June 24th, 2008

From"Decoded" The arrival


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 22, 2008

Mexico: UFO Photo Taken During San Marcos Fair
By Ana Luisa Cid

Mr. Mario Castaneda Marquez took this photo during
the San Marcos Fair in the state of Aguascalientes,
According to his eyewitness account, it was taken
during the preparation of the Los Voladores de
Papantla ritual in front of the San Marcos Church.
The date was April 30, 2008, the time 12:35 hrs., and
a DSC P-43 Sony camera was used.

Photo Analysis by Dr. J.C. -Eastman Kodak photo
analyst, done at my request:

Subject: Re: UFO PIC
Date: Jun 24, 2008 2:39 AM

This photograph represents an oval-shaped flying
object that is traveling from a right to left at approximately a 10:00 angle.
It is in focus but the object is traeling at a speed that is not within the
range of the shutter speed of the camera used to proberly acquire.

The object is roughly oval in shape, being somewhat
wider at the lower end than at the top. It is semi-reflective metallic in
construction and lighted from the top with pronounced shadowing at the bottom
of the object. There is a bright light on top of the object, roughly in its
center and evidence of a bright light in a similar position underneath
although this light is seen only by it's movement signature.

There is a blurred movement signature trailing the
object that shows it to be traveling at a great deal of speed. This is
evidenced in an even formation of blue trailing behind the object and
demonstrating the location of the lower light as mentioned above.

The proportion of the object to the tower in the
foreground indicates that the object is relatively high, but also relativey
large. Altitude and size are impossible to determine from this photo.

In analysis this photo shows no evidence of tampering
or flaw and no evidence of any defect with the camera being used.


UFO Photo Taken During San Marcos Fair

Enlargement of object photographed, above

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