September 27th, 2008

From"Decoded" The arrival


L-R Rev Vesica Sur,Tau Naamah,Tau Dositheos, Tau Galahad

An Account From Tau Galahad of the Points Chauds Working of 20 September 2008 and Additional Notes


I arrived in Atlanta on Friday 19 September for Points Chauds Working

on Mt. Arabia the following afternoon, Saturday 20 September, just

before the Autumnal Equinox.

The first interesting occurrence to report was that over the course of

Friday night, my body went into a detoxification and by Saturday

morning, I felt rejuvenated before we left for Mt. Arabia. Once we

ascended the mountain, we gathered in the grove to discuss the day’s

Work. Tau Sir Hasirim suggested, very unexpectedly to me, that he, Tau

Dositheos and Tau Naamah split up the remainder of the 97 points that

I had not yet received and activate those. The reasoning behind this

decision was, first, that the points that I received in July (1 – 3

and 24 – 31a) integrated well with powerful benefits both in terms of

physical health and magickal practice. Second, that there are several

individuals in the greater Boston area that are very interested in

beginning Points Chauds Work, as well as in the Memphis-Mizraim

Masonic current, and are already ordained. Once we begin this Work in

Boston, we formally consecrate Trinosophia Lodge No. 26 as an active

lodge and temple. I am most honored and humbled by Tau Sir Hasirim’s,

Tau Dositheos’ and Tau Naamah’s confidence in me and the True Spirit

of Fraternity, Light and Love that they conveyed. 

Next, Tau Naamah activated points 58, 54, 61, and 32 – 53 in reverse

numerical order. She also noted extreme difficulty locating the points

at first as the energy was moving around too much and / or too

quickly. After beginning, things progressed fairly quickly. In

particular, point 37 (right inner-thigh) seemed to activate very, very

easily. I saw pinpoints of light in a uniform pattern everywhere I

looked for several seconds and felt extreme energy. Tau Sir Hasirim

noted that there was energy pouring in from above my crown chakra at

that point as well. Point 37 in particular seemed to be far more

energetic than any other. After this set of points I had to sit down

and was definitely losing my balance and needed a short rest. The

disorientation was not unpleasant and I felt like we were in an

otherworldly place. Perhaps it was the beautiful Equinox weather, but

it was almost psychedelic. The appearance of the sun-dappled scenery

exhibited a crispness that I didn’t recall only minutes earlier. After

a drink of water, we were ready to continue.

Tau Dositheos activated the final sets of points: 4 – 23, in reverse

numerical order and lower to upper progression, also doing 92 – 95

around the eyes and then 87 – 91 on the back of the head, then 97,

then the wrist points: 27b and 31b. During the activation of the

facial points (7 – 11), I noticed a distinct smell of sweet incense,

maybe frankincense. At this point, I was fully tranced out and the sun

was starting to set behind some clouds. The scene on the mountain was

very surreal for me by then and I was feeling extremely energized. My

body felt force and current that had been conducted through / into it

and seemed to be absorbing it and moving it around. As we sat on the

mountain, the warm colors and astral light that I sensed was

overwhelming and the integration of the newly activated points seemed

to be starting.

Next, Rev. Vescha.Sur was ready to receive points. Tau Sir Hasirim

suggested that it would be best if I were to give points after

immediately receiving some. I proceeded to activate points 1 – 6. I

had difficulty sensing the exact location at first, but it became

progressively more natural. By the activation of 5 and 6, I felt much

more energy flowing through me and the points seems to activate with

less friction.

Again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist in this Work and

am looking forward to giving points again in the near future.

“Scientific Illuminism marches on!”


Since returning home, I have hardly slept more than a few hours a

night. The amount of energy I feel is quite extraordinary and amazing.

Sunday night, 21 September, I noticed that it felt as though the

points I’d received initially in July were feeding energy to the newly

activated points in some sort of circuit. Next, I started to

experience extreme psychedelic visions simply staring at a blank wall.

Geometric patterns, colors, and forms of all shape and dimension swam

before my eyes while I lay in bed trying to remain fully aware of what

I was seeing and feeling. I had a distinct vision of lightening that

came down very close to me and moved along the ground until it hit a

tree and lit it on fire. I did not get to sleep until almost 5 AM and

was up at 8 AM.

Since then I have noticed the points and energy at various times

throughout the day. I was able to do a guided meditation this morning

and noticed that my concentration was far more focused than ever

before. Also, the body of light in meditation used to be a translucent

form, permeated by sun-like rays of light, but today, the body of

light was encased in a diamond-like jewel that radiated a brilliant

and almost blinding white light. That was such a huge difference and

it took me completely by surprise. I have also noticed increased

mental sharpness and acuity. Communicating seems to require less

effort too. I have noticed a much greater sensitivity to vibration

than before. In fact, greater empathy and intuition seem to be a

result so far too.

I am continuing to document the integration of the energy of the

activation of these points and will post additional details as

circumstances warrant.

May you all rest beneath the Shadow of Its Wings whose name is Peace.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum ...I:. H:. V:. H:.

Fraternally, In LVX and AGAPE,

Tau Galahad


From Tau Anahita the following day:


"I had an interesting experience with the gentleman who got points (Tau Galahad-TAG) at Mass as people were communicating, I was receiving direct transmission from "Nuit", "the Goddess", "feminine divinity" whatever you call HER- I could see each persons relationship with her. In addition, everyone was giving off these little lights, darting and zooming, almost like orbs, but 2 people there were absorbing light as opposed to glowing, and your friend was one of them. Absorbing, he was a black hole of sorts..."


Tau Galahad noted in response:

“I also found it interesting (and +Dositheos mentioned it as well) that 
she handed me the sword during the Mass before she went to the altar. 
BTW, that particular Mass was amazingly powerful and I was a bit shaky 

“Also, in regards to the orbs, I hadn't made any correspondence 
previously, so I hadn't included it in my initial report, but there 
was a phrase that I heard that kept repeating like a loop in my head 
the entire weekend, starting on Friday night / Saturday morning. 
"There is no one who is out of reach of the Holy Angels of Light." 

Almost forgot to report that I attended a lodge of instruction at St. 
Masonic hall in
Boston last night that was open to invited 
guests. Shortly after arriving, all the points on my head, 
particularly the top and back of the head were extremely charged with 
very actively flowing energy. This phenomena then increased over the 
course of the evening. After I had returned home, all the points 
became very active and energized. "