August 23rd, 2006

From"Decoded" The arrival


If they had just left my modest "Statement On OTO" alone (check out my updated site at ASSEMBLY OF SOLOMON including the new FAQ on cutting edge magick), the Management would not have created the defiant uproar they have by their inept authoritarianism.  Now, the rumor I heard begins to manifest--and if I knew who was doing in (it ain't me Dave), I wouldn't tell you, but there's a place on LJ - a group actually - called insurrection_x .  Under assurance that confidentiality will be maintainted by this or these heroic rebel(s), I am cooporating with them.  They are *not* 'anti-OTO' any more than I am.  They are pro freedom, pro Liber Oz.  Check them out, subscribe, write something anonymously or with your name in bold letters.

I will be on a retreat for about the next week, but do respond, here, there, on your own space, 'mySpace', any place it will help smash the authoritarian dictatorship.
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