April 29th, 2011

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A large turn out at Arabia brought us together for a Workshop (to be posted as a podcast…stay tuned!), extensive points Workings (see below) and a very powerful Healing Circle, so large we had to stand in a circle around Tau Ishaviva in the center, who was ailing (see below also) but who braved the climb and heat of the day anyway. Here is an extract of Tau AHA’s account of receiving the (many) remaing points of the known points chauds in out 97 degree system.
“I want to write a little before it leaves me about my experience Sunday with the points. I received about 80 points from +D a +Isha. The receiving of the points itself was very interesting because I had so many done by two people with very different styles. It was a good opportunity to really experience how this all works. The first thing that I noticed that +Isha seemed to take an almost exclusive energy approach to it. With her I felt an instant jolt then a slow build up of energy at each point. Then the point would activate and the energy would seem to disperse. With +D it was a more physical activation/stimulation of the point which seemed to cause a receptivity to the energy. So it was a physical pressure followed by a burst of energy as the point awoke. The second thing of note is the loss of time that I seemed to experience. I know that the process of activating all the points took a great deal of time only because of when we started and what time it was when we went down the mountain. It only felt like about 10 minutes to me and there are whole sets of points that I have no recollection of being activated however, I could feel later that they were. After I felt definite shifts in consciousness as the points would find each other and build networks. This manifested in time and space perception issues and sudden shifts in balance. Once this passed I felt (and am still feeling) massive amounts of heat in certain parts of my body. It started on my crown. Then my hands and now my feet almost as though it is working its way back down my body. When I say massive amounts, I mean it is uncomfortable to were shoes because of the heat flying out of my feet today. I will try to make more notes as I experience things. “
When we formed our Healing Circle, Tau Ishaviva was in the center. Here is an extract of her account.
“I woke up that morning not feeling well, the muscles in my neck,
sholders, and chest, above my breasts, were hurting and making it a
bit painful to take a deep breath. I took some Tylenol and decided to
go anyway, hell, I often feel like crap.
I sat in the center of the healing circle, alone, while the others
raised energy with the Om Hum Trom Re Ah (Allen, I can't remember how
to spell it?). I felt the energy being generated. I have issues with
accepting things so I was focusing on the people that were mentioned
who need healing energy and distibuting it to them. Even though I did
that, after the circle was done I did feel much improved, for a while.
I gave a reading of a text I enjoy. Here is what I read:

I am Spirit on Earth and I dedicate myself to channeling Love and
Truth into my life. I am a source of Light in the living body of
creation, ever growing in unity with all, as the universe and I flow
harmoniously in change together.
Love is my nature, Truth is my will. The essential masculine and
feminine principles as the God and the Goddess in all their forms
dwell within me. The ecstacy of their intertwining is the divine spark
of life into my deepest nature.
I am a wild child, a responsible adult, and a wise elder. I encompass
within myself the wealth of human experience. I welcome the fullness
of life with its joy and sorrow, as I work and play. Accepting into
memory all suppressed experiences, I release them with Love and
I Love as I Will and strive to do my True Will. The Truth of my
experience and purity of my heart enable me to govern myself. I share
a vision with all people, building a world based on Freedom and
The universe flows through me and I use this Power to Create, Nurture,
and Heal. My love embraces violence and pain, and transmutes them into
peace and inner growth. I respect the autonomy of each person and
choose not to interfere either by pity or harm.
I create my own reality with the way I respond to my experiences. My
Spiritual nature guides my ego and shapes all I think, feel, and say.
I lovingly and willingly surrender to the beauty and perfection of all
that I Am.
I feel my connection with all facets of this universe - the Earth, the
water, the sky, plants, animals, spirits and other beings. The Divine
within me recognizes and appreciates the Divine within you.
My mind is a messenger bearing inspiration and intuition. I am
sincere, I honor my word, and I fulfill my responsibilities to the
best of my ability. In perfect Love and perfect Trust, I share the
Truth within me.
Life's experiences reflect my behavior as the web of cause and effect
constantly reminds me of my path. Whatever I send out returns
magnified. I use this feedback to stay in tune with my environment.
I am healthy, happy, and free as Earth's abundance provides for all my
needs. I celebrate the cycles of change and recognize illness,
adversity, and confusion as opportunities to grow in Wisdom and
Realizing the grace of the divine within, I laugh, sing, and dance in
the ever-present now. I am birthing a new magickal being within myself
as part of the planetary transformation of consciousness and evolution
of homo sapiens into homo veritas. True human; as we join together to
become God/Goddess.
Then I helped +Dositheos give points to Tau AHA so I'll talk about
what I feel when I give points. I don't SEE them as some people do. I
can feel them, once I've placed my thumbs on the location, sometimes
moving it around a bit to get the exact place. So, after consulting
the printed chart of the points, I look on the person and figure out
where they should be, then I put my thumb there (sometimes between my
two fingers, if it feels practicle, other times not for legistics
sake) and feel for the point. Then I open up my crown chakra and let
the universal energy flow down into me, I direct it to the ground to
mingle with earth energy and then back up my body, through my heart
chakra, down my arms and out my thumb into the point. I just open up
and let it happen, it's all good. : )
I suppose if any interpretation of the energy is done by me it's
probably of the compassion type cause that's my thing. : )
I didn't feel drained because I was letting the universal energy flow
through me instead of using my own.
As we started getting ready to leave for dinner though I think the
effects of the healing were beginning to wear. I got REALLY hungry.
The next day I woke up sick, fever and all. I really don't think it
had anything to do with giving the points, it was coming on before
that. I was hoping that I hadn't transmitted anything of my illness to
Tau AHA by giving him points. Maybe, since he said he had a clearing
out of his body on, I think that was Tuesday?, two days later. Maybe
that was him throwing off whatever I had. Glad you didn't get sick Tau
That's my report.
Tau Ishaviva
This may give a “taste” of what our Work is like in “real time”. Join us or find a power spot with your own Temple, Lodge or Node—and we’d love to hear about your experiences!
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Next Free Illuminist gathering of the year on Arabia Mt - JUNE T.B.A..

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