April 20th, 2008

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from INEXPLICATA -The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (with permission

April 7, 2008

Source: C.E.I Engimas ? Parana, Argentina

Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: Strange Object Falls from the Sky in Entre Rios

On Sunday night, April 6, 2008 at around 22:00 hours (Argentinean time) a strange object fell near the center of the province of Entre Rios (Argentina) near the communities known as Villaguay and San Salvador.

According to locals, a powerful light was seen in the clear night skies, leaving in its wake a reddish-orange tail. A powerful explosion that caused the earth to shake was subsequently heard, and it even caused some windows to shatter.

The news media immediately stated that an immense meteorite was involved. This fact has not yet been confirmed.

The Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Enigmas sent three of its researchers (a professional aviator among them) to fly over the San Salvador area, the region with the greatest likelihood of having been impacted by a significant chunk of the (still unidentified) object that fell from the sky.

Meanwhile, Raul Avellaneda, Director of the Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Engimas, told local and national media that ?our Center remains cautious about stating the nature of the object, as there is still no physical evidence that would allow us to ascertain that it was indeed a meteorite.?

He also added that there are other possibilities beyond the meteorite, adding: ?While the greatest likelihood involves a meteorite, we are leaving a margin for the possibility of space junk being involved, similar to what fell recently in Goiás, Brazil.?

When consulted about the possibility that [the object] could be a spacecraft, he downplayed the possibility, while not discarding it. ?For the moment we are dealing with an unidentified flying object (UFO) which is not synonymous with alien spacecraft, and in such a case we would be speaking in terms of a VED (Spanish for Guided Extrahuman Vehicle). For now it is a UFO, an unidentified object that has not even been located. Our Center prefers not to put forth any hypotheses until more specific elements are at hand.?

This information shall be broadened in the Enigmas radio show on Tuesday as of 22:00 hours (Argentinean time) on FM 91.7 La Radio de Paraná and also online at its website, www.losenigmas.com.ar

(Translation (c) 2008 Scott Corrales, IHU)

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

April 7, 2008

Source: Noticias On Line


Date: 04/03/08

Argentina: UFO Flies Over El Chocon

A young man who was making a domestic video recording with his cellphone captured the presence of a strange flying objects in the skies of Neuquen.

Jorge Villarreal became aware of the unusual find once he returned to his home in Neuquen after having spent a few days with his girlfriend. Upon reviewing the videos created with his cellphone, he realized that he had captured the flight of a UFO over the El Chocon area.

The images show Jorge?s girlfriedn and then the lakeside landscape at a place known as ?El Faro?, near a campsite. A small moving point can be seen almost imperceptibly from a given angle. When the image is paused and advanced frame by frame, a sort of saucer-shaped object with a dark base and a light colored rear section can be clearly seen.

Villarreal reported to the studios of Radio y Televisión del Neuquén (RTN) to make the news known. Technicians at the TV station?s editing room analyzed each of the frames of the film and attested that the mysterious object indeed appeared in the images. They believed that photographic trickery with a cellphone such as Jorge?s was virtually impossible.

?As the skies were clear, it?s possible to see the black disk very clearly,? said the youth during an interview with RTN.

Jorge stated that this was the first time he had experienced such a situation.

?The fact is that I couldn?t believe it. We went over the video many times with friends and co-woerkers,? he said, still stunned by the discovery.

Villarreal says that the most noteworthy detail is that while he was making the recording in which the UFO appears, both he and his girlfriend began feeling intense headaches and an unexplained tiredness. ?We had slept well and didn?t have any reason to feel so tired,? he added. They ascribed it at the time to the long hike they?d taken around the lake, but when they discovered the flying object in the recording, they thought that their condition could perhaps be related to the presence of the UFO.

Jorge will surely never forget his experience. The proof that he was very near a flying saucer, a UFO or whatever it was, is still inside his cellphone. Wherever he goes, he has no objection to showing the video and explaining what it all meant to him on that unusual Sunday as he observed the majestic landscape under the skies of Neuquen.


(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO).

Source: Diario Popular

Date: 04/06/08


Communities visited by strange entities in human shape

Strange Apparitions Accompany Saucer Waves

By Sebastian Aranguren

In Valcheta, Rio Negro Province, between Bajos del Gualicho and Somuncurá, there are those who claim to have seen an inexplicable light in the immensity of the desert, belonging to a lost city that emerges and vanishes, according to Luis Burgos.

