can be found here

Pixie Bruner – Presenter and Author

Randi Pixie Bruner is Shin Pixie Kleio Urania of the Ecclesia
Gnostica Universalis, a Gnostic Bishop, and one of the facilitators of
Ormus Lodge in Atlanta, GA. She is a Thelemite and her poetry has been
published in many magazines and anthologies as well as being a
professional gothic horror role-playing game writer and a holds an M.A.
in Classics and is a professional lecturer and presenter to Freethought
Societies and in academic circles. Her chapbook exploring the sacred and
profane “The Gingerman and Other Strangers” is available on
US and via She is also Director of Historical Programming for
AnachroCon. She serves Erzulie Dantor and the Shekinah.

Pixie Bruner on Facebook

Caleb Storms – Presenter

Caleb Storms has over 25 years of experience teaching psychic
development, healing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magick and Child Psychic
Development.  He is the lead facilitator of Templi de Niger Sol an
esoteric organization engaged in scientific exploration of occult

Templi de Niger Sol – discussion group

T Allen Greenfield – Presenter and Author

Allen H. Greenfield (born 1946), also known by his ecclesiastical
name Tau Sir Hasirim, is an American occultist, ceremonial magician,
UFOlogist, writer, editor, and Gnostic Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica
Universalis who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. His book The Story of the
Hermetic Brotherhood of Light is one of the few sources of information
on this subject. His book The Compleat Rite of Memphis is a
comprehensive history of an Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry, and he edited
an authorized, annotated edition of the work Liber Thirty-One by Charles
Stansfeld Jones.

T Allen Greefield’s website

Tau Naamah – Presenter

My Work has involved study in European and African Diasporic herblore,
rootwork and hoodoo, and initiated study and practice into western
hermeticism and ceremonial magick.  In addition, I am a student of Taiji and
Qigong as well as more external martial arts, and I have been a serviteur of
the loa for the last 20 years.  I grew up on the Gulf Coast between Mobile
and spending summers with my godparents in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and
Eunice (the New Orleans and Acadiana regions of Louisiana) . These roots
brought exposure to folk healing methods, rural conjure culture, and
African-diasporic-derived practices in the Southeastern US.  These
influences, combined with a lifetime of training in eastern and western
systems of energy work, have led me to my current work with the points
chauds, including various methods of points empowerment, theoretical
implications, and practical applications.

Tau Naamah’s Blog

Michael Crowley – Presenter and Author

Mike Crowley was born in Wales in 1948. In 1966 a Tibetan lama took
Mike as his student and, in 1970, ordained him as a layman of the Kagyud
order. Gradually, over the next twenty years or so, it became evident
to Mike that sacramental drug-use was central to the earliest forms of
Vajrayana (i.e. tantric) Buddhism, the evidence being concealed in coded
language and word-play. Since that time, Mike has been investigating
the use of psychedelics within Vajrayana Buddhism, tracing its origins
to the Vedic soma rite and perhaps further, possibly as far back as the
Indus Valley culture (4,000 BCE). This research has been compiled into a
book, Secret Drugs of Buddhism, which will be made available online

Howard Pendragon Phillips – Presenter and Author

Not many years ago I was comparing the sudden end of a story that I
was reading, with my job that had moved to Mexico, when my wife said to
me; “that Book is Cursed”. It started to get good then the author died.
Another writer had picked it up and he died too. That was a challenge. I
realized that my response was to pick it up and finish it. I play folk
music so stealing a song was not new. But this was a book and I was not a
writer. I did not know then that I had joined an exclusive club. The HP
Lovecraft Circle of the Necronomicon Mythos. A few years went by of
hard work learning a new craft. My novella was finished, and I was more
than just hooked. I was stuffed, mounted and hanging on the wall.

The Road to Great Cthulhu

Bill Zenn – Presenter

Bill Zenn has been a student of esoterica for about 25 years. He is a
Bishop with Gnostic and Apostolic succession,  a Free Illuminist, a
Vodouisant and a rogue philosopher. He currently serves Holy Mother
Barbelo Sanctuary – a local Atlanta community of the Coptic Gnostic
Church. He is also one of the facilitators of Ormus Lodge – a Free
Illuminist node of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim.
Within the last five years he has been working with the pwen cho (hot
points) as one of his primary areas of research and exploration.

