March 2nd, 2008

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Podcast 43 - Gnosticism

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March 1st, 2008 by rochester92

Our friend Bishop T Allen Greenfield returns to the show to talk about Gnostic history and philosophy.

'Ancient of Days' by William Blake (1794)

Dr. Greenfield is particularly well-qualified to discuss this subject considering his extensive experience in Gnostic churches serving as bishop. Our conversation covers the definition of Gnosis and Gnostic, the history of ancient sects, the philosophy through the ages, modern permutations of the Gnostic doctrine, and Dr. Greenfield’s own personal lineage.

interpretation of the Gnostic Cosmos

Notable points include differing perspectives on the concept of the Demiurgus and the resultant differences in the views on body and spirit, the secret societies and esoteric orders that have carried the Wisdom, and Apostolic succession.

'Montsalvat, the Castle of the Grail' by Franz Stassen (1903)

“These are mysteries, O Israel,
Difficult to understand.
With much searching shalt thou still fail
To grasp them,
Unless thy search be rightly prosecuted.
Yet the Way to Understanding is ever open
To him who will follow it steadfastly.
It is the Way of the Heart,
And thou shalt be guided therein
By thine own inner Hearing.”

- Paul Foster Case from “The Meditation on Vav” in “The Book of Tokens”

Key 5 - The Hierophant

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Victorian Fire: The Origins of Sexual Magick” by T Allen Greenfield

Gnosis: The Nature and History of Gnosticism” by Kurt Rudolph

intro music by HipGnosis

outro music by The Quiet Earth Orchestra, excerpt of “God” (thanks to John Ludi)

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