July 11th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival


THE TRUE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL: The Western Sex Magick Tradition
Revised and Edited with Extensive New Annotations
By Frater TSH=171 (Bishop T Allen Greenfield) and Associates
76 Pages (1997)

Description - "True Quest" had its origin in a monograph published by
M.B.C., Inc. in the early 1990s and hand distributed to high initiates
of the tradition of sexual magick (the "Tantric Yoga of the West") in a
private saddle-stitched monograph of only 50 copies. The object of
rumour and a bootleg edition, the author, by arrangement with his then
-publisher, arranged for a revised and enlarged edition of 50 signed
and number copies, in soft-cover book format which was hand delivered
to High Initiates of this tradition in 1997.
Long assumed to be forever out of print, the original publisher, as
part of the process of clearing out his home in preparation for leaving
for Europe to enter a graduate program, discovered an over run of nine
copies of the first impression of the book version, all in uncirculated
condition. He was kind enough to give these uncirculated "over run"
copies to me, as the author of this long-secret book. It has never
before been offered for sale to anyone in any quantity. All previous
distribution was hand delivered to select initiates of this tradition.

As the original publisher has generously turned these uncirculated
copies over to the author, they are here offered for the first and
probably last time ever for our readers and the general public. There
are now only 6 copies. Response has been overwhelming, and I am trying to
accommodate as many interested parties as possible.

While they last, the remaining 6 copies are offered to my readers here
on livejournal (USA only) as indicated below, through paypal and the
generosity of raining_kisses  , you can order via arrangement with paypal.
The price here is $19.95 per copy, plus $4 postage (USA) ($12 postage elsewhere)
and handling. Click below and use your paypal  account or credit card.