Ormus Lodge

Coptic Gnostic Church

Max Grimm – Poet

Max Grimm is a work in progress. Like his family, his art, yoga, the
mountains, the ocean and he who created them, Max loves poetry as much
as than the life which he has been graciously granted. Max has been a
teacher, an actor, a video producer, a chef, juvenile delinquent, a
printer, a scenic artist and lighting technician, drug addict,
construction worker, unemployed, self employed, a husband, son, father,
friend, artist, shaman, yogi, magus and poet. Max received the gift of
writing from his grandfather, a simple and gentle soul, blessed with a
practical philosophy, kind heart and the grace to turn an every day
phrase into a magical invocation. Aught else could come from Max’s
upbringing, but the ability to craft life’s joys and sorrows (of which,
there have been many) into lyrics, poems and tirades all intended to
weave us closer together. To realize the mutual heart and soul we all
share. Max has a great love of metaphors, run on sentences, impassioned
improvisational performances and of the good fortune to share them with

A River Between Chaos and Zen

Alice Renard – Poet and Author

Raised in the south and grown in NYC and Philadelphia, Alice Renard
is a poet and multi-media artist who works with the themes of myth,
fable, spirit and the human web.  Her work has been published most
recently in “This Great Society”, “Last Man Anthology”, and “Abramelin
Journal”, under her “real” name.  She has exhibited her fabric art and
jewelry line, Renard’s Threads, in galleries and boutiques in Brooklyn,
Philadelphia and Atlanta.  Title of readings: Fables, a collection of
three stories

You can read more of Alice’s thoughts here

DJ Light – Music

DJ Light is Sonny Haury and has been part of the EDM scene for over a
decade now, including the rave scene.He is an emissary who communicates
via music. Music is about community, it is a shared human experience.
One of his goals is reaching towards and exposing alternative social
demographics to EDM.  He consistently strives to hone and refine his
musical craftsmanship. He works primarily using Ableton Live, Cubase,
and other software and works, performs and composes entirely digitally.
He is a lover of the man-machine interface as a means of creation,
spirituality and expression.

DJ Light’s SoundCloud

Sid Reflux – Music

Sid Reflux was born into a musical family and since day one was
surrounded by music. Learning the craft of beat matching and layering on
his fisher price turn table at age 3 he quickly rose in the ranks of
the pre-school recess scene with his stunning remix mash up of Baa Baa
Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. After years of rocking many
elementary school playgrounds across the US he fell into the dark
depths of a severe animal cracker addiction. After a long hiatus Sid
came back and better than ever, clean from his cravings for animal
shaped cookies. Coming back into the scene he loves so much in 1999 he
started working his way up the ladder once again starting as a party
kid, set up/clean up crew, flyer/street team, ticket guy eventually
becoming a Happyhardcore MCee in 2002 and then moving back behind the
turn tables in 2003.  Now after 8 years of djing across the south east
for just about every major rave crew Sid is right back where he belongs,
playing dirty funky beats for the party people to enjoy. Playing a wide
variety of EDM Sid is most often found spinning Hard Dance and Electro
House. A respected dj who cut his teeth with Vinyl records Sid’s future
is very bright. Weather you like it hard or funky the sets of this man
are sure to please.

PS. Please refrain from feeding Sid Reflux any animal shaped cookie products.

Sid Reflux on Facebook

DJ Carma – Music

DJ Carma, born Oleg Prisacari in 1983, is an up and coming electronic
music genre sensation. Inspired by the likes of Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk,
and Mauro Picotto, he makes his own productions, remixes, song editing,
along with eclectic monthly mix compilations and piano lessons. His
unique mixing style, which can be witnessed through his mixes,
encompasses many shades of electronic music, is a sound only to be
witnessed with your own ears. Self taught the art of DJ, and honed his
mixing skills at DJ School, Scratch Academy, in South Beach, FL. Now
teaches this knowledge to the public.

To experience his music, go to DJ Carma Music

Andrew Van Baümer – Music

Spinning for the past decade, Van Baümer has successfully fused
natural born talent with technical training to produce some of the best
sets that electronic music has yet to offer. Starting his career in
Atlanta, Van Baümer has captured his Dutch heritage and releases it in
his music to reveal his own unique sound: being able to produce a hard,
driving pulse, a textured progressive moodscape or even a purely
euphoric experience. Along with his distinctively European edge, Van
Baümer’s skill in seamless mixing is outmatched only by his ability to
select some of the highest quality tracks available. All this joined
with his honest passion for electronic music makes him a necessary
artist on any trance lovers playlist.

Andrew Van Baümer on Facebook

Orange Entertainment

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