May 12th, 2007



This is Chapter Two of the silent classic "Les Vampires" in which the black hooded gang brings the reporter trying to expose them before the Grand Inquisitor, for an inquisition to be followed by an execution at dawn.


"You need no funds as far as the conferring of powers is concerned.  I am the scribe and prophet of The Book of the Law; the sole condition of complete adherence is merely the acceptance of that Book. Every group is completely autonomous."  Aleister Crowley, personal communication,June 21, 1944

"There is a section of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov where one character tells a story about a church official (The Grand Inquisitor) whose interest in religion only goes to the extent that he can use it to control people. "More Notes from Underground"

"A kangaroo court or kangaroo trial, also known as drumhead court-martial or Drumhead trial, is a sham legal proceeding or court. Kangaroo courts are judicial proceedings that deny proper procedure in the name of expediency. The outcome of such a trial is essentially made in advance, usually for the purpose of providing a conviction, either by going through the motions of manipulated procedure or by allowing no defense at all." Wiki Definition

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According to Dostoevsky's own letters, even the author struggled with the questions posed in the Grand Inquisitor and wondered and worried how they might affect even the faith of the reader. Dostoevsky himself could not come up with a straight answer, but rather put forth the life of the Elder Zossima, which follows almost immediately this chapter, as his "answer" to Ivan's questions. Therefore the Grand Inquisitor cannot be fully understood without reading it with the chapters on the life of the Elder Zossima and subsequent chapters.

NOTE - John Crow was just expelled from OTO.  I urge all of you to carefully read the details he presents at Treasure House.  This is, in no reasonable sense, the result of fair deliberations, but an effort to silence criticisms very different from my own. Whether I agree with John's views or not, he is a brother, friend, and a free citizen of a free country entitled to express his opinions without fear.  The OTO exudes is a fear-based culture, very much in danger of becoming a cult.  There were no reasons to expel him, save that he expressed opinions different from the rather unimaginative and very unchivalrous Upper Management currently in power.