July 31st, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival



 As my former publisher cleared out his house in preparation for moving overseas, he discovered a number of copies of books authored by me thought either out of print, or virtually so.

This included 9 uncirculated first impression copies of the never sold signed and numbered edition of THE TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL-The Western Sexual Magick Tradition" -- originally hand distributed to initiates in an unannounced edition of 50.  We made these available here, and they were all quickly bought.

In addition, the publisher, with my permission, had experimentally reprinted a few xerox reproductions of THE TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL and bound them as books in over run covers from the above.  Although the illustrations are definitely inferior reproductions, the text is identical to the original, and they are in uncirculated condition.  The publisher generously gave these to me also, and I am offering them to U.S. and Canadian customers for the reduced prince of $12.99 plus $4 postage (USA & Canada) through our paypal site (see below). As with the original, when these few are gone, they're gone for good.

He also located about 20 uncirculated copies of my now rare volume from Looking Glass Press, THE STORY OF THE HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, which we are selling at the special price of $9.95 plus please add $4.00 postage (USA & Canada).

There are, I understand, a few copies of THE STORY available from a few retail outlets, but Looking Glass Press of Stockholm went out of business some years ago, and I would venture to say when these are gone, they are gone for good as well.

Finally, we have - from the same source - a *very few* copies of the only estate-authorized edition of Frater Achad's Liber 31, which I edited and introduced, with extensive annotations.  These copies are in uncirculated condition and are available at their cover price of $9.95 plus please add $4 postage (USA & CANADA).

Books autographed on request.

International postage is $12.

Use our paypal portal, either with your paypal account or credit card. If you have trouble with your order, contact me directly at bishop17@mindspring.com.

From"Decoded" The arrival


Beep,beep, bee Beep!  Here's a late bulletin from the interdimensional radio news service!

I was again on with host Adam Gorightly on his "Untamed Dimensions" podcast WEDNESDAY  Night once again in a startling new broadcast -  WEDNESDAY Night, so cancel your choir practice and tune in 11 PM EDT. Be there or be square. If you missed it, it is archived, so go to "Untamed Dimensions" and listen when you like.

FLASH -- beep beeep beeep beepp! The program is archived HERE!

Now, return to the previous entry and buy some of my books, help me pay my bills and enjoy what I've written.