February 25th, 2009

From"Decoded" The arrival


[This statement was prepared on the In Free Communion working group. Thanks to the In Free Communion folks for putting this list together, with special thanks to Tau Thomas of Sothis Lodge No. 68. Each body is autonomous and self directed.]

At this important point in the evolution of the Western Magical
Tradition, it is becoming increasingly apparent that restrictive forms
of gnosis based upon “grade systems” are becoming irrelevant for
many who are attempting to perform the great work at this time; that
is perhaps why you have read this far. Congregational illuminists
operating on the principles of Scientific Illuminism find that,
although some may have worked alone for extended periods, they may be
living in a place on the Earth where they have no contact with others
who may benefit from the sharing and developing research that could be
usefully applied individually and collectively.

All congregational illuminists are dedicated to the furtherance of the
Great Work, through themselves and through mutual help.

The NEXT STEP, may be that you want to set up your own centre of working.
Free illuminist bodies are just that - free to choose forms, write
their own charters (samples are available as general ideas), be
involved in such community organizing as a chartered lodge under the
Antient & Primitif Ritus Memphis et Misraim, or affiliated with the
Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis (EGnU) ,
which focuses on the spiritual form such as Celebratory Masses and
Liturgical work, or being totally autonomous bodies or nodes in
voluntary communion with other illuminist bodies to whatever extent a
local body or node deems appropriate.

List of public access local bodies and nodes
On line Facebook Free Illuminist Group
"Occult of Personality Podcast 57" on free illuminism
Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis (EGnU)

[This statement was prepared on the In Free Communion working group, with special thanks to T Allen Greenfield and Brother Kibrick with special input from +Dositheos.]