December 27th, 2008

From"Decoded" The arrival


DECEMBER 20 2008

On December 20th at the Kwan Yin Temple Complex, in
specific at Ormus Lodge (points Working) and the
Yurt (Consecrations), a large group of free
illuminists assembled in the late afternoon for the
consecration of two new bishops apostolic and gnostic by Tau Dositheus,
with as many as five co-consecrators.  Earlier we had
completed points chauds Work on Tau D. and done a lot
of other Work.  Others have written a lot of really,
really important research observations on this
tremendous Working, and I'll defer to them to speak
for themselves on their own blogs to those they deem

To give our readers a peak at the Work, though, I
couldn't resist ganking the traditional group pix in
the Yurt from Tau Naamah, and +  Lucidus provided me
with these detailed pix of some of the points chauds
Working at Ormus Lodge.

For those unfamiliar with this,  I humbly present this from  Tau Naamah's
Points Chauds 101 January 5, 2007

draft version 1.5.07

What are Points Chauds?
You probably won’t get the same answer from two
different people, never mind a room full of people
working the system. For the purposes of this site, we
can roughly define the points chauds (French, lit.
"hot points") as locations on the human body that are
"power points," that can be empowered and/or
activated, and that are directly connected with both
the subtle body and some source of energy that is
external to, or extends beyond the borders of, the
human body. In this sense, while some participants in
the work have speculated on correspondences with or
connections to the meridians as they are conceived of
in Chinese medicine and/or the chakras as they are
conceived of in Indian/Hindu tradition(s), the points
chauds are distinct from these more familiar systems.

They are not simply interchangeable systems or
terminologies, though connections are nearly certain.
Tau Allen Greenfield, the bishop overseeing the
current Great Arabia Working of points chauds
empowerments, has described the points in connection
with "the Quasi-Masonic sexual and mystical
empowerment ‘points’ on the human body, part of a
lost system of 360 points, possibly of Akkadian-
Sumerian origin . . . and carried forward by the
lineage of mystical and magical priesthoods to the
present time" ("Recent"). Greenfield has delineated
the connections between the points chauds system and
the Rites of Memphis-Misraim, which he believes to
comprise a quarter of the original and lost
"primitive" shamanic systems of
initiation/empowerment ("Recent").

As currently mapped alongside the Memphis-Misraim
degree system correspondences, there are 97 points in
the system " in the earlier Misraim rites there were
90 degrees, and in its later counterpart, the Memphis
rite, there are 97 (Greenfield "360"; Compleat
Rites). Current participants in the Great Arabia
Working have already mapped, activated, and worked
with several points that are "off the charts,"
suggesting that Greenfield’s preliminary
articulations of the points corresponding to a larger
system of correspondences are worth further