The vast number of UFO cases recorded in Argentina, totaling 110 sightings since the start of the year, has opened the door to a singular number of ET- related phenomena which include, for example, strange characters that vanish and evaporate in the loneliness of the towns of the interior.

Ufological studies of these mysterious manifestations of ?strange people?, as defined by the locals who experience them, suggest that these fantastic manifestations of the UFO phenomenon are closely tied to the latest extraterrestrial developments.

Specialists who deal in these cases believe that the manifestations are usually contained within the small communities in which they occur, and therefore do not yield even larger case histories within a field that nonetheless acknowledges the presence of ghostly figures ascribed to alien entities.

Luis Burgos, director of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), stresses that the subject isn?t an easy one, as involvement in these cases implies crossing the swampy terrain that lies on the border between ufology and parapsychology. Burgos cautiously took on the challenge of stating the specifics of these manifestations, which always occur at lonely locations with few witnesses. The final result is a unique experience that may have various interpretations.

?The explanation one can give these cases is that the fit into a collateral manifestation of the UFO phenomenon,? says Burgos, convinced that in order to venture into these cases ?it is necessary to have the proper balance, as poorly grounded individuals could go off the deep end.?

From FAO?s perspective, one of the most valuable cases consigned in local records and involving fantastic events that cannot be rationally explained, could be taking place right now in any town of the interior.

Burgos recalled that some 8 years ago, in the vicinity of Estancia La Esperanza, Gobernador Galvez, Province of Buenos Aires a young woman witnessed one of these cases: two alleged teenagers, dressed in early 20th century farming clothes, crossed her path in an empty field.

Carolina, the protagonist of this story, gave FAO a detailed account when researchers delved into the case. She explained that the two teenagers ? a male and a female ? whom she was seeing for the first time, greeted her by name. When she turned around to ask where they knew her from, they had already vanished.

?There are many cases in ufology that involved contacts with humanlike entities clothed in archaic dress, as though they belonged to another time,? explains Burgos, not dismissing the possibility that this situation could be the result of a ?breach in time.? The specialist does not dismiss the possibility of a ?dimensional doorway?, but adds that the known cases of ?oddball humans? always occur within the framework of UFO manifestations. Therefore, it is ?very feasible? that the current UFO flap will yield some of these experiences.

The 110 sightings catalogued by FAO in 2008 stress the possibility that fantastic experiences, such as Carolina?s, may occur. To this day she still talks about the day that she crossed paths on her way to La Esperanza with ?oddball people? having nothing to do with the town and probably not to the world as we know it.

Humanoids And Mysterious Cases

Ufology acknowledges several sidelines of the UFO phenomenon that somehow mark the presence of humanoid contact with Earth dwellers. These give rise to such bizarre events as the animal mutilations ascribed to the Chupacabras, imp-like beings similar to the ones from the SUPE neighborhood in Berisso, and even ghosts.

One of the stranger cases involves animal mutilations in the pastures of the heartland by a specimen still uncatalogued by human science or rather, by an entity that still remains unknown, aside from its red eyes glaring in the dark of the night, generally near the carcass of an eviscerated bovine.

The Nuns of Berisso and Suicide Dogs

When it comes to marking strange events linked to the UFO phenomenon, the FAO?s records hold some unique cases that exemplify this connection rather well, such as the enigmatic presence of the so-called ?Nuns? of Berisso, who caused surprise and shock to infrequent witnesses.

FAO?s files make reference to them during an investigation performed in 1991, in after some workers in the Naval Workshop area of that community, located south of La Plata, allegedly saw entities clad in hooded garments ? hence their description as ?nuns? ? moved around, causing wonder and fear of the unknown.

At that same site, and within the framework of this investigation, another ?high-strangeness? characteristic ascribed to UFOs emerged. Three operators of the old electric power station facing the port of La Plata claimed seeing a strange creature running between the sheds. It stood no taller than 40 centimeters, but was robust and clad in green, military-type garments.

Prior to the manifestations of the ?Nuns? and the creatures of the old power station in the SUPE neighborhood, FAO also recorded an intense UFO presence over the area which gave rise to a terrible situation: dozens of dogs leaped into the void from terraces and balconies, inexplicably committing suicide.

110 UFO reports in Argentina since the January 2008,with no end in sight.

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