June 13th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival


Rumor hath it that OTO’s Grand Inquisitors are about to give me their hearing 
and will then doubtless boot me out.  I thought this a good time, for once
and for all, to offer the charges that I understand to be the basis of their
action and my own position, so please bear with both the length and some replays
to faithful readers of this blog.  At the end of this multi-part document, you
will be asked to cast an honest vote on the material at hand.  As usual, anyone
is free to comment, in this case more or less to offer suggestions, question the
‘accused’ on the charges, question the accuser (though I doubt he will deign to
answer here), and render a verdict. For technical reasons, at present the poll
"submit" button isn't functioning, so - after reading all this blah-blah, please
enter in the comment section "A" "B" or "C" with or without further comment. If
you wish to enter this anonymously, there is every reason that this is ok if you
wish in this one case.
I will have any meaningful vote independently tabulated.
I trust the public far more than the management.
 Section One - The Alleged Complaint, Received, unsigned, from an unofficial source, 
a ranking IX* member and officer of U.S. Grand Lodge. I believe this to be some
facsimile of the actual charges and specifications, but, despite assertions by the
 GT to the contrary, I was completely out of the loop on this until February of 2007
when the first of two illicit copies of the document below arrived at my address.
The officer who first showed this to me, told me, in April, “In general, it is my
desire that the Order be particularly careful about its deliberations...that whatever
its decision, it does not even give the impression of being unfair.
“This is difficult, but it is important. I hope you understand.”  Said officer arranged to meet 
with John Crow and I privately, but, mysteriously and uncharacteristically, did not
show up for the meeting, nor ever speak to me about his sudden change of plans.


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From"Decoded" The arrival


continued from part I




(1)   The “Resolution of Determination” (so-called) dated 14 November 2006 and not received at any time by myself is an irregular document, indicating irregular and improper procedures.  The supposed Court of Inquiry was assembled in haste within days of the promulgation of an unusual set of edicts, still being discussed and debated on the SGIG list at the time the alleged CoI was convened. I was cut off from this discussion without notice. 

(2)   The research in the “Resolution of Determination” is generally, too vague to analyze, let alone respond to.  It repeatedly gives the date of my public “Statement On O.T.O.” publication as “posted May 2006” when, in fact, in was posted in February 2006, coinciding with my resignation from all managerial positions within OTO in a letter to David Scriven, and prior to many communications to and from US Grand Lodge in general and David Scriven in particular which included, but were not confined to (A) a certificate of commendation and appreciation for my service as Correspondence Secretary for a number of years, signed by Scriven and both other ex officio officers of USGL; (B) a certificate of commendation and appreciation for my service as founding Most Wise Sovereign of Hagia Sophia Chapter for many years, signed by Scriven and both other ex officio officers of USGL; (3) Authorization to perform IV Degree and P.I. initiations; discussion of, and authorization to perform a K.E.W. initiation in May of 2006.  These are all, ipso facto, affirmations of trust, well after my “Statement on OTO”.  It is a basic principle of jurisprudence that no crime is committed if no law exists, and, therefore, charges and specifications related to my February public statement published before the July 27th 2006 edict are null and void. It should be noted that at no time to the present day have I ever been asked to remove, retract, or withdraw said Statement, nor told that it was even an impropriety.  To the contrary, while the matter was still being discussed on the SGIG list, I was, in a matter of days, suspended from membership, cut from all USGL lists without prior notice, charged by Scriven, and a Court of Inquiry convened.  The rapidity is unjustified by any existing emergency situation, and is therefore, manifestly, a rush to judgment, totally uncharacteristic of precedent in OTO jurisprudence.  I would remind anyone needing to be reminded that I served on the Grand Tribunal for almost ten years, and sat on, arguably, a highly select Court of Inquiry of the Grand Tribunal hearing the case of James Graeb, IX*.

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Continued in Part III


From"Decoded" The arrival


Continued from Part II 


Section Four -  MY POSITION AS OF JUNE 1, 2007


In reviewing others caught up in the recent apparent purge of dissenting OTO Members, I have reached the conclusion that any possibility of fair treatment in any and all cases connected with this matter is non-existent.  Since I am, as far as I am aware, the most ranking member to be effectively thrown out in the current crisis, I thought at this time I should make several bottom-line assertions as a matter of public record.


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In responding to the following poll, the respondent affirms, right hand placed upon the Book of the Law,

that said respondent has reviewed all of the material in this multi-part document, especially the

charges and answers, and considers the following to be the fairest conclusion:

I think the discussion our poll has produced has itself been worth the trip.  I'd never run a poll before, and to my dismay discovered that free accounts - the type po' folks like me have - won't do a poll.  This started me thinking, and I realized that the nature of this poll is such I probably should have taken it to a third party in the first place.  I contacted bacchuseternus and asked him if he would post the poll on oto_unmoderated, which he was kind enough to do.  Not only did he do so, but he modified and explained it for the better.

If you would like to vote, please read his brief introduction and vote at oto_unmoderated.