June 6th, 2009

From"Decoded" The arrival

Amazon picks up VICTORIAN FIRE

My book on the origins of modern Western Sexual magick has been quietly "out there" for quite some time.  The second work I developed specifically about the "secrets" of sexual magick per se (after the now sold out TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL), it includes the source documents of the great 19th Century master of this school, P.B. Randolph, long held in secrecy by the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light--unnecessarily, in my view.

Now Amazon has picked up this book, and those interested in the core teachings on this  path without the psychic froo-froo   rituals or black lodge approach devoid of feeling  might want to give it a read.

Get it here.         

                                                                                      Every woman
Has a piece of aphrodite
Copulate to create
A state of sexual light
Kissing her virginity
My affinity
I mingle with the gods
I mingle with devinity
 Red Hot Chili Peppers