August 20th, 2011

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"Such a great day with much good work done." Tau Max

Congregational Illuminists gathered on Consecration Rock, Arabia Mountain GA on Saturday, August 13, 2011. There were three episcopal consecrations, Shin Pixie Kleio Urania,Tau Osania and Bishop Savitri Anandausing, involving two very different ceremonies in keeping with our eclectic approach, a powerful healing circle on Consecration Rock, following a moving essay on forgiveness by Tau Ishaviva, and much discussion of upcoming events. Each new bishop gave their first homily of blessing to the applause of the assembled illuminists.
TAU OSANIA'S ACCOUNT OF HER CONSECRATION I have returned to Georgia and wanted to get my notes from Mt Arabia and after. Do hope this is what you where looking for. Besides that pushing through the "Nag Hammadi" interesting enough the demons of that day aren't much different than present. Only the actors of changed.  This is the transcript from my daily journal as it was put forth unedited  Was quite a day with going up to Mt Arabia for my Ecclesia Consecration of Bishop with Allen Greenfield Consecrator(Tau Sir Hasirim),  +Dositheos,  Tau Ishaviva. As the rite began there was a white light around me. About halfway through I began shake (then lost time and was in the presence of Sophia. I know there was a time warp since I listened to the same a couple of hours later and it felt so very short compared to that which I had previously experienced. Could feel the blessing of the Goddess upon me after the Rite. I was given a chance for a blessing and did so with that I wrote beforehand. I could feel a bit of clarity on Saturday. We went home instead of doing dinner which actually allowed that which I received to blossom. Some soup in the freezer and that was dinner as I briefly caught a few Internet messages. Was very tired and laid down. Could of started with coffee, yet wanted to let the Rite to understood also in my dream world. Woke up about 1 1/2 hrs later 11pm and had some popcorn (homemade) & for me a rare beer. Looked at some of the photos of the Rite on FB then went back to sleep around 12. Woke up around 10am. A very pleasant perception of the world and the sense of I am AL(L) all (spelling is defunct) and very much a sense of Achad's perception of the world. My regular a couple cups of tea, Yoga & meditation with a prayer while in Kether that I will find” Meaningful & Enjoyable Employment to serve Nuit” then on to my regular of writing here in my journal and cooking some brown rice for breakfast. Back to meditation there was an opening of the skies while in the pyramids. Interesting today’s card is “Pe, The Tower” which itself depicting of such. Looking at things differently.  Will go and stand with T C___today and show support for the cause of “no bullying”that and pick up a few things for the week since I will be traveling on Wednesday night to see Mom. Hope to get sometime to paint this afternoon before I go to the rally.  The Blessing Ahh Ohh Ehh Hem I would like to read a invocation adapted from Frater Achad Mother of the Sun whose body is white with milk of the stars, Bend upon thy servants and impart unto us thy secret Kiss Enkindle with us the Holy Ecstasy thou hast promised unto them that love thee, The Ecstasy which redeemeth from all pain. Hast thou not proclaimed: All the sorrows are but shadows, They pass and there is that which remains? That the Universe is pure joy That thou givest unimaginable joys on Earth That thou demandest naught in sacrifice. Let me rejoice for therein my I serve thee most fully. Let it be thy Joy to see my joy, Even as thou hast promised in thy Holy Book! Now I am Joyful in thy Love! Aumn As I am so shall this Consecration be a turning point of direction in my Life. In service as a daughter to the Holy Trinity and Mankind. I give thanks for this Consecration. I give thanks to the Bishops that performed the Rite: Allen, Bill & Isha, To all that are gathered and those that have passed over to the other side Tina, Damon, Michelle May my Joy be your Joy! Sa Sekhem Sahu  Since this day of Consercation I have enjoyed a feeling of a love affair with Nuit. This has also permeated my dream world.  I Hadit love thee Nuit.  I kept the journal transcript as it was written. Employment has yet to open it's doors yet I am confident that I will find something I can do to be usefull to Goddess & Man. Yours in Love & Light Tau Osania
