May 26th, 2009

From"Decoded" The arrival


Statement of Mutual Support


The Horus/Maat Lodge

and various nodes of

Congregational Illuminism

In the spirit of free communion, Horus/Maat Lodge and the nodes of free illuminists listed below, recognizing a strong affinity in our styles of working, our non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian approach, and our desire and willingness to uplift humanity, do hereby declare and announce our mutual support for each other in dedication to the Great Work. With this declaration, we formally recognize that a state of reciprocal benevolence exists between us. We also recognize each body as being fully autonomous and independent. None will impose upon the rights and privileges of the others. This statement forges the foundation for joint and cooperative endeavors encompassing the full range of interests of that which we hold in common, including but not limited to, voluntary collaboration in areas of occult research, magickal workings, discussion forums, and publishing endeavors.  

On this 24th day of May (New Moon) in the year 2009 this relationship is hereby affirmed by:

The Inner Council of the Horus/Maat Lodge:

Shade Oroboros
Orryelle Defenestrate


Various nodes of Congregational Illuminism:

T Allen Greenfield, facilitator
Assembly of the Knowledge and Wisdom of Solomon
Lodge of the Sons & Daughters of Aaron

Tau Naamah

+Dositheos, facilitator
Ormus Lodge

Coptic Gnostic Church

Tau Lamed, facilitator
Constellation of Abraxas

Shin Asherah Iustus, facilitator
Thee Loyal Royal Order of the Water Buffalo

Tau Galahad, facilitator
Trinosophia Lodge No. 26

+Thomas, facilitator
Sothis Lodge, No. 68

Fr. Alex, facilitator
Planetarium/Balance Lodge

Brother George, facilitator
Isis Sophia Holy Lodge

T HRMAShT, facilitator
THEE Abbey Nuit

Tau Vescha Sur, facilitator
Ezili Roots

T Orest, facilitator
Autireba Lodge No. 11