July 20th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival


That's right, folks, I confess....I sold out the rare, uncirculated copies of  TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL - THE WESTERN SEX MAGICK TRADITION. I didn't expect them to go in a week, but who knew? I am scrambling to make some bound xerox copies available (see below) at a very moderate price, either directly or, being no retailer (I just write um) placing some for sale or auction in a bulk lot for book dealers. Thanks to John Crow for cleaning out his attic.  ;-D  Our A&P Rite chartered Lodge Mistress K. gets an at-cost copy of the latter -- the last copy of the original super rare edition will go to our A&P Rite chartered Lodge Master in Croatia, Theba, who is doing a great job.

I have a few bound (in original covers), uncirculated  xerox second impression copies of TRUE QUEST available for $15.99, thanks to "You Gotta Have Heart" retailer and via paypal, in case you really want to read the book, but missed out on the rare, hand distributed edition.  USA and Canada only, except by special arrangement. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Meanwhile, Bro. solis, who has never "sold out" the Cause, has a new splendid edition of the essential reading book on NAEQ, which I have urged him to provide details on in the comment section. Meanwhile, here's the cover. Buy it from Gerald, or his publisher or whoever is selling it. If you click on the cover, you can buy it from the print on demand guys.