July 30th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival



Note – These are occult bodies and bishops working in one or more (usually more) of the areas we hold common interest in, as outlined on our web site. They fall in two rough categories – those we are in free association with (exchange of information, working together on common interests), and those we have chartered under our authority from the Antient & Primitif Rite.  The latter are designated M-M and, while under our charter and protection, are each engaged in their own Work, according to their own lights.  One other distinction is that some hold credentials from the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis (EGnU), either through our own sanction as a Member of the College of Bishops, or through the sanction of other Bishops of EGnU, under EGnU’s extremely liberal rules. Groups vary in their level of development, and any that are in transit may be contacted via our general email address. Not all charters are depicted, but all groups in formation or working that have distinct names and charters are.  There are several in early formation, and several that are very advanced, but have no name and are informally designated "synods" as most of their members are adepti and bishops apostolic and gnostic.




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