October 9th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival


hermeticus_noir is ordained priest by TAG

First reflections on Arabia
(reprinted by permission of
hermeticus_noir )

This was my first time going to Mt. Arabia and it was everything I imagined it would be. I can see why people have been going there over the years - it really is a powerful space. Since this is my first write up on the points work, I want to provide a brief background on my interest and recent involvement. I first became aware of the work when T Allen gave me a copy of the correspondences back during the Eulis Lodge days (1992-3?). At the time I was living with K. and S, who were both working the points in the original form as documented in T. Allen’s email of 3/8/07 entitled “Historical Documents”. I found it intriguing, but didn’t feel an immediate draw towards involvement. I filed it away in my mind as a possible avenue of exploration for some future date. Looking back, I’m glad I made this decision. I’ve heard many of the early participants sooner or later experienced a kind of “fall out” with varying degrees of negative repercussions. This seems to no longer be the case since the decision was made that “All recipients of “points chauds” beyond a few should be invested with the “power and wisdom” of the ancient priesthoods, if not with the actual priesthoods themselves, as “containments” for the energies transmitted”. I’m also glad I waited to allow for my personal and magickal development to reach a certain level of maturity before undertaking this work.

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"True Quest is an important testimony based on genuine experimental
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Falcon as well unfortunately.  Your research and candid exposition give
the book a genuine flavor and make it a valuable fount of good, solid
information."  M.B.

"I very much enjoyed your book, The True Quest... I think you have 
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"I just want to inform you that the "Quest" arrived in excellent
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"I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience in such an
open and direct way." P.F.

you get right to the point and stay focused throughout
This will be a Gem I will keep returning too"   White Arcanum

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