February 28th, 2011

From"Decoded" The arrival


Who but shall learn that freedom is the prize
Man still is bound to rescue or maintain;
That nature's God commands the slave to rise,
And on the oppressor's head to break the chain.
Roll, years of promise, rapidly roll round,
Till not a slave shall on this earth by found.

John Quincy Adams (U.S. politician, 1767-1848)


Gyallu is the current national anthem of Tibet. The anthem focuses on the radiance of Buddha.[1] The words were written by Trijang Rinpoche around 1950 but it is unclear exactly when Tibet's anthem was first used, either while the country was still under the control of the Dalai Lama's administration or first adopted by the government in exile after the entrance of The People's Liberation Army into the country..

The earliest report of an anthem (presumably this one) is from the period of 1949 to 1950 (when the country was already facing the threat of a Chinese invasion), introduced under reforms set in place to strengthen patriotic feelings of the Tibetan people. Another report states that the anthem was presented to the 14th Dalai Lama in 1960, after he went into exile.

Regardless of the adoption date, the melody is said to be based on a very old piece of Tibetan sacred music, and the lyrics are by the Dalai Lama's tutor, Trijang Rinpoche. It has been used by Tibetans in exile ever since the introduction of the anthem but the Chinese Communist government strictly forbids playing it within Tibet.

from Wikipedia