September 28th, 2009

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Argentina: A UFO Close Encounter in San Juan

Source: Diario Popular OnLine
Date: 09.22.09

** Object Hovered Over a Stand of Pine Trees and Illuminated Them**

UFO "Studies" Two Individuals during a Close Encounter in San Juan
By Sebastián Aranguren and Pachi la Fata

The woman was sharing a moment of rest and conversation with a friend in a stand of pine trees in the province of San Juan. A strong wind had left in its wake a peaceful evening with clear skies. Both protagonists chatted beside a car when suddenly, a light having an estimated 5 meters in diameter lit up over their heads. When they looked up, the saw a floating object that appeared to "study" them for 10 seconds before taking off. Startled, they could not believe the experience they had just undergone, but they weren't alone: witnesses to this phenomenon could be counted in the dozens.

The case was made known by the VISION OVNI research group within the context of a letter submitted by a woman living in San Juan, who provided a detailed version of the episode and even provided exact drawings of the mysterious encoutner. When all pointed to the encounter having been a particular and isolated situation, a local newspaper published an article days later that related the eyewitness accounts of many others who had also seen the UFO.

"All of the accounts agree on a single detail: a very powerful light suddenly lit up the sky. Those who looked up claimed that it was a large ball of fire that moved quickly, followed by a tail," began the article in Diario de Cuyo, which appeared in late August (2009). "We all saw the same thing and were frozen in place," said Martin, one of the witnesses mentioned in the article.

The story made known by one of the persons close to the object, made known by researchers Silvia and Andrea Perez Simondini, begins by saying: "During the afternoon of August 14, the Zonda Winds occured with their greatest intensity. That afternoon I arranged to meet a person with whom I have close ties. Around 20:30 we decided to take a trip to an area west of the city, as the strong winds had vanished, seeking the complicity of the evening. The skies were clear and the site was peaceful. We got out of the vehicle, which was parked on the shoulder of a road inside the wilderness, an open area, and remained beside the car at all times. Around 21:15, we were still at the site when we were startled by a powerful light, with a radius of 5 meters. We exchanged glances and looked upward toward the light. It turned itself off after a while," explained the woman.

She added: "We were able to see an object, calculated as being little over a meter long, and was at very low altitude. This object placed itself above us and lit us profusely. When its light went off, it accelerated hurriedly, leaving a luminous wake behind it whose colors were between orange and red.

According to the experiencer, "the object's speed was such that it vanished into the darkness in an instant," adding that "this event left us immobilized for a few seconds, after which we boarded the car anew and left the area, asking each other what had happened and what had we seen. A few minutes later we decided to stop and analyze our experience. My companion and I have a good knowledge of the area, and with the certainty of being alone there at the time, we dismissed the possibility of any natural phenomenon or caused by something like a flare," said the witness.

She further added: "Given our relationship, we decided to remain silent about our experience. At midnight, my companion heard a local radio program (Telesol's BNBD) that someone had seen something like a comet and wondered if it had to do with some pheomenon involving the two moons (sic). The journalist replied that it could be a flare. I know something about flares and what we saw was not a flare. What we saw stopped over us and illuminated us directly for about 10 seconds. My hypothesis is that it was a UFO exploring us."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez)

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 FLASH! This just in from Scott Correles:
Date: 09.28.09

Argentina: Woman Visited by 14 "Extraterrestrials"

 The event occurred at a house in Florencio Varela and the case 
promises to have worldwide repercussions
They were fourteen aliens in total. Suddenly, in the middle of the 
night, they were surrounding the bed she shared with her husband and 
small daughter. They looked at her silently, and at no moment did she
 feel fear. She wanted to wake up her husband, to have him witness what
 was occurring before her very eyes, but the Vistors advised her telepathically
 that he would remain asleep, as he was still not yet ready. Then, the
 beings revealed all of their secrets to her during a 40 minute time period. 
This is a "contact" experience between a young woman from the town of
 Florencio Varela and a group of aliens - a case whose mysterious elements
 have the research community on tenterhooks, and promises to become known worldwide.

