November 9th, 2008

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“We have now to look into the name.  In Hebrew Khanoch or Enoch (heb: cheth nun vau koph, lit. the initiator or instructor). He walked with God, accompanied the visible symbol of God, and after 365 years, God took him. The conclusion at which we are justified at arriving at is, that the year is Enoch, its days 365, and its astronomical meaning being left out of the question for a time, it has mystical meaning, for Enoch is by some identified with Hermes, the Hellenic Mercury, and the Egyptian Thoth…”

Kenneth Mackenzie


“The Masons hold their grand festival on the day of St John, not knowing that therein they merely signify the fish-god Oannes, the first Hermes, and the first Founder of the Mysteries; the first messenger to whom the Apocalypse was given, and whom they ignorantly confound with the fabulous author of the common Apocalypse. The sun is then (midsummer day) in its greatest altitude; in this Naros is commemorated.”

Book of Enoch V2 P 154


Memphis High Degrees, extracted, according to texts of E.J. Marconis 97o and John Yarker 97o:


“34o The Highest: “There are in heaven many pleasant cities and none without a divine garrison…Pilgrim: “what cities are to be seen in heaven? The Highest: There are many fine cities to be seen there….I know that there is a place brighter than the Sun….The High: O! Pilgrim, thou hast seen and heard! Make the best use of what we have imparted to thee! Study the inner meaning of the allegory…The Highest: There are in it traces of the primaeval creed which taught that humanity arose from a marriage of Heaven and Earth….”

“35o Instruction in the division of the Seasons. The apparent motions of the Stars, their velocity, distance, terms, and gravitation…” Yarker note.

“36o It has reference to primitive worship and the consequences resulting from the Astronomical observations of the Priests of Babylon, Chaldea, and Sidon. It qyuotes a Chapter in Al Koran, being the protests of Abram against Star and ido worship. The labor is consecrated to Geometry, and astronomy.” Yarker note

“36o Our Order, born with the first races of mankind has initiated and developed everything that has been of service to humanity.  As the child of the dogma of true light it has march at the head of civilization and advanced the progress of intelligence. Our Order is the depository of all that is valuable to man, as it has preserved in its temples that which the profane world has long lost – the virgin simplicity of natural laws.” Marconis note

“42o This degree teaches that our Order is a social chain which dates from the foundation of the world; that in spite of savage and barbarous wars, and the catastrophes of time which has overthrown and changed the face of the world, it remains pure and stainless and a shelter from the contagions of earth.” Yarker note [the Sign is this degree is given by tracing the stars with index finger of the right hand, holding an instrument in the left hand, the Token being to point with right  index finger to the Pole Star] (TAG)

“47o The most ancient of all Symbols the 7 Stars of Ursa Major’s annual revolution round the Mystery Sun, a talisman (swastika) the seven Ristus and their consorts in the Pleides, one unfaithful.” Yarker note on KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN STARS

“49o  Three brilliant suns inflame the East; all is golden. Incense rises in light clouds, undulating to the top of the vault. At each side are ranks of warriors armed with glaives and heads covered with mitres of Egypt…The Rite of Memphis in Egypt says that Kleiber, and Napoleon received Investiture with a ring at the hand of an Egyptian Sage, at the great Pyramid.”  Yarker staging note, note on SUBLIME SAGE OF THE PYRAMIDS ritual

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