October 9th, 2010

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Consecration of Tau Harpocrates

Over the summer, a good upstanding man came to me and asked how he could form an EGNU temple in Indianapolis, IN.   After several conversations and "feeling him out" we set up the date of his consecration for September 25th, 2010 in Mt. Holly, NJ.  

I do not feel that the physical act of the empowerments is what makes a person, bishop material. It is a activation process - or a rite of passage, a ceremony that acts as an initiation or symbolic transformation into the inner mysteries of knowing thy self and coming to understand ones place in the Macrocosm. I believe that the spark is present and that the act brings into light or turns on the power that is already there. The universe buries a seed within each of us and as we come in contact with people and situations that bring the seed to life, it seems to manifest in the star bodies. After recognizing our own light bodies, we are able to recognize the spirit that dwells within others. One of my roles is to identify and help people recognize their own abilities and nurture and develop them. In my role as teacher, I take on a non-guru philosophy. I believe that life teaches us many lessons and every person or situation that we come into contact with helps us along our path.  The experience for me was identifying the spark that was ready to shine.  I have asked Tau Harpocrates to share the experience from his point of view.  

Greetings Everyone – 
I wanted to take a minute to publicly thank some very hard-working members of our community and give the group a quick recap of the work done in Mt. Holly, New Jersey – from the candidate’s point-of-view. 

On Saturday September 25th I had the honor of being consecrated a Templar Priest and Bishop at the hands of Shin Asherah Iustus, Tau Koz and Tau Tula with Tau Sir Hasirim serving as wittness.  I cannot thank these four Light Workers enough for their efforts and kindness in helping me with this portion of my Great Work.  I would contend that this level of willingness to help a newcomer is one of the greatest calling cards of the Gnostic and Illuminist community.  I’m truly humbled by the amount of work and energy extended by this group of quality individuals. 

The work itself was beautiful and highly customized – I spent a significant amount of time with Shin Asherah Iustus and Tau Koz reviewing a wealth of scripture, symbols and other Gnostic texts. Shin Asherah Iustus used this occasion to do a dedicated Chakra opening – something that has been alluded to in my various initiatory activities but never performed directly. 

Other components of the work (all highly personalized around my experiences and desires) included a strong dose of sacred geometry used as flashing symbols – including the same graphic that I used as the source for my first sacred geometry tattoo almost a decade ago. Readings from the Book of Enoch and The Woman With The Alabaster Jar were used to remind me of some very basic truths that I hold most dear. 

It’s not really possible to convey the feeling of my bare feet digging into some of New Jersey’s most interesting soil while receiving the wave after wave of energy while being consecrated by three very dedicated Bishops. 

I don’t think I need to recap to anyone in this community the lineage of my consecrating Bishops as a result of their having been consecrated at the hands of Tau Sir Hasirim.  While I could not be more proud of the Line that chose to have me as a recipient, I cannot overstate the real-time presence and energy of the group that did this work.  Centuries of well-researched history are impressive on paper, but being there -  in the right mindset surrounded by truly amazing people is just different.  It’s a bit like reading a book about riding a motorcycle versus actually riding one. 

If you’ve never read anything about Mt. Holly, NJ and the “Holy Holy Holy” altar – it’s worth a little Google-time.  It was a perfect setting for a sunset event. 

The auxiliary blessing by Tau Tula *almost* made up for the quiz she gave me before the work started :) 

As a result of all this work, Indianapolis, Indiana is home to a newly chartered EGnU body – The Sub Rosa Gnostic Circle.  I’m working with a few local like-minded folks to figure out if we want to lease a space, use shared space with other groups or just wander around the cornfields until the spirit strikes us to start working.  Small group workings are ongoing in my home as a few of us “try on” the various rites and roles. 

Through the graces of Shin Asherah Iustus, Tau Sir Hasirim and Tau Apollonius I am in the process of being recognized as a Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis with the near-term goal of celebrating several types of Gnostic Masses and helping members of the local Gnostic/Illuminist community attain toward Deacon and Priest/Priestess if it is their will. 

Again – I can’t thank the team that did my consecration and those associated with my admission to the EGnU Episcopate enough for their work and dedication to spreading the Light of Gnosis. 

Peace, Light and Understanding 

Tau Harpocrates 





from "Weird New Jersey"


Holy Holy Holds the Jersey Devil

There was a legend that the Jersey Devil is sealed inside a stone altar on top of a mountain.  I've seen the altar and it's really strange, because it's up on this woodsy hill after which the town of Mt. Holly was named. The altar is a big stone sucker with the words “Holy Holy Holy” inscribed on the front.

When I was a kid, back in the early 70's, there was a story that the Jersey Devil was chained up inside that altar, and if you put your ear to it, you could hear his chains clanking and scratching against the stone. It was also told that the altar was the capstone for a deep shaft that went all the way to Hell.

There's an old graveyard, Mt. Holly Cemetery, right down the hill from it on Ridgeway Street., though you can't really see it from the altar. There's a gravestone in there... it was in the front of the graveyard, on the left side, if you enter from Ridgeway Street. The grave was of a young woman and it read something like, “Thus is the fate of all who turn from God,” and it was said that this was the woman who summoned the Jersey Devil. He killed her, and was caught and chained up inside that altar. –Ken N.



The Holy Holy of Mt. Holly

Laid out is a huge white concrete table (4 feet by 8 feet by 4 feet), almost like a sacrificial table of some sort. It has the words “Holy Holy Holy” written across it. In front of the slab are old wooden benches, more like telephone poles, set in a square.

The actual slab appears to have a seat on either end of it. Located on the other side of the Mount was an old shack that you could bang on the door and I swear it would knock back!  Well the town decided to fence it off, which didn’t stop the kids from climbing over and harassing the old witch who lived inside. Then, for some strange reason, in the middle of the night the front door of the shed was barred with black iron bars.  Now you cannot get near enough to knock. –Steve S.




The Mount and the Witches’ Well of Mt. Holly

There is a place located in Mount Holly called the Mount. The first happening that comes to mind from here is the “Holy, Holy, Holy” altar that is located in the woods. This site is where they hung witches, or people that the town believed were witches. The altar is actually an old judgment table. You can still see where the gallows pole was where they were hung.  The pole was cut down, but there is a piece remaining. 

Off to the left of this is the Witches’ Well.  If you follow the trail to the left you will run into it. Supposedly, before the gallows were put up, there was a witch who started the whole practice in the town and was thrown down this well. The witch wasn't killed instantly. She screamed and banged on the inside of the well walls until her hands were bloody, begging to be helped.  After she died, the townspeople still heard her cries for help and the sound of her bloody knuckles rapping on the walls. They later built a shed over the top of the well to end the haunting.  It is said that if you go there at night and knock on the walls of the shed, you can hear her knock back for help. –Ghsthntr1978

Bruce Springsteen - A Night With The Jersey Devil (Official Music Video).

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