July 10th, 2011

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 Arabia Mountain Georgia was yet again the site of three consecrations and points chauds Working in a free illuminist context on the closest Saturday to the Summer Solstice 2011.  Tau Caelestius, Tau Darien, Tau Kim, were consecrated on Arabia Mountain in free communion on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

Tau Caelestius’ Account of Consecration and Points Work

Time felt like it was standing still during the consecration, and it felt like we were standing in a bubble. I didn't notice the wind, or any noises that weren't coming from Consecration Rock. The moment the egregore was transferred was "quieter" than I was expecting. There was no lightning bolt from heaven, so to speak, or any immediate sense of elation or ecstasy; just a gentle uplifting, and a lingering sense of "this is right".

The receiving of points was an interesting experience. Unfortunately, due to the threat of a thunderstorm, I was only able to receive a handful of points on the mountain, though the majority of the rest were given to me at Kwan Yin House later that evening. The points in the head and face feel more active than the rest, but that's not to say the others are any less "awake". When I focus on them, I can feel almost a tingle under the skin where the points are located. They definitely began to network and "yearn" for each other immediately after they were activated. The ones in the throat, for example, felt like they were criss-crossing with each other, kind of like very fine thread shoelaces of red and green linking up each point. The ones in the back radiated outward when they were activated, like wings or tentacles. I felt slightly "floaty" when the points in the stomach were being activated.

The realization of the consecration didn't fully hit me until I got home, and now, weeks after the event, I feel more in-tune with the universe. My senses are sharper, and I've been noticing heightened intuition. The points definitely want to be given and transmitted to others, so it will be interesting to continue the Work here.

A brief account of my Consecration experience
By Tau Kimberly Lynn
June 26, 2011

I was consecrated into a multitude of ecclesiastic, apostolic and egregoric lines of succession on Consecration Rock at Mount Arabia on June 18, 2011, by Tau Allen Greenfield (TAG). TAG asked me to recount my experience from the time of my (serious) calling to consecration to the time of my (whimsical) quest to reclaim my umbrella from the Indian restaurant that we customarily visit after a day at Arabia, Mirch  Masala in Decatur, Ga.

It’s difficult to tell this story as a standalone incident, as I’ve been witnessing many, many near-miraculous events occur in my life as of late, due in no small part to magickal seeds that I planted years ago. (I plan to document these in the very near future!) In fact, the magickal experiences of my life predate my “formal” initiations (which TAG has factored into repeatedly) by several years. Something I’ve noticed with my own initiations is that the energy always ripples backward in time – I start receiving the epiphanies, gifts, ordeals and lessons for weeks or even months before I take the initiation. Perhaps just the thought of – the calling to – each initiation gets the ball rolling. For me, a formal initiation is more like the wax seal on the envelope than the initiation itself.

This is supposed to be brief, so where to start, where to start …

I’ve been aware of the work going on on Mount Arabia, the consecrations and the points chauds, for about four years now. I was invited by a friend/acquaintance about three years ago but declined to participate for various reasons, mostly due to the bad taste left in my mouth from prior events that prompted me to part ways with the local “magickal community” back in 2005.

In August of 2010 I formally reestablished connections with some fellow initiates by going a step further than just lurking about on Facebook – I actually sent emails, requested a reading, and made plans to meet in person.

After speaking more with Bill about the Work going on under the larger umbrella of Congregational Illuminism, I decided to visit Mount Arabia on March 20, 2011, the Spring Equinox. I witnessed Bishop Max’s consecration and received six points chauds of my own. The following day I found myself agitated and second-guessing whether I wanted to pursue the Work again at all; after all, I had just emerged from a long period of near-agnosticism and a complete sabbatical from the company of other “magicians” on the whole. A lot of old ghosts came back to haunt me and they made me uncomfortable.

On March 23, 2011, I did an I Ching cast for the question “Pursue Congregational Illuminism” and got this:Hexagram 61, Inner Truth, moving lines 1 and 2, changing to Hexagram 20, Seeing.I took this as a green light to go forward.

I had some doubts along and along about becoming a “Bishop” due to mostly the semantics issue. I’m not anti-religion and have never been explicitly anti-Christian, but I worried that this may be a title that brings with it responsibilities and duties that I am not ready for or don’t have the time for. Luckily, after discussing my concerns with my bishop friends, I was made to feel that I’m really on the right page after all.

