September 1st, 2009

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Review of: Brad Steiger's Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts - President of - General Manager of
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Price: $24.95
Comments: I am actually stunned with my mouth agape. This book is absolutely astonishing! I thought I knew everything about vampires, but legendary Brad Steiger again delivers some amazing stories in this fabulous book! Let me go over some of the great stuff you will find in this book and believe me there is a lot of great stuff!

The Sons and Daughters of Lillith: Brad researches his material to a tee and delivers information from the apocryphal Book of Enoch and talks about the Watchers, the fallen ones, the Nephilim, etc. Throughout this whole book, there are some gorgeous drawings by Ricardo Pustanio. The artwork is eye-candy to well-researched text. Supernatural Shape-shifters from Parallel Dimensions. Talk of the Jinns! Jinns are not your magic genies, they are your shapeshifters and Brad explains why. You will learn why human blood becomes sacred to the old gods. Ton of information to absorb, get ready my friend!

Mythic Vampires: Learn about Vlad III the Impaler, various legends of vampires. Then let's go overseas to Ghana and let's all read about vampires from Ghana. We will learn to fear the Asasabonsam, vampiric entities that lure innocent people into the forest, only to drink their blood! Reading this book, I have all my lights on. Brad knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seats!

A Gallery of Classic Vampires: Ahh..a whole slew of notables. Let's see, we have Elizabeth Bathory - Countess of Blood, Vincent Verzini. Vincent was a nasty vampire and he was REAL!! He would grab his female victim by the throat, bite into her throat and drink blood from the wound! I am not going to mention all of the vampires that you will find in this section, but you will get vampires like Fritz Haarmann, the Hanover Vampire; Albert Fish; the Immortal Count de Saint-Germaine and a whole lot more!!

Vampires and Werewolves: Can you believe this? 10,000 years ago, cave dwellers were etching werewolves on their cave walls! In this section you will learn about the Leopard Men and Brad will take you down the road where cult members practice the Santeria.
You will read a very scary story in this section, a story about a former prostitute turned into blood goddess, her name is Magdalena Solis!

The Demon-riddled Hysteria of the Middle Ages: Yikes! Get ready for the Inquisition! Find out the torture methods, the prosecution of many innocents and the true evil of the Inquisition!

What I did is give you tidbits of what you will have in store for this incredible book. You will want to read this book over and over again. Other sections of this book have titles like: Satanic Sacrifice; Chupacabras: A Bizarre Vampiric Monster; Vampiric and Cannibalistic Murderers; Real Vampires Enter the Contemporary Era; Clinical Vampirism; The Vampire Community; Paranormal Researchers Meet the Vampires of San Francisco; The Vampire Ghost of Guadalajara; Ghosts that Bite; Vampire Gangs; Be Cautious if you Boast you are a Vampire; Killing a Vampire in the Twenty-first Century; Bizarre Strangers in the Night; The Mysterious Lady in Black; A Vampiric Demon Conjured by the Occult Stole his Wife; Haunted by the Dybbuk; The Secondhand Sofa Came with the Spirit of a Vampire; Vampires from UFOs; Black Eyed Beings; The Shadow People; Multidimensional Mimics; Vampires: A Chronology.

So, you now have a concept what you will find in this book. I haven't finished this book yet and when I do finish it, I will read it over and over again. There is information about vampire biker gangs. I never knew there were vampire biker gangs. In this book you will meet The Undead - Nosferatu Motorcycle Club! There is tantalizing information about Richard Trenton Chase aka the Vampire of Sacramento. You will learn about some strange vampire type of creatures that are associated with UFOs! There is a chilling story about a woman that would wear all black and she followed a man we will call Timothy all over Germany. The woman in black had very pale skin. Was she a vampire? You will get creeped out when you read about 'biting' ghosts. If you think biting ghosts are scary, when you get to the section about black-eyed boys, the chills will rip up and down your spine! These black eyed children and adults ask to go into your home. They are very direct and forceful. When normal people are around black eyed beings, they feel fear and evil. Who are these black eyed boys and why do they only go out at night and why do they ask permission to walk into your home just like Hollywood vampires do?

How odd that I find a story about black eyed beings in this book, when just today (August 29, 2009, Saturday) I went with Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe to the famous Ryde Hotel that was the inspiration for the Eagles' song Hotel California and then later we went to Tony's Place - 14157 Market Street in Walnut Grove and talked with Dave Sutch (a regular of Tony's Place) and Patty Fonbeuna - bartender of Tony' Place. Patty who has lived in Walnut Grove for 24 years, tells me that at Tony' Place she has heard pots and pans rattling on their own. These pots and pans hang from hooks in the kitchen. An employee named Terri ran out screaming after she heard a ghost call out her name. Could these ghosts be the ghosts that were seen one day near the Sacramento River? We talked with Kelly Truanne at the Ryde Hotel and she said that her uncle was fishing at the Sacramento River near Tony's Place and 2 teenagers with dark black eyes approached the campsite. The 2 teenage boys asked if they could sit down with the fishermen. The fishermen felt a sense of evil and said that they did not want to be bothered and this was a private fishing area just for them. As the fishermen watched the black eyed teenage boys walk away, they actually faded into a misty substance. Most people do not believe black eyed people are ghosts, but in this case, they may have been ghosts.

My final assessment of this book:
Brad Steiger is not only a legend, but a sheer genius as he compiles informative and highly researched material that enlightens the reader about the vampire universe. Real Vampires is thought-provoking, intriguing and prevalent in putting all of the vampire pieces of the puzzle together! A true tour-de-force with solid ramifications that lead only to one thing. A standing ovation!! Bravo!


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Bela Lugosi's dead
The bats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bled
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Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead undead undead
The virginal brides file past his tomb
Strewn with time's dead flowers
Bereft in deathly bloom
Alone in a darkened room
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