May 14th, 2008

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photo courtesy Rev. Exorcist Soror Lamed

Reprinted from hermeticus_noir, by permission:

Report on Mt. Arabia - May 11th, 2008 - Pentecost
Ormus Lodge hosted a gathering on Sunday, May 11th, 2008 at Consecration Rock, Mt. Arabia. A group of 14 were in attendance. The days activities began with an opening talk by Tau Dositheos (myself) which included a brief description of the terms "Gnostic and Apostolic", a short historical overview about the laying on of hands (with much debt owed to Bishop Greenfield tausirhasirim), and the significance of it being Pentecost in relation to the raising of our three ordinands into the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Bishop HRMAShT (noxenla) also contributed to the talk by sharing valuable insight into the gnostic and esoteric nature of the Christos and the formula of YHShVH.

Next, I ordained Rev. Soror Lamed (shakti_mouse) as Exorcist. Then, with the worthy assistance of Rev. Soror Lamed, I ordained Rev. Aron (mac13) and then Rev. Jason Green as Subdeacon, Deacon and Priest. This was followed by the ordination of Rev. Vescha Sur (vescha_sur) as Subdeacon, Deacon and Priestess with myself as officiating Bishop, assisted by Rev. Soror Lamed and Tau HRMAShT. The ordinations included all major lines of Gnostic and Apostolic succession.

The Rite of Ordination used was as follows:

[Done sequentially with each ordinand]

Welcoming speech from ordaining Bishop

The administration of points 96, 20, 21, 24 and 28

By the authority handed on to me by the most ancient lineages, I pass unto you the egregore of power to transform the profane to the sacred, and ordain you subdeacon, deacon and priest\ess, now and forever, in the lineages passed to me.

I anoint you with oil (+ on 3rd eye) and lay hands upon your head (over crown).

[Note: for the ordination to Exorcist, the points were omitted, Rev. Soror Lamed having already received them on the occasion of her ordination as Priestess given by Bishop Greenfield. Also, the appropriate office was given in the text thusly: "...and ordain you Exorcist, now and forever, in the lineages passed to me".]

[Blessing given by +Dositheos upon the newly ordained, as well as the assisting Bishop and Priestess]

+ The LORD bless you.
+ The LORD enlighten your minds and comfort your hearts and sustain your bodies.
+ The LORD bring you to the accomplishment of your true Wills, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

The ritual was concluded with an inspiring reading of The Thunder, Perfect Mind given by Sister Melissa.

Afterwards we celebrated the occasion with feasting at a local restaurant.

Personal reflections of the gathering are to follow, in a separate entry.