February 23rd, 2007

From"Decoded" The arrival


“Imagine we are sitting in an ordinary room. Suddenly, we are told that there is a corpse behind the door. In an instant, the room we are sitting in is completely altered: everything in it has taken on another look; the light, the atmosphere have changed, though they are physically the same. This is because we have changed, and the objects are as we conceive them. That is the effect I want to get in my film.” Carl Theodor Dreyer

I chanced upon a selection of the twenty best gothic films (allegedly, so-called), according to a rather otherwise thoughtful web master who insists on calling himself “The Baron”. Well, I failed to narrow it down to twenty, but I managed to cut it off at twenty two, with a couple of honorable mentions, and a tip of the hat to “the Baron” for many of his picks – a few seem lame to me, and a few that are missing from his list definitely *are* on mine. I’m glad that he included a satire, but why someone would pick “Fearless Vampire Killers” and omit “Rosemary’s Baby” is as bizarre as Roman Polanski’s real life story, surely. We’ll get to his, and then I’ll give you mine. His brief explanations are retained.

Up for telling your own nightmares?


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Really, read what's under the cut...it'll amuse and amaze and scare you down to your bones.....