January 6th, 2008

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Above is a public post from knight_of_pan. It is very unfortunate that the "culture of fear" coupled with certain actions in recent years, a number detailed on this blog, have led decent people - some remaining as members of said order in good standing - to voice such concerns.  It is the sincerity and real emotional pain that this ood brother obviously feels that motivates me to call your attention to this here.

Over the last two years a good number of members - some of high rank, past body masters and relative newcomers alike - knowing of my own efforts to expose the "cult-like" atmosphere that has come into being in a once-noble order, have written me privately that they are allowing their dues to lapse or that they have chosen to resign from said order outright.  Those who have "gone public" I have often noted here, but those who have asked that they be allowed to 'leave in their own way' have had their requests honored. 

What has perhaps been missed even here is the personal pain of disillusionment, doubt and sense of betrayal that, in a way, is far more important than the details of any single  given situation, though some are pretty horrid in fact as well as in feeling.

As mentioned here recently, I have told my own story in some detail on "Occult of Personality" Podcast 35, "An Inquiry into Supressed Information" first aired on December 20, 2007 and being downloaded by many even as this is written.  Do listen, if you haven't already. You can listen or download it here.

It is still hard for me to believe that these people, who have been guests in my home, and in whose home I have been a guest, have stooped as low as they have.  It still seems surreal to me.  But it is, I'm afraid, quite real, and I must assume that, for every story I have personally heard, there are others that remain unknown to me.  So far. 

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Des Hitlers Zwang, der macht uns klein, noch liegen wir in Ketten.
Doch einmal werden wir wieder frei, wir werden die Ketten schon brechen. Denn unsere Fäuste, die sind hart, ja--und die Messer sitzen los, für die Freiheit der Jugend, kämpfen Navajos.  Edelweißpiraten song