April 1st, 2008

From"Decoded" The arrival


From"Decoded" The arrival

The Point Chauds Arbia Mt Experience Pt 2

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(films in previous entry courtesy of Tau Sciam)

Everyone has given the specifics of what happened with the consecrations and points work at Mount Arabia, so I won't repeat all of that. But, I will add my own specific observations. First, I brought along a camera. I was planning on making YouTube videos to disseminate the information, but the most important use was to provide visual documentation of the events. I brought along a tripod so the camera could sit on the outer edge of the proceedings and continuously record. This proved to be, by and large, a failure. I did realize some things that will help in the future, though. First and foremost, a windscreen is a necessity. The wind drowned out most of the audio and we were left with YouTube footage only instead of serious and valuable documentation. The second problem was limbs and obstructions. The camera must be actively manned to ensure this doesn't happen again. The last problem was equipment malfunction. All of this is due to my own lack of foresight/adequate planning. The videos still may generate interest, so all is not lost.

As far as my consecration as Bishop, I can only describe it as a feeling of fullness...like I filled up my body. Then, point work was done on me. I have to admit, I found the prospect exciting, but I was skeptical. Well, when Bishop Greenfield was doing it, it felt like a wave of quicksilver flowing inside my skull in the direction he was going. I felt a little lightheaded and glassy eyed by the time he finished.

I sat down and, within a few minutes, it felt like a peanut lodged in the flesh of my face. The closest thing to it I've ever felt, if I recall correctly (it's been over a decade), is when you mainline cocaine and miss the vein. Feeling that in my face was VERY disconcerting. I examined it with my fingers and could feel nothing out of the ordinary physically. I told Tau Naamah and she pulled out a chart. Lo and behold, that EXACT spot was documented on the chart as one of the points. I became a believer then.

She took me back to consecration rock and did all the points on my face. Not only did the sensation go away, the flesh on my face felt alive and electric. My nasal passages even opened up like I was wearing a Breathe Right nasal strip. I sat down, closed my eyes, and paid attention to my breathing. It was absolutely amazing and the sensation lasted a couple of hours.

Allison was worn out physically and emotionally by this point, so we didn't eat with everyone. She actually burst out crying when she got in the car. I don't pretend to understand hormones or what she goes through. It just made the day that much more special that she would share in it with me.

Now, I feel more "together" and solid.

I am Tau Sciam 

Tau Dosethius' Account

Report on Mt. Arabia gathering - March 22nd, 2008

I had the privilege of attending the most recent gathering of Congregational Illuminists on Mt. Arabia yesterday, March 22nd, 2008. This was only my third trip to this sacred power zone, but it is already feeling like "home" to me. Temple and Lodge work certainly have their place, but there is indeed something to be said for outdoor workings as well. And Mt. Arabia is...it is hard to put into words...simply amazing.

Those in attendance were: Bishop T. Allen Greenfield tausirhasirim, Bishop Tau Naamah k_navit, Bishop Tau HRMAShT noxenla, Bishop Tau Anahita sororanahita, Bishop Tau Sciam knight_of_pan, Priestess Soror Lamed shakti_mouse, Priestess Amanda soror134, Brother Aron mac13, Brother Jason (no lj), Sister Lacreya (no lj), Sister Allison (no lj) and myself (Note: children, both in and out of the womb, are not listed here).

Holy Orders - Gnostic and Apostolic
After an eloquent preliminary reading relating to ordination and consecration, Bishop Greenfield, assisted by Tau Anahita, ordained Soror 134 into the Gnostic and Apostolic Priesthood. This was the first time I have met Soror 134, but I can already tell that she will make an amazing Priestess. I wish you well in your Work! Next was the episcopal consecration of Tau Dositheos (yours truly) by Bishop Greenfield, assisted by Tau Naamah and Tau HRMAShT. Also performed, the episcopal consecration of Tau Sciam by Bishop Greenfield, assisted by Tau Naamah and Tau HRMAShT. This is also the first time I have met Tau Sciam, though I was familiar with him through the Work of Post Tenebras Lux Lodge No. 22 in New Orleans, USA. Many blessings to you brother.

This was followed by Sister Lacreya's powerful reading of The Thunder, Perfect Mind, which concluded the ecclesiastical Work for the day.

Initial Comments on my Consecration
First, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to T. Allen Greenfield, Tau HRMAShT and Tau Naamah for the gracious and elegant execution of my consecration. I have known each of you for many years now. In your own ways, you have all been an inspiration to me. The bonds we have developed and cultivated over the years are truly sacred. I embrace the Work now made open to me, and with love and respect to each of you, will strive to persist to the best of my abilities in this Holy Office.

A few remarks about my actual experiences during the consecration: I have a background in subtle energy work, mostly through Vajrayana practices such as meditation, pranayama, mantra and (more recently) Vajrasattva sadhana, but also through some of the Western magical practices such as invocation and the development of the Body of Light. I have found that the Eastern and Western practices I work with tend to inform each other, and share points of convergence. At the moment of consecration, with the laying on of hands, I felt the Pneuma Hagion descend through my crown (i.e. "Brahman Aperture"), filling my head region with ecstatic bliss, descending to include my heart region and finally coursing through all of the inner channels of my subtle body. At this point, I was visualizing my Body of Light in full - it was pure, radiant, translucent, and completely energized. For some time after the consecration I felt elated. Then began an alternating cycle of feeling amped up and then feeling exhausted. I feel there were many factors contributing to this up and down ride, one of which includes the fact that I had almost nothing to eat before going to Mt. Arabia, and so on a physical level my body was hungry and had low energy, but on a subtle level, my body of light just got a whammy, and was very charged up. I also speculate that the alternating cycles of elation and exhaustion point towards the integration of the experience into both my physical and subtle bodies.

Points Chauds Empowerments
There were a series of points chauds empowerments done as well. I will leave it to those who received empowerments to record their own results, and can only speak of my own experience. I received a series of points from Tau Naamah. This is the second time she has given me points empowerments. While earlier I had decided I wanted the points in the throat (12 - 19) activated, when she asked me if I had any particular regions in mind, I thought for a minute or two, and decided to take points on my back. This was an intuition, and I went with it. I also received points on my stomach and below my navel (I have to confirm what points exactly, then I will post them here). I noticed Tau Naamah would sometimes say, "stop moving around", and I thought at first she was talking to me, but then she clarified that she was talking about the points. This indicates an important aspect of the points chauds - they are not a static "dot" or "point" as implied by their name and their representation in the charts or diagrams, but they are more like a dynamic, dare I say, "intelligent", region or zone that apparently has the ability to fluctuate and change position on the body. I have yet to administer any points, but that is something I am working towards as well. It would be interesting to hear from all those who have administered the points in regards to this. I wonder how much of a fluctuation has been noticed? Do you see differences between, say, men and women? People with extensive magical backgrounds and people more recent to the work? Is it totally unique for each individual? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ormus Lodge Update
Ormus Lodge will soon be forming a series of research groups to study the various gnostic and apostolic lines of succession associated with our free communion. Also, the first magical group working is being formed, which will be an exploration of the 91 parts of earth as given in John Dee's Liber Scientiae Terrestris Auxilii & Victoria and some possible correspondences to the points chauds. Details will be forthcoming. Those interested in participating can contact me here, through email, or in person.

And the Work continues...