Tau Sir Hasirim consecrates Shin Pixie, assisted by Tau Max and Tau Dositheos
SHIN PIXIE'S  ACCOUNT OF CONSECRATION - Shin Pixie I awoke at 9am the morning of my consecration, showered, packed backpack for Arabia and got a ride with +IshaViva's friend Rizard. Got to Kwan Yin House. I lied on the loveseat and dozed off and on a little. Sonny made us lunch while I meditated and once again feel asleep. We picked up +Ousania enroute to Arabia. I felt calm and ready. Climbing Arabia was different this time. I knew who I was while going up was not the person who was coming down. I crossed onto the Mountain itself and a weight descended upon me. I took the walk up very slowly and intentionally. I watched my feet as I crossed from grass to rocky areas to eventually solid rock. There is a step area, a liminal zone, as you begin the ascent. Large flat rock area of which one steps up, crosses and then steps down and one is on Arabia solid. As I stepped up onto the step area to cross it, my heart began racing. About 2/3rds of the way to the top, it became pure mind over matter. The foot wound had broken open and was weeping. I kept going however, in pain, heart feeling as if it would burst from my chest at any minute. I suddenly feared dying. I reached the top, I did not think, I merely walked upwards, mind over matter. The Spirit was willing, my flesh weak. I made it to Consecration rock. I passed around Sonny's and my Ketubah and it was signed. Lastly by +Allen who was right in saying he should sign it before my Consecration as the women Sonny married and agreed to in the Ketubah is not who I would be after Consecration. I wept and absolute joy welled up in me as I witnessed Sashia Agape become +Ousania. I photographed the event and instinctively knew the ritual, tho I had never heard it before, and knew when to take the pictures to document it, the moments of transformation and caught them all on camera. Next, I watched the consecration of Shin Savitri Ananda. I took photographs again. I was to be consecrated last as +AHA was running late and had not arrived. An impromptu Illumination Expo meeting took place. Much planning and work was done. Constructive time. There was the "traditional" healing circle on Consecration Rock. I had asked for my sister to be helped and healed as she is suffering greatly. I also felt guilty for also asking that the wound on the top of my foot from a large fire ant heal. It was weeping and infected and while the infection seemed under control, it was still an open foot wound and ulcer. As a type 1 diabetic for 27 years and a daughter of a multiple amputee, it was risky to me. Foot wounds are dangerous to diabetics. As the chant was reaching a crescendo, my foot began to burn and tingle. I will speak about that later on in my report. 6pm. Tau AHA had not arrived, although he was allegedly enroute. I was asked if I had a second co-consecrator I was willing to ask to stand for me. I immediately asked +Max, whom I feel a deep kinship with as well and greatly respect. He agreed. It was very much in keeping with Doinels epiphany according to +Allen. Also, nothing goes according to plan,one must be flexible, LOL. The Universes Will is sometimes different from our own. It was the "magic time" on Mt. Arabia, the sun was setting and directly in my eyes during Consecration. When my eyes were open, they were directly looking at the sun. Ritual began. The oil burned immensely. A serious burning. Not merely physical, but into me burning. Forehead ablaze, third eye on fire. No burn like that noted on hands and feet. That burn was unlike anything I have ever known. I have a very high pain tolerance having Ehler-Danlos and Fibromylagia and this was intense. As +Langley has written to me, it is indeed "the crown of thorns" we wear upon consecration. I can still easily trace via psychometry the extract circle and dot +Allen placed upon my forehead. As for the blessing and the curse- upon the placement of the blessing and curse upon me, my inner voice screamed "Life!" and all my cells joined in that joyful refrain of "life". There is only life. As the episkopos and apostolic egregore was poured into me by +Allen, +Dositheos and +Max, I felt as I I were an earthenware vessel being poured into from three sources and also flowing up from the rock itself. +Dositheos announced my new name. Shin Pixie Kleio Urania. Pixie as it is my name. But choosing an ecclesiastical name was a challenge for me. I did not want a name without meaning or a name that did not reveal itself. I