September 22nd, 2010

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Report on Mt. Arabia Gathering of 4 September 2010
a report by Tau Dositheos, photographs by Tau Roger

Free Illuminists and friends gathered at Mt. Arabia on 4 September 2010 to experiment with various techniques of empowering everyday physical objects through the hot points. Those present were T Allen Greenfield, Tau Aron, Tau Lamed, Tau Roger, Tau Ishaviva, Brother Darian, Sister Alicia, Tau Lucidus, Bishop Correll, Brother Conan, Tau Michelle and myself (+Dositheos).

As mentioned above, the main gist of the gathering was to experiment with using the hot points - or "energy" drawn from the hot points - to "empower" and/or "transform" everyday physical objects into...something else. The gathering was facilitated by T Allen Greenfield who performed similar experiments with the Brothers and Sisters who attended the recent Prague Working in July.

As I recall, T Allen divided the presentation into three "chapters" as follows:

First Chapter - a presentation of energy work in general

Allen discussed various theories of energy work with a special emphasis on the Brazilian Psychic Healer - Jos� Arig�, the "Surgeon of the Rusty Knife". Some of the bits that stood out to me were the three approaches Arig� was said to have taken when people came to him for healing. The first was to advise the patient to "go home and pray". These were said to be cases where Arig� felt like it wasn't for him to do anything further (or perhaps cases where he felt he couldn't do anything) and that if the patient did indeed go home and pray they might gain some healing that way. [The cultures he worked in were primarily Roman Catholic, so "prayer" here has an assumed context]. The second approach Arig� took was to offer specific advice for a patient. I take this to mean he consulted with them or "read" their symptoms, made a "diagnosis" and offered a specific "treatment". The third approach was to "operate" on the patient, apparently using his psychic surgeon techniques to cure people of various ailments. Allen also mentioned other healers such as Edgar Cayce and contrasted Cayce himself with the group that purports to carry on his work - the Cayce Foundation. In each and every example that we discussed, there was an underlying theme - the healer opens up to the "Universal Source" and becomes a channel to allow that "Source" to work *through* the healer. Regarding the "Universal Source", specific terminology is, to say the least, quite problematic here (God, Spirit, the One, the Absolute, Dark Matter, Chi, Prana, etc., etc., etc.). I can say from experience with both facilitating hot points empowerments as well as ordaining and consecrating various people, that this is EXACTLY what I experience subjectively as well when doing those things. I open myself up to receive Spirit, become a channel and ,if I am successful, "it" comes through. For example, if I am facilitating hot points empowerments, I become the conduit or vessel through which the "spirit" of that particular hot point moves, I merely direct the "live energy" to the "target" region for the recipient. When this "live energy" connects with the "target" (i.e. "enters" or "infuses" the corresponding region of the recipients energetic body connected to that specific hot point), the hot point is then "activated" or "empowered" for the recipient. In another context, I have also experienced this "opening up and becoming a channel for Spirit" (using my terminology here) when having the honor of ordaining and consecrating other co-workers in the Gnosis. Passing Orders to another is, for me, very much an opening up to the Divine, allowing Spirit to enter through me, being a channel for the Spirit to pass the Gift of Holy Orders to the recipient. My consecrators, whom I honor greatly and who are also very close friends of mine and comrades in the Work, these dear consecrators did not give me something from themselves, but rather they became a vessel for SOMETHING ELSE to come through. At least, that is how it worked with me. I received this way, I give this way. So I could really resonate with this during our discussions of the various healers and energy workers who appear to be saying the same thing (albeit with different terminologies).

Second Chapter - a personal anecdote of successful healing work

During this segment, T Allen shared a touching story of a successful healing he did for his mother some years back. Without recounting all of the specific details (I'll leave that for Allen if he decides to share them in open forum), essentially Allen's mother experienced sudden and unexpected symptoms of an illness, was at one point hospitalized, not doing very well at all, and was considering medical treatment that in itself may have caused further serious complications. Allen decided to create a talisman consecrated to healing, using correspondences related to the specific illness, and magically empowering it. He then gave this talisman to his mother with simple instructions to touch it once upon the forehead and once upon the heart every night before going to bed (Correct me if I'm off on the details here Brother Allen). Allen's mother followed these simple instructions and the serious condition she was facing was in fact healed (without undergoing the proposed treatment) which enabled her to live in good health for many years after the incident.

Third Chapter - hands on experimentation

This is where we changed from theory to practice. The method we used was fairly straight forward.

1) Pass around an item "as is", meaning before we attempted to empower or transform it. This was so each member of the circle could note energetically what the item "felt" like to them.

2) Empower (consecrate, activate, charge, etc.) the item and then pass it around again, each taking note of any change (energetically) of the item.

There were variations of the specifics, such as one person empowering the item and passing it around to the rest vs. each person empowering the item and then passing it around to "sense" it, etc. Other folks that were present can probably fill in more details. I do recall with one particular item (the Water) that three of us all had a similar experience of the Water being reminiscent of Abramelin Oil, which was interesting, because it was water with nothing else added to it (meaning no oils, herbs, etc.), but was apparently already consecrated and given as a gift to Allen during his recent travels. So for the record, I just note it was the one item that already had an association to esoteric or spiritual empowerment before we attempted to add to it ourselves and three of us independently sensed or felt like it was akin to Abramelin Oil.

The overall message Spirit offered me from this gathering was to remind me of *putting to use* the consecrations and empowerments I have so graciously been transmitted. The ordinations, consecrations, point chauds empowerments - all of these things and more - are not the end, not even a goal in themselves (that would be pure vanity), but rather, I receive these consecrations and empowerments to better enable me to perform Service, or as some say, to perform the Work. There was a special emphasis on healing which, for me, has been more of a focus ever since my own ordination and later more fully with my consecration, but the same principle can be applied to innumerable areas of interest (not just healing). This potential diversity of application speaks to one of the essential principles of what I mean when I say "free communion". I look forward to more such Workings with a focus on experimentation to fine tune and hone techniques that I can apply toward Service and the Work.

In free communion,

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