October 7th, 2007

Friendlier Ole Al



 OK, if you read "Smashing Illusions" often, you know that my former publisher was cleaning out his attic this past Summer, in preparation for his relocation to Europe,  and happened upon a number of copies of the previously only secretly distributed first-person account of sexual magick, TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL: The Western Sex Magick Tradition.  He also had some copies of the Looking Glass Press Edition of my book, THE STORY OF THE HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, and the authorized edition of Liber 31 by Frater Achad,  which I had edited and annotated.  I still have copies of Story available.  Liber 31 is sold out, and I was down to seven copies of TRUE QUEST.

This week it was my turn to clean out my own attic looking to sort out books and documents long in storage, and I was fortunate to find another half dozen copies of TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL.  The publisher, with my permission, had experimentally reprinted a few xerox reproductions of THE TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL and bound them as books in the original covers from the above.  Although the illustrations are definitely reproductions, the text is identical to the original, and they are in uncirculated condition.  So now I suddenly have a dozen copies, and   I am offering them to U.S. and Canadian customers for the reduced prince of $12.99 plus $4 postage (USA & Canada) through our paypal site, RARE BOOKS & ODD STUFF. As with the original, when these few are gone, they're gone for good. International customers should contact me about postage before ordering. All copies are individually numbered and autographed.

Here are some recent comments from readers of True Quest:

"True Quest is an important testimony based on genuine experimental
results as opposed to the re-hashed tripe that is commonly served in
books on sex magick by the likes of Llewellyn, and now Weiser and New
Falcon as well unfortunately.  Your research and candid exposition give
the book a genuine flavor and make it a valuable fount of good, solid
information."  M.B.

"I very much enjoyed your book, The True Quest... I think you have 
done a great service by so honestly recounting your experiments." K.S.

"I just want to inform you that the "Quest" arrived in excellent
conditions, and in record time.
"I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience in such an
open and direct way." P.F.

you get right to the point and stay focused throughout
This will be a Gem I will keep returning too"   White Arcanum

"Just got mine in the mail yesterday!!! Absolutely ESSENTIAL reading
for *any* Tantric Mutant and/or Sex Magician!! "  W.F.

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