September 11th, 2008

Friendlier Ole Al


Are you looking for a little action? You know what I mean by "action," right? I mean a campy, testosterone packed action movie with roughly 187 times the violence of this coming weekend's hit movie, "The Women!" That kind of mindless fun sound like it's up your alley? Perfect! Pick up your remote, head on over to movies-on-demand and give a click to STREET WARRIOR, a movie I wrote for Spike TV, Larry Levinson Productions and RHI Entertainment. It'll be the best five bucks you spend this week, because this isn't the network version! There's gratuitious nudity! Adult language! Buckets of blood! Who doesn't love things like that? Still, if you prefer commercials and fully-clothed strippers, you'll be able to watch the absolutely free TV version on Spike this November.

Directed by David Jackson and starring Max Martini (Redbelt, CBS's The Unit), STREET WARRIOR tells the story of Jack Campbell, an Iraq War vet who comes home to discover that his brother has been beaten into a coma in an underground fight club. Needless to say, Jack follows the trail into the tournament and kicks much ass as he seeks to take down the ruthless fight promoter who nearly cost his brother his life. Want to know more? Check out the websites below:

STREET WARRIOR is available on Cablevision, Cox, Time Warner and Comcast cable systems right now, so check it out!