The entire episode forms part of an impressive investigation undertaken 
by the renowned founders of Grupo OVNI - Jorge Marron and Daniel Valverdi - 
who managed to secure an interview last week with the young woman, 23, who
 lives in a house in Florencio Varela along with her husband and child. "The 
case is currently under investigation and the analyses have not yet been completed. 
We are working with a multi-disciplinary team of experts who have contributed 
their manpower to unravel the case. As we can tell right now, it is 90% true,"
 Valverdi told Expedientes Secretos.

 "Karina" is the name of the protagonist, and the story is truly enthralling.
 Among other revelations, she said that the aliens visit our planet on six-month
 rotations, and are replaced by a new group. They also explained that the circles
 and shapes that appear on the fields are signals they employ among themselves, 
and finally explained that there are dozens of civilizations from other planets
 that come down and interact on Earth to study it (and surely to study us).
"I never had an experience of this sort. It happened two and a half months ago.
 We were in bed - my husband, my baby and me. They were asleep and I was trying to
 fall asleep. Suddenly I felt lights, and when I opened my eyes there was nothing 
there. I closed my eyes again, and the same thing happened. Like a flash of light. 
I opened my eyes, but all I could see was the [pilot light] on the stove,"
 explained Karina, on audio recordings broadcast on the Codigo OVNI radio show 
(FM Apuntes, Mondays, 22:00 hrs.)

 "The fourth time that this happened, I felt it closer. I opened my eyes and saw 
the beings standing beside me. I was lying between my husband and my daughter.
 I uncovered myself and sat up. They were around the bed, fourteen of them, all
 of them short except for one: this last one was beside my husband, staring at 
him fixedly. The small ones were all around, and measured 1.30 meters or so.
 They were slightly taller than my bed's sommier, which is rather tall," said
 the young woman.

 In her description of the events to researches Marron and Valverdi, the 
witness explained that she tried to wake her husband, but was unable to do so.
 "I even dug my nails into him, but nothing. The baby was on the other side, 
on her stomach, but neither of them reacted. At that time, one of the beings 
told me not to wake up my husband, because he was not ready. I realize that
 they spoke to me telepathically, and I could answer them in the same way," 
 Karina explained.

 They were practically alike. The only difference was the height of one of 
their number. They were skinny, with long necks and small heads. Their eyes were 
black, like almonds, slanted, and their mouths were also small. They had little
 wrinkles on their face and the head was oval. They had shoulders; their fingers
 were long and had no nails," described the woman, who was standing beside a 
group of aliens who touched her hair, the palms of her hands and lifted one of
 her arms."

 "Five of them were on the left, four facing me and five on the right side of 
the bed. I was the only one who wasn't paralyzed. We communicated for some 
40 minutes, mouths closed. That is to say, I spoke by my mouth didn't move. 
I managed to touch one of the little ones, and he touched my face. I just felt 
the need to touch him, and in fact I felt peaceful in their company. I never 
had the impression that they could harm my daughter or any one of us," Karina

"Suddenly he made a movement (sic)," said the witness. "He touched me with
 two fingers, and finally brushed a finger along my forehead. They told me they
 had come to give me answers about a black book (the Bible) and that what I was 
thinking was in fact true. When I asked them a question, they told me everything,
 with details."

In her conversation with the researchers, Karina stated "the tall one was 
looking at my husband all the time. His head was slightly smaller than the 
others, because the small ones had rather larger heads. It felt like touching
 a baby's skin - they had little wrinkles, but I couldn't feel them when I 
touched one of them. The skin was cold and the color was odd, neither white 
nor gray. They had a skin tone that doesn't exist here."

 (Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, and Jorge Marrón and Daniel Valverdi, Grupo OVNI)