April 13th, 2009

From"Decoded" The arrival


Two new EgnU Bishops have been elected, Tau Sciam and Tau Sunce have been Elected by a Bull of three EGnU Bishops, and a third is under serious consideration. Meanwhile two new Memphis-Misraim Free Congregational Illuminst bodies have been launched, the second in the UK, and the first. in Poland; charters are currently in process. The free illuminst cyber presence has grown to almost three hundred in less than five months of existence. The non-authoritarian alternative in magick is growing rapidly.

We have already posted several pix from our Mt. Arabia Working on the Vernal Equinox, but +Dositheos has posted a number of very original additional pix on our bulletin board-archive group, and kindly gave me permission to post a few here.

"But distributed networks of agents offered an entirely new approach.  And the programing philosophy was new, too.  The old rules-based programming was 'top down.' The system as a whole was given rules of behavior.
"But the new programming was 'bottom up.' The program defined the behavior of individual agents at  the lowest structural level. But the behavior of the system as a whole was not defined. Instead, the behavior of the system emerged, the result of hundreds of small interactions occuring at a lower level..."

Michael Crichton "Prey" 2002 p. 93