April 21st, 2007

Friendlier Ole Al


Bizarre Films

For the particular readers who find there way here on LJ, I must use the term “bizarre” rather carefully.
I got the idea of doing an entry on “favorite bizarre films” from a gentleman (Chris Beaumont) with, I
would guess, a more uhm, ‘accessible’ readership, and, to paraphrase one of the least bizarre among
us, there is the bizarre, and there is occultist bizarre, which is a lot further out on the fringe of reality.

So, this is a listing mit commentary on some of the relatively bizarre
films I personally think well of. I make no claim that they are either the most
bizarre I have seen, nor the definitive “most outstanding” bizarre films, but I
have tried to pick for inventiveness, novelty, artistry and creativity, as well
as entertainment value.
The latter would eliminate, say “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”
(1970),which is faithful to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, I trust, in showing us how
utterly empty and boring a day in a Soviet gulag must have been - so faithfully
that the film actually bored me beyond words, and I found myself thinking in the
theatre, jezuz, this film is faithful to its subject. Remarkable artistic
piece...it conveys boredom so well I am listless and bored to tears watching it.

Now, that’s bizarre but not especially what I am aiming at here.
Anyhow a number of my choices agree with Beaumont’s list, so I’ll start with
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