therefore had not intentionally chosen a ecclesticial name until one revealed itself to me. Eventually over a period of days in May, I was called to the Muses of history and astronomy. I am a historian and an avid stargazer and am even a board member (Recording Secretary, I serve as the archivist) for the largest amateur astronomy club in the S.E. USA.. I was to be Pixie Kleio Urania, in honor of the Muses who compose part of my being and who speak to me in writing, academics, my lecturing, and the nightly sky. Plus it connects me to the history of the Gnostic and Apostolic lineages and egregore and also to the fact that I personally believe that "Every man and woman is a star". I had written notes for a Benediction. However, I was experiencing something profound and deeply personal at that moment and I am not exactly sure what I said. I know it was about Gnosis and Agape. I had intended to be eloquent. I am not sure I succeeded. The prepared Benediction went out the window, I do not recall a word of it, but do have my notes on my computer and instead I spoke plainly and from the heart instead. It was a prayer for humanity for awareness and compassionate true love and growth, that I do recall. That was my Intent at least, I am not sure what actually issued from my mouth at that profound time and my mind cannot recall the words, just the feeling, purpose, and what I was radiating and meant. Mea culpa. I am human and small. The rest is a blur of friendship, good conversations, and a crushing fatigue. We got home and watched a few episodes of "Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG" Nine hours previously, while I was on Arabia, my sister had emailed me and things had gotten worse for her. This was before the healing circle. I am glad that I petitioned to send her healing as she needs it so greatly. I removed my shoes and socks. Wound was closed, dried lymph drainage on my sock from when it was open on the mountain. Scabbed over finally after a week of being unable to close or start healing despite large doses of neem and neem application to wound. Definite positive change in wound condition. I do not wish to discuss detail but tantra that night was very different. I lost consciousness three times I think. I shared a time of exquisite beauty with my husband.The blurring of selves in The Canticle of the Bridegroom Chist" by St. John of the Cross. To love another human unconditionally is to know the Divine and see the face of God. Utter loss of Self. Awoke at 10am Sunday. Excited to have my new pet snake and my roomies two new pet tartulas arrive later in day. Also happy to go food shopping. Drove husband to MARTA station. Went food shopping. Physical reaction to Consecration began. Unpleasant. Body violently purging itself. Ugh. Drove home to find the new pets had JUST arrived. Rushed in, got groceries put up quickly and set my snake up on my altar. She is a San Gabriel Rosy Boa. Gorgeous snake. She is not used to being handled so is learning and being trained to snuggle by me. The two tartantulas are adorable simple machines. I am not afraid of them at all. I usually am horrified by spiders and will scream immediately "kill it!". Not now. My phobia seems controlled by me for these big fuzzy Chilean Rose spiders, I also see that they are beautiful powerful amazing creatures and respect them. Not the person who called Nicole at 2am to come across from her dorm room to remove a daddy long legs from my room as I was in tears standing on my bed. (Yes, she removed the spider for me, let him loose, and laughed at me.). Went to bed 1:30am. 3:40am- Awakened with a scream. I am sitting upright. Still feel the imprint of someones hand on mine. Husband is out cold still. Cold sweat. Dreamed of the dead. Had conversations with them. There was only one whom I did not know personally and the message was cryptic. Still processing and trying to figure out who it was or if was even related to or directed at me. Was able to fall asleep in a half hour, after I calmed down. Husband would not wake up to comfort me, he was in deep sleep and merely asked what the ticket number was. Work in IT tech support is eating his brain:) Today- normal, mundane. Nothing other than heightened perceptions and drive to do genealogical research to resolve the I had. Agape, Shin Pixie
Tau Ishaviva signs certificate of consecration, 13 August 2011
Tau Ishaviva's sermon on Mt. Arabia, Saturday, August 13th 2011 Isha's life experience and wisdom, Your mileage may vary...
