August 9th, 2007

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The following information is reprinted from  I was asked if I could help by a  friend, Chris, who knows these people, who wanted to know if there was anything I could do. I am informed they are perhaps OTO members who were recently attending Blue Horizon events in California.  I am doing what I can.  If you wish, please convey this information in other locations where it might be appreciated.  TAG

Houngan Louvel Delon and Mambo Lisa Gruber

Houngan Louvel Delon and Mambo Lisa Gruber received two sacred ancestral skulls from a Haitian Houngan. Almost all Houngans and Mambos in Haiti own consecrated skulls. For this and nothing more, Houngan Louvel Delon and Mambo Lisa Gruber are currently charged and detained in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We need everyone's help to get them out of this situation and back running the Occult Bookstore in Chicago where they belong. Maître Marc Lamour is representing the couple in Haiti, but we need your support and donations to get them back to he United States. Any financial assistance, even small donations, will be greatly appreciated. Attorney Timothy P. O'Leary has helped set up a trust for their defense. His contact information is located to the left. You can donate using the PayPal buttons below or contact us for more information.

Read the Full Account of what happened from Mambo Racine


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