So why did I want to be consecrated as a bishop? Well, as TAG explained, to build up my body of light. To further empower myself to continue achieving the gnosis and illumination that I have been working toward since I was 12 years old.  I want to receive all 97 (or more) points chauds; I want to increase my psychic/intuitive abilities; and, as I told TAG at my first official ritual initiation back in 1998 when asked why I seek initiation, “to learn more about myself and the universe.” This may sound silly, but when I think of what I really want to do when I grow up, I think of being something like a psychic detective. A real one. I have always known that I have spiritual “gifts” but I’m still learning how to nurture them, and ultimately, what to do with them.  

Nothing astoundingly earth-shattering happened the day of my consecration, though what happened afterward I would classify as “interesting.” After the dinner at Mirch Masala, the waiter only charged me and my husband for one buffet (but charged for two beers) and I, having an honesty disorder, insisted that he charge me for two buffets. Even when I pointed it out to him on the receipt he said, no, we charged you for two. But he finally saw the mistake and then charged me for it.

SO, when I got out into the parking lot, I found a $20 bill lying on the ground. I picked it up and asked the folks in front of me if it belonged to them and they said no, so my husband said I should keep it. Hmmm, so was the universe just trying to throw free food and money at me? (Lol, I doget free food quite a bit, but that’s another story for another time ...) I almost thought the $20 was a windfall but then realized a few days later that I left my $20 umbrella at the restaurant. Was it a wash? Well, I called the restaurant and they said they had found it.So, the following Saturday (yesterday as of this writing), I just happened to have a dentist’s appointment in Decatur anyway at 9 a.m. (an appointment I had made 6 months earlier), so once I got out at 10 I just waited around until 11:30 for Mirch Masala to open, and retrieved my umbrella. J(Footnote: I ended up buying another umbrella anyway a few days earlier because it was raining … so now I have two umbrellas!)

But wait – there’s more! I have three other things to add to the story.

First, the evening after the consecration, we returned to Kwan Yin house, where my husband and I ended up spending some time with Tau Indigo and her boyfriend Azul later in the evening. She asked me about my bibliomancy readings. I had attempted one for her the night before but found the energy in the room too “staticky” due to so many conversations going on; plus, it wasn’t my usual book (the Roget’s Thesaurus). So, I whipped out my iPhone to share my most recent discovery, the oracular-spectacular Random Paragraph Generator (http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTools/RandomParagraph/RandomParagraph.aspx). I plugged in Indio and Azul’s names and the returned results were such a staggeringly solid HIT that my hands actually started shaking. I’m not saying “I” hit a thing; I’m saying that God is in the machine. J

Second: The day after my consecration I spoke to my mother on the phone and she suggested that our family take a road trip to the Georgia Guidestones. She actually just seemed intrigued and interested by them, and wasn’t railing about how satanic they were.  My mother and I have a complicated relationship to say the least, mainly because she’s a staunch Southern Baptist obsessed with end-times prophecy and the rapture, and I’mnot. She also has natural psychic/intuitive abilities (we have Cherokee Indian ancestry), and I freely admit hers are stronger than mine in many ways (she can actually SEE spirits; I have yet to lay eyes on one). But she’s so mixed up with evangelical religion that she’s convinced she’s a prophet and that almost everything she thinks is something “God” told her.

I’m not really sure why she wanted to go to the Guidestones; maybe she read about it on a conspiracy website?We ended up going Saturday (the day I got my umbrella back lol) and it was actually a pleasant trip with the entire family in the car (mom, dad, sister, husband and myself). She didn’t even yammer about her health problems, Israel, Obama and the rapture the whole time. Wow, this IS a miracle! I’d be happy to have a better relationship with my mother. If this ends up being an effect of my consecration, I’ll take it.

The third tidbit is:When I went to the dentist for my cleaning yesterday, I was supposed to get my annual x-rays, but after multiple attempts, they couldn’t get the x-ray machine to work. They told me they had already used it on two other patients that morning, but it suddenly wasn’t working on me. For some reason they didn’t bother to take me to another room for the x-rays; I just didn’t get them. Maybe it was a coincidence? Maybe the machine just tore up before I got there? I didn’t call back later to find out if it had started working again, so who knows. This might be bullshit but I’d like to think there was something synchronicitous about it. Maybe my newly strengthened aura was just too much for the machine. Hahaha! ;-p

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