May 24th, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival



Copyright (c) 2007 Allen Greenfield What I say may be
quoted as thou wilt.
Certain Portions were written by W.B. Crow and are
part of the W.B. Crow estate.
Brief comments by Edward Alexander Crowley are
doubtless copyright by OTO, Inc. and are printed here
as an act of fair use under copyright law, to say
nothing of the explicit permission granted me by
Hymenaeus Beta at the time he gave them to me to

The Enigmatic and Mercurial Jules Doinel, after a
series of visionary experiences, revived the Gnostic
Church in the late 19th Century.  All modern Gnostic
"churches" - Masonic or otherwise - descend from
this, plus an assortment of Apostolic and other
power-modules that have interfolded with modern
Gnosticism, an ancient source of the Authentic
Tradition.  The EGC within OTO bears this descent,
but hardly owns it, and, as we shall see, Crowley saw
this as part of the Masonic tradition (as did his
predecessor, and Papus and Bricaud and Ambelain and
countless others).  During and immediately after
World War II the impoverished and aging but
intellectually very sharp Crowley attempted to bring
together a web of Gnostic and occultist enthusiasts
to carry on after him.  Among the were a very young
John Symmonds, an equally young Kenneth Grant, the
American soldier Major McMurtry, the Gnostic prelate
W.B. Crow and the occult adventurer Dr. Gerald
Gardner.  His work with Crow during the War is a
focus here, but later, in the last year of his life,

I have letters from hither and yon demonstrating an
effort to put Gardner and Crow and their friends
together in London to form a joint effort at an OTO
Lodge.  In this regard, we must keep in mind that
there are rumors of all kinds of "instructions" to
these very individual people, but one that we have in
Crowley's own hand is his assurance to Dr. Crow,
"Every group is completely autonomous."  Crowley and
the EGC (Crow's as much as Crowley's, as the
documents here demonstrate) were to be - in my
judgment, not the top-heavy structure that had
brought the OTO more than its share of obscurity, but
the "congregational Thelema" now under more intense
Collapse )