July 4th, 2008

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A bit of Scientific Illuminism, using NAEQ I consider this "prediction" a miss, but I leave it

to my readers.  I was asked to use the cipher system I work with to calculate ("predict" is the wrong

term, really -- except as in "predict the weather" -- nothing occult about it) on a podcast in May.  I

predicted a major UFO event in Houston TX, probably to the South of the city on July 3rd.  While the run

-up to that date saw an unexpected increase in UFO cases in Houston, nothing remarkable I have found

happened on the 3rd.

Doesn't really bother me - these forecasts are based on a method where earlier information-rich cases 

provide me with key terms,  I reduce them to cipher using classic Qabalistic methods, and see what is 

yielded as a clue to the next big sighting.  In this case I got (in order):

JULY 3 8

It is after this "conversion" that I do my detective work and make my calculation.  About 75-85% they

work, which, need it be said, 15-25% of the time it is a complete miss or a near miss.  This is a good

occasion to point out how I arrived at "Houston TEXAS, major UFO case, probably to the South on the

3rd of July 2008"

Do note - if there was a case of epic proportions, such as an abduction, it might not be immediately

reported to the media, UFO filter centers or my own observers for some time, but as of now, I call it a


But here is an opportunity to see how I do this. The case where the rich material came from was in Arizona

in February. I first considered  the "TEX" part, as perhaps an Enochian term with a terrestrial

correspondence, but dismissed this because of the word "South".  I then turned to Texas.  "July 3 8"

would not have to be July 3 2008" but it was clearly a date, and there is no July 38 obviously, nor would

some other century (I assumed) be of importance. So I surmized the date given. I did note 3+8=11 and this

usually means 'a valid case' or 'important case' but, again, I considered the date I derived the most

likely choice, give or take 24 hours."H" was the hardest part.  Lots of "H's" in Texas, but the largest and 

most likely would be Houston.

Thus, my 'prediction'.

The day before, that is, July 1st (allowing for press time), this hit the media that I was closely watching, totally unexpectedly:

"UNT checks authenticity of UFO claim
09:03 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 1, 2008
"AURORA, Texas  A century-old legend of aliens in Wise County could become part of history.
"University of North Texas researchers are analyzing pieces of unsual metallic objects to see if they could have come from a UFO.
"Some people believe the metal came from a spacecraft that crashed in Aurora back in 1897.
"The History Channel program "UFO Hunters" recently made the discovery while searching in a cemetery.
"Because of an agreement with the network, UNT won't reveal what they determined after examining the evidence, so you'll have to watch the show when it airs in the fall."

I went, uh-oh.  "H" - History Channel. Date, announced about two days off.  Aurora TX, famous UFO case (see http://www.ufocasebook.com/Aurora.html et al) being investigated anew.  Is this what I was groping for? Or too much of a reach and I'm just - wrong, as happens?

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A footnote - No claim made that this as what was forecast, but I thought it appropriate to share, from the National UFO Reporting Center: Occurred : 7/2/2008 03:00 (Entered as : 07/02/08 3:00) Reported: 7/3/2008 2:01:52 AM 02:01 Posted: 7/5/2008 Location: San Antonio/Cambleton, TX Shape: Other Duration:1 hour The object came after me after I tried to take a picture and I think the camera flash caused it all. I was just a few miles outside of San Antonio putting gas in my car and after I left, while at the four way stop I noticed an object in the sky above a field. At first I thought it was a U.S. Border Patrol Helicopter tracking illegals. But then it moves rapidly across the sky. The only way to describe how fast it moved and came to a complete stop, is just like the pointer on the computer when you slide the mouse across the screen. "This gained my interest so i tried to use my cell phone video but I couldn't get anything on the screen. So I just drove towards it and when I got close enough to see what it was, it climbed higher in to the sky where i couldn't make it out. I parked my car and went and got my camera out of the trunk. When I focused on the object I still could see exactly what it was but I could see it flashing it's lights. they went from red to green to blue to yellow then all the colors at the same time. I snapped the picture and as soon as the flash on my camera went off the object started coming closer to me. "At this point I thought the safer place to be was in my car. As the boject got closer it began flashing just like a camera flash. I drove away as fast as I could and then the object passed over my car and disappeared. It was only about a minute later that I saw the object slong side of my car. I only noticed it when it began to flash again. I text my friend and let her know what was going on. By the way, she is the one that gave me this number. Anyway, I took an exit an headed towards Cambleton. I figured I would try and drive to the only store there and just kinda let whatever it was go away. There was nothing open in Cambleton and then I saw the object again just over me and it flashed again. Then I figured the only thing safer to do was to get back on Interstate Highway 37. As I was driving down the road headed back to IH-37, the object was there. This time I saw it. It was at car level and just to my side. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It looked like a helicopter and the texture of it was just like looking at the pavement on the road but it had a white glow all around it. The object passe me up on the drivers side of my car and went up about 100 yards in front of me. I stopped my car as fast as I could and the object came closer towards me . "I just sat there for a few seconds trying to think of what I was going to do next. I tried to call my friend to tell her what I was facing but my phone would not work at this point. I reversed but the object quickly gained distance between us. So I just put the car in park and said enough is enough. I am a police officer and I always carry my side arm with me so I grabbed it and got out of my car. As I raised my weapon and pointed towards the object, it let out multiple stobes of flash blinding me and I must say the heat was quite intense. So I lowered my weapon since I couldn't see then the flashing stopped. I yelled at the thing while gaining my vision back but all I could hear was my car and nothing else. After a few moments of nothing happening just looking at the thing in front of me not moving just floating idle . I raised my weapon again and the flashing began again and just the same stopped when I lowered it. After gaining my vision back I got back into my car and tried to reverse again. It came towards me and flew over my car then I put my car in drive and drove towards IH-37. The object was nowhere to be seen . "After making it back onto IH-37, I drove for a while and then here was the object again a few minutes later. I stayed with me for about thirty more minutes flashing at me and then going away momentarily back and forth. At this point I made the call to your office and left a message. "Then I came up to a thunder storm and the object just gained altitude and I never saw it again. "So after getting home and not really sleeping to much when I did wake up in the morning I noticed I was sun burned. That's my weird story . This isn't in any way a hoax or a joke. "In fact I wish it never would have happened. However I do want to get some sort of answer or expalnation as to what it could have been. "Please take this serious and if you can not get me some sort of answer then could you please put me in contact with someone who may have some answers for me..." Occurred : 7/3/2008 23:20 (Entered as : 07/03/2008 23:20) Reported: 7/4/2008 9:02:42 AM 09:02 Posted: 7/5/2008 Location: Houston, TX Shape: Unknown Duration:~1 hour Flashing object at the sky of Houston, July 3,2008 "Last night at around 2320, when I was lying on the bed, I saw an object at the SSE direction outside the window. It is quite far away, and high up, so the actual shape is not seen clearly. I think it should be at least 5000 feet away, but I am not such as I do not have a scale to estimate. "Then I wake my mom and she saw that too, but she didn't know what is it either. We saw it was flashing in blue and red and it is just like turning around and around.It was more than less at the same position for half an hour. "After that, we saw it become dimmer and seemed to be leave the area." Occurred : 7/4/2008 03:00 (Entered as : 07/04/08 3:00 am) Reported: 7/5/2008 2:04:26 AM 02:04 Posted: 7/5/2008 Location: San Antonio, TX Shape: Light Duration:45 min red and green flashing object hovering. "red and green flashing object hovering to the northwest for around 20 mins, moving southwest and hovering again for around 15 mins."