December 17th, 2006





We see here many who oppose the Tyranny by opposition from within, and Those Who oppose it by leaving, but, there being little follow-up on those who look into it and walk away, we get few peaks at the thoughtful people who come, see and choose not to join. As Secretary for Correspondence for U.S. Grand Lodge for many years, and one who brought many into the Order through said job, my responsibility was to represent the Order to people looking into it.  The letters below were written privately to me and a close associate, and I asked if I could publish these insights.  This is a hint at *one* aspect of how the order is throwing away some of the best and brightest.



As I belong to no fraternal organization, I hope I am forgiven for not using such fraternal names in the salutations to this correspondence:


Jim, Bishop Allen, et al,


I was looking into joining the OTO a few years ago.  Money problems precluded that entry, though I was told that this association would be advantageous by Jim, as well as others.


Later, money was better, but the information I was receiving from the discussions of John Crow and Keith 418 on the Thelema Coast to Coast podcast was putting me off, to say nothing of some of the correspondence from the Alombrados Yahoo! Group being nothing sinister, but a bit suspect to me.


Now I read of this.  Not only John Crow, but Bishop Allen as well, being thrown out of the OTO for no apparent reason other than having a point of view not completely congruent with that of the Grand Lodge.  I have become glad of my unwillingness to join on intuitive grounds.




But I can also always be called upon by a friend in need.  Thus I ask, what do you have in mind?




Mr. Greenfield:


Below is the "extended" response to the entire situation of why I refuse to join the OTO.  Please feel free to use either this response or the original on your LJ, whichever you prefer.


I became interested in Thelema in 2001.  At the time, I was living in Texas.  I had known there was an OTO branch there, but at the time of discovery, I was without a job, and so unable to join.


Later, I had gotten a job in Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans.  At the time, nothing was available.  Later, I had heard of the Alombrados Camp forming inside New Orleans.  I had joined the Yahoo! Group hoping to keep up on the news on when initiations would be available to take my Minerval.  Between money situations and bad timing, that wasn't a possibility.


On top of this, about the time the money troubles were over, I had noticed some strange tensions in the emails I was receiving from some of the New Orleans OTO members.  As well, I had started listening to Thelema Coast to Coast, a podcast put out by John Crow.


In this podcast, I was made aware of several disturbing situations in the OTO.  Top among these was the lack of strategic goals, and selective rules enforcement.  I felt that any group claiming to be organized would have to establish rules sets in such a way that all members are held to them, and then to stick to those rules rather than practice non-enforcement.


The lack of strategic goals was absolutely frightening to me.  Without any idea of where you are going, how are you going to tell your members how to get anywhere, to say nothing of decisions on if you are on a correct path to achieve anything?  Goals and plans are what an organization is supposed to be, otherwise, people are better off remaining solitary.


In short, these issues were enough to put me off of joining the OTO until a later date.  This, however, has changed recently.  I have read in resources of some dependability that both John Crow and Bishop T Allen Greenfield have been made subject to rulings and charges that are a result of nothing more than not agreeing with the leadership of the OTO.  If the public faces of the OTO, those that are ambassadors making the OTO better known, are subject to such matters of corruption from the highest levels, I feel that no member could be safe.


It is with that in mind that I have decided that the OTO is not a group I would join.  I honestly feel there are better alternatives to joining a group that would be so secretive as to not allow the members, as I understand is the case with Mr. Greenfield, to know the charges that have caused expulsion from the order.


I do feel a need to join a group; however, it will not be the OTO.




In Part Two, I have decided here to publish, with minor edits, three typical recent years of activity reports from myself, acting as SGIG, to Sabazius, the U.S. Grand Master.  They are typical of my ten years of service – such reports were not required from a Sovereign inspector, and, in fact, Sabazius remarked that very few SGIGs sent them. The are included here for the specific reason that I want it to be clear that, while I made clear on appropriate occasions my strong and deep convictions re the mismanagement of OTO, I did the Work until I felt I could, in good conscience, be a team player on such a team. I expressed to the US Grand Master many significant concerns… for example, on the eve of taking my VII* in his own living room, I told him I though William Breeze unfit for the job he holds.  I gave him the opportunity to decline to initiate with this knowledge, along with my comprehensive report on the nature of sexual magick as I saw it.  He did initiate me, with his spouse, Soror Helena, assisting and co-consecrating.  It was the first VII* initiation performed in U.S> Grand Lodge.  There are those who think Keith418 seduced Crow away from OTO management, and Crow seduced me from the “path”.  These reports should make clear that we each have our own reasons, and come from our individual places, and it is insulting to think otherwise, let alone say it, absent strong evidence to the contrary.