Forgiveness -
While out driving a while back I saw one person in a car make the mistake of pulling out in front of another person in a different car. It was close, but no accident happened. What I witnessed next really made me sad. The one who got pulled out in front of, the one who wouldn't have been at fault if there had been a collision, rolled his window down and shouted an obscenity and flipped a bird at the other driver. Behavior like that makes sad because there didn't seem to be any forgiveness on the part of the innocent driver. Like Jesus said, who can throw the first stone? I know I have made similar mistakes while driving; I'm glad to say not very often, but I have. And the thing is, we all probably have. I'm pretty darn sure that the person who was at fault had already realized their mistake and felt bad about it. But you see, the thing is, that by acting out like that the guy that flipped the bird might just have made the person whose fault it was get his back up, so to speak. Now, instead of just feeling sorry that they did that, and telling himself to be more careful, now the person is more likely to start come up with defenses in his head, and/ or being mad back at the other person. This got me to thinking about forgiveness. We all make mistakes. It's very important for us to be honest with ourselves about that fact. If someone gives you a hard time about it though, a lot of people will go into a defensive mode and then not take responsibility for it and learn from it. I think that the guy that flipped the bird put much more harmful vibes into the Quantum field than the person who made the mistake. Those hateful vibes have much more devastating effects than mistakes, because they have intention behind them. When we learn to Love our selves there is no shame in admitting that we are fallible. It makes a person more a part of humanity. It would seem that the bird flipper thinks that he is infallible, and therefore separate from humanity. This is a disastrous predicament. It shows a lack of love for oneself. If you are only going to feel good about yourself by telling yourself that you are better, (I would never have done something that stupid!!!!), then you are lying to yourself, and we don't lie to people we respect. Another way that kind of aggressive behavior shows lack of self respect is that anger actually hurts our bodies, physically. Being angry releases brain chemicals that do damage to the physical body. I don't know if there's been research on it or not but my guess is that the opposite is true too–feeling forgiveness releases brain chemicals that are good for our physical bodies. I'm able to forgive people for many things. I only ask that we learn from our mistakes. If you've learned from the mistake you made, and have used the opportunity to become a more whole person, then your mistake is absolutely forgivable. And when you do come to a recognition of the mistake, and learn the lesson, and grow from it, only then will you be able to truly and honestly forgive yourself. And this is the most important part of forgiveness. When you are able to forgive yourself it means you really have learned from the experience. So, are you at a place where you can truly and honestly forgive yourself for your past mistakes? Do you think highly enough of yourself to forgive yourself? What you must realize is that the first step on the path to forgiving yourself is to admit that you made the mistake. Because only then can you learn from it. If you refuse to look at it honestly, from an objective point of view; if you keep insisting to yourself that you made no mistake, or you have no blame, then you can't very well forgive yourself, can you? This has everything to do with self-respect. Admitting that you have blame, that you made a mistake, is the utmost self-respect. Lying to yourself isn't respectful of yourself. So, in order to truly respect yourself it is necessary to be okay with the fact that you are fallible. You must take this first step if you are ever to grow and move forward on your path to spiritual development. And the highest honor that you can do yourself, in order to achieve true forgiveness for yourself, is to apologize to those that you have wronged. For when you can do that, from your heart, then you have realized the lesson involved. Because if you cannot bring yourself to a place where you can apologize to whomever you've wronged, then that shows that you still carry guilt and shame. Guilt and shame will rewrite the script in your conscious mind to alleviate your guilt, and there is no self forgiveness and therefore no self respect in doing this. If you can't bring yourself to apologize to those you've wronged, take this as a sign that you still carry guilt and shame. Apologizing is very hard, but when you can do it, from your heart, the power you come into, the alleviation of the guilt and shame you would otherwise carry, is very much worth the Work. In my eyes this is part of The Great Work. No one ever said it was easy. That's why we call it the Great Work! I'll end with a quote that I think is appropriate: Whatever joy there is in this world all comes from desiring others to be happy, and whatever suffering there is in this world all comes from desiring myself to be happy at the expense of others. --Shantideva, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life
Tau Dositheos signs certificate of consecration, Consecration Rock, August 13.
Consecration of Bishop Savitri Ananda, Consecration Rock, Arabia Mountain, August 13 2011
Consecration of Tau Osania by Tau Sir Hasirim, August 13, 2011.  Tau Isha and Tau Dositheos co-consecrating.
Free Illuminists continue a now-long tradition of spiritual and magical Work on Arabia Mountain Aug 13 2011
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