October 28th, 2008

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“…the Gnostic consciousness, the mysticism of the Eucharist is a fundamental expression of the principles of Eros and Logos. Eros is the law of sexual joining or coming together and Logos is the law of rational structure or otganization of energy into patterns…..The descent of the divine into the events of human history is made possible by the existence of a succession of bishops, which extends back to the ancient priesthoods as well as at the time of the Christ and the Holy Apostles…The Old Roman Church … did teach the existence of such a (secret) map to be found in the body of the chela, which sowed actually where there were differences between the ideals or true placement of the powers in their collection of pacquets and what was the actual result of the process of incarnation” Michael Bertiaux


“…I made use of some inner drive and developed on the physical plane a particular structure of lattices and connective circuits, which were probably latent in an otherwise purely verbal system…That rather lifeless system, which contained some rather lifeless Egyptian roots, was really quite remarkable. It was the design for the computer and energy system of what we might now be tempted to call something like a UFO object or projection form some empirical or chaotic marma; but which at that time, as strange as it might seem to the uninformed reader of these matters, was posing rather inconspicuously as an Egyptian Rite of Ancient Freemasonry with the name of ‘Memphis-Misraim.’” Michael Bertiaux 97 degree


“"The Masonic Fraternity is the modern repository of the Mysteries." Leslie M. Scott, 33 degree, 1946


“So it was that Charles E. (‘Ted’) Webber…approached me about The Sirius Mystery…He said\ quietly to me: ‘We are very interested in your book The Sirius Mystery.  We realize you have written this without any knowledge of the traditions of Masonry, and you may not be aware of this, but you have made some discoveries which relate to the most central Masonic traditions at a high level, including some things none of us ever knew…I asked him what sort of connection there was and he did mention specifically that it was my work on ancient Egypt, on Isis and Osiris, and the ancient traditions of the star Sirius…” Robert Temple


“Master: ‘This Serpent, forming a circle, is an emblem of eternity, which is without beginning or end. It has the property of renewing its skin, and thus figures the destruction and renewal of nature, which appears to weaken and even perish at certain epochs; but which only grows old to renew its youth and prepare itself for new revolutions.

‘The Phoenix is a still more natural exposition of the succession and the perpetuation of the principle in nature. Mythology has represented the bird as reviving from its own ashes, emblemizing hoe all things earthly will continue to be reborn from itself.

‘To this may be added that it symbolized the cycle of the Star Sirius or Sothis of 1461 years.

“sign – Represent examination, as if through a telescope.

“Token – Join left hands, and point to Sirius, or Sothis, with right index finger.

“Pass Word – SIGE (silence) ALETTHE (TRUTH)

“Word  -  Balder”

53rd Degree Knight of Sage of the Phoenix, Memphis Rite       



"Sumerians have the distinction of being the earliest inhabitants of the Fertile Crescent region.  Beginning 8,000-years B.C.E., Sumerian culture realized a priest-astronomer class, improved agrarian techniques and developed the first sexagesimal (base 60) numbering system."  Clark Nelson



“In 1936, a tablet was excavated some 200 miles from Babylon.  Here one

  should make the interjection that the Sumerians were first to make one of

  man's greatest inventions, namely, writing; through written communication,

  knowledge could be passed from one person to others, and from one

  generation to the next and future ones.  They impressed their cuneiform

  (wedge-shaped) script on soft clay tablets with a stylus, and the tablets

  were then hardened in the sun.  The mentioned tablet, whose translation

  was partially published only in 1950, is devoted to various geometrical

  figures, and states that the ratio of the perimeter of a regular hexagon

  to the circumference of the circumscribed circle equals a number which in

  modern notation is given by 57/60 + 36/(60^2) (the Babylonians used the

  sexagesimal system, i.e., their base was 60 rather than 10).


 “ The Babylonians knew, of course, that the perimeter of a hexagon is

  exactly equal to six times the radius of the circumscribed circle, in fact

  that was evidently the reason why they chose to divide the circle into 360

  degrees (and we are still burdened with that figure to this day).  The

tablet, therefore, gives ... Pi = 25/8 = 3.125.


“So that's who gave us the 360 degrees in the circle.  See, assignment of

degree-measure to angles is somewhat arbitrary.  Some choices are more

natural than others, though, and when you're working in base 60, 6x60 is a

pretty natural choice.” Petr Beckmann


"The initiatory pageants, once celebrated with ceremonies and ritual in Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, are now known to have taken place in one form or another in many countries and on most continents. The goal was to unfold consciousness, urging it on to heights of which it was formerly unaware, for the aim of the Mysteries has ever been a "discipline and stimulus to virtue" William R. Laudahn