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August 1st, 2010

The Afro-Semitic Experience Live (New York Premiere)

Edmond J. Safra Hall, Museum of Jewish Heritage - January 17, 2010 At this concert preformed in honor of Martin Luther King Day, the Afro-Semitic Experience gave the New York premiere of their new work The Road That Heals the Splintered Soul. The Afro-Semitic Experience celebrates both Jewish an...

Posted by T Allen Greenfield on 1 Aug 2010, 04:02

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Almighty God (has those Angels)--The Afro-Semitic Experience

The Afro-Semitic Experience perform a Duke Ellington composition, Almighty God--Warren's intro is so heartfelt I left it in--the music begins about a minute in if you want to skip the talking. Will Bartlett arranged this composition which comes from Ellington's second Sacred concert. Will Bartlett...

Posted by T Allen Greenfield on 1 Aug 2010, 04:03

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The Afro-Semitic Experience: Adon Olam

The Afro-Semitic Experience: Adon Olam

Live concert performance of the Afro-Semitic Experience playing Adon Olam-an original setting of the Jewish "road song" composed by David Chevan and Warren Byrd. Featuring Will Bartlett--sax, Warren Byrd-piano, Alvin Carter, Jr.-drum set, David Chevan-bass, Baba David Coleman-percussion, Stacy Phil...

Posted by T Allen Greenfield on 1 Aug 2010, 04:07

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During the Great Prague Working, after empowering individuals, we taught a technique for empowering objects, including - in this case - a ceremonial sword. Most objects empowered were "ordinary everyday objects" and some scientific illuminist testing was done, such as using the object prior to empowerment, and subsequent to empowerment, testing changes, if any, in the object's "resonance".
UPDATED NEWS http://tausirhasirim.livejournal.com/123849.html
Cause URL: http://www.causes.com/causes/152090?recruiter_id=14256853

Posted by T Allen Greenfield on 1 Aug 2010, 23:02

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Irma Thomas live 8-23-08, "Time Is On My Side"

Irma Thomas & The Professionals performing "Time Is On My Side" at the Roots of American Music Festival in Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center, NYC, 8-23-08. Photos from the show can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/eperl69

Posted by T Allen Greenfield on 1 Aug 2010